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The Real Music Industry

The Real Music Industry



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Published by StephenGladstone
The book chronicles in great detail how secret societies completely control the music industry. This is must read for ALL musicians and music lovers.
The book chronicles in great detail how secret societies completely control the music industry. This is must read for ALL musicians and music lovers.

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Published by: StephenGladstone on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Real Music Industry
ByStephen Theodore GladstoneSTG22Copy write © 2011 GladstonePublished By Ton Of Bricks Music BMIAtSmashwords.ComThe Real Music InsdustryTable of Contents 
This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment This Ebook MAY be given away to other people If you would like to share this Ebook please feel freeThis Ebook may be reproduced in any format This Ebook is my gift to the world 
Contact The AuthorSTGladstone@msn.com
The Real Music Industry
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Chapter 8
This book is a testimony and catharsis of my sabotaged adventures on Nashville’s Music Rowand the clandestine corruption in the entertainment business as a whole. Anyone who has aspirations to “Make It” in the Entertainment Business, please don’t nospend another minute on your career until you have read this book entirely. I dedicate this book to ALL ARTISTS throughout the centuries who have been silenced by Secret Societies.The time has come for humanity to be physically, mentally and spiritually free of Freemasonry“A human being is a part of a WHOLE, called by us a UNIVERSE. A part limited in timeand space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something SEPARATED from the REST; A kind of optical DELUSION of his consciousness. This delusion is kind of a PRISON for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few personsnearest to us. Our task must be to FREE ourselves from this PRISON by widening our circleof COMPASSION to embrace ALL living creatures and the WHOLE of nature in its beauty. - ALBERT EINSTIEN 

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TonyQuigley-Ullah added this note
(5) there's another book that was published by a former songwriter from nashville in 2011 who moved to india & calls herself rasha basically saying the sames lies you are except she doesn't mention satans puppets & servants, it's very subtle & aimed at the more intelligent reader, i'll pray for ya, you should remove this book, rewrite it without the lies so you do not continue to mislead souls.
TonyQuigley-Ullah added this note
(4) whilst you talk of ungodly music, you didn't mention how evil drums are, you can't even play music with them, only noise a dead dull sound, you could of mentioned how all modern music has it's roots in voodoo a form of witchcraft, this "music" attracts Spirits, you have mentioned some interesting things though but you are a false teacher so woe to you, especially if it's knowingly.
TonyQuigley-Ullah added this note
(3) The only book that can save any if us is the Kjv Bible, God's Word along with the blood of Christ who will return for his bride & judge the world, all unrepentent people including the network people you mention will suffer God's Wrath & take their place in the lake of fire.
TonyQuigley-Ullah added this note
(2) The people involved with the occult world work with demons, aliens are demons in disguise, indigo children and lightworkers are are influenced and affected by demons, your soul didn't choose to come here brother, God Created You as brand new Being in your mothers womb and breathed Life into, you Never existed in any form before you were created by the Father after your conception.
TonyQuigley-Ullah added this note
Stephen, we are not all God and our Thoughts Don't create reality, you are mixing truth with lies, the powers that be have mastered mind control indeed, we're conditioned to accept their lies and go along to get along, 2012 was nonsense, numerology is occult... so is astrology.
wandabeacham7907 liked this
James Gales added this note
this been going on people and its time to remove them very small people we all can be
oflird liked this
Joe added this note
check out this fine book mk

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