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World History Part 1

World History Part 1

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World History
Part I
In human history, it’s important to study world history and the history occurring now in 2011. Thereasons are lessons can be learned from the past, discovering the past can inspire culturedevelopment, and seeing our ancestors can motivate us to live into possible higher heights of constructive civilization. So, this is why I’ve written this precise article on world history. I’vedecided to write many more related articles in the future from prehistoric times to 2011 or 2012.To understand world history, you have to understand art & architecture, language, governmentalstructure, dwellings or locations, religion or spirituality, and other cultural aspects of afundamental civilization.
The reason is that civilization has the rise of cities, organizedgovernment, complex religion, job specialization, social classes, art & architecture, some form of writing or linguistics, and public works.
African history is interesting and fun to know about. The past is not only a reminder of whatwe were, but it can be utilized as a method of forming of better present and future. As timegoes on, many things stay the same.
African history is world history since all of modernhumanity has their origin from the motherland of Africa. I am an African too
. I just happento be born in America, but my black ancestors originated from Africa.
So, if you’re a humanbeing, you must learn about Africa beyond simple comprehension of wordplay. You have tounderstand the culture, history, language, geography, and a wide spectrum of socialdispositions that adequately and eloquently found in the beautiful location of Africa
. Fromthe Pyramids to Presidents is a great reminder of the strength of black people.
Black peopleare strong in the past, in the present, and will be strong in the future. That’s the truth
. Evenbefore ancient Egypt, ancient Nubia was a great civilization with a government, language,irrigation systems, religious structure, a potent empire, and filled of intelligent, strong blackmen including intelligent, strong black women. The Nubians ruled the Kingdom of Kushfamous. They existed again even before the ancient Egyptians were an Empire. Back in the7,000’s B.C, the people in Sudan had a Neolithic (or the New Stone Age) has a sedentary wayof life. There were mud brick villages and hunting, plus fishing on the Nile. There was graingathering and cattle herding. The Sahara was drying in this time, so Neolithic peoplestraveled into the Nile Valley to develop agriculture, etc.
In fact, both the ancient Egyptiansand the ancient Nubians traded with each other.
 Also, the ancient Egyptians adopted a lot of the culture form the Kushites as well. Bothcivilizations were based on the Nile River for transport, trade, agricultural development, thegrowth of cities, and a wide spectrum of reasons. Both civilizations made pyramids too, whichoccurred before the pyramids found in China, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. Black people livein both nations as well, so we who are black are the first in civilization and the first in humanexistence indeed. Now, ancient Nubia had city capitols like Kerma, Napata, and of courseMeroe. Ancient Egypt made strong accomplishments in medicine, astronomy, mathematics,literature and the arts, paintings plus sculpture, etc. The ancient Egyptians have had the blackink, paper, ox-drawn plows, organized labor, boat sails, and made the hieroglyphics. Therewas river culture in the Niger and Congo rivers as well. The Meroitic script was an alphabet

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