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RIOC August Public Safety Blotter

RIOC August Public Safety Blotter

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Published by rooseveltislander

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Published by: rooseveltislander on Oct 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENTINCIDENT REPORT SUMMARYAUGUST, 2011INCIDENTLOCATIONDESCRIPTIONALARMS (VEHICLE/PREMISE)8/17/2011537 Main StAlarm sounded due to employee entering the building. NYPD on scene.All in order.8/31/2011591 Main StAlarm sounded at location. All in order and alarm was reset.AIDED (EMS / TRANSPORT CASES)80ANIMAL NUISANCE/AIDED28/11/2011560 Main StExcessive barking at location. Upon arrival tenant was not at home. 311was notified.CHILD ABUSECOURT DOCUMENT (SERVING)8/3/2011546 Main StCourt papers served to recipient without incident.HOUSING (LANDLORD / TENANT)8/4/2011888 Main StReport of illegal move out. Upon investigation damages were caused toelevator. NYPD refused.8/14/2011625 Main StReport of illegal move out. Tenant was advised, but proceeded to moveout without authorization.DISABLED VEHICLES8/8/2011300 Main StTram temporarily out of service. Condition corrected and Tram put backin service. No injuries to report.8/20/2011300 Main StDisabled bus at location. Maintenance notified and bus was taken back tothe garage.DISPUTES (VERBAL)8/1/2011F/O 540 Main StTwo females involved in a dispute. Both parties agreed to stay away fromeach other.8/1/2011560 Main StMale and female involved in a dispute. Both parties went their separateways.8/2/2011F/O 549 Main StFemale victim advised of female subject who threatened her. NYPDnotified. Outstanding order of protection has been filed.8/3/2011560 Main StTwo females involved in a dispute. Condition was corrected.8/16/20112-4 River RdMale visitor and concierge involved in a dispute over building policies.Super on scene and all in order.8/18/2011545 Main StMale and female involved in a dispute. Male had taken her phone but laterreturned it. Female requested NYPD to file a report. Female advised shewould o to 114 Pct on her own.
8/19/2011571 Main StDispute between customer and store owner. Customer paid for servicesand left the location without incident.8/23/2011560 Main StDispute between male tenant and female landlord. NYPD on scene but didnot file a report.ESCORTS8/8/2011888 Main StMale hospital patient found sleeping on the bus in front of location. Malewas escorted back to hospital.8/24/2011546 Main StMale requested escort to collect his belongings at his residence. Escortcompleted without incident.8/29/2011580 Main StMale and female requested escort to collect their belongings. Escortcompleted without incident. Both parties escorted to the subway.EVICTIONFOUND PROPERTY8/2/2011455 Main StFound picture frame at location. Property secured at PSD.8/9/2011F/O 250 Main StFound cell phone. Property secured at PSD.8/12/2011595 Main StFound handbag at location. No identification contained. Property securedat PSD.8/15/2011Adj. 531 Main StFound necklace at location. Property secured at PSD.8/17/2011F/O 580 Main StFound ring. Property secured at PSD.8/21/20111 Main StFound pre paid debit card. Property secured at PSD.8/23/2011Opp 625 Main StFound handbag at location. No identification contained. Property securedat PSD.8/30/2011688 Main StFound wallet at location. Property report sent to owner via mail to retrieveproperty. Property secured at PSD.8/31/2011546 Main StFound handbag at location. Property returned to owner.8/31/2011546 Main StFound handbag at location. Property returned to owner.8/31/2011300 Main StFound wallet at location. No identification contained. Property secured atPSD.GAS LEAK8/26/2011546 Main StGas leak coming from kitchen stove at location. Maintenance on scene tocorrect the condition.HAZARDOUS CONDITION8/8/2011546 Main StReport of feces found in hallway of location. Super notified to correct thecondition.8/16/2011580 Main StReporter advised female subject placed 10 bags of clothes containing bedbugs in the hallway. Upon arrival condition was confirmed. Buildingmanaement notified.8/21/2011S/O 100 Main StTwo tree branches found at location due to weather conditions.Engineering notified to correct the condition.8/22/2011688 Main StLights out at location. Engineering department notified to correct thecondition.8/24/2011546 Main StWindow screen fell from above at location. Building management notifiedto correct the condition.
8/27/2011Opp 455 Main StPlywood and equipment at location which may cause damage due toimpending hurricane. Engineering notified to correct the condition.8/28/2011510 Main StDoor to location was left open with garbage piled up high. Maintenancenotified and condition was corrected.8/28/2011688 Main StLights out at location. Engineering department notified to correct thecondition.8/28/2011R/O 900 Main StTree uprooted at location due to heavy wind conditions from hurricane.8/29/2011546 Main StWindow guard observed missing at location. Building managementnotified to correct the condition.HEALTH HAZARDOUS CONDITIONIDENTITY THEFTILLEGAL DUMPING (GARAGE)INVESTIGATIONS (NON-CRIM.)8/1/2011510 Main StVictim advised unknown person tried to enter his apartment. No signs ofattempted forced entry. Search of area for subject yielded negativeresults.8/2/2011500 Main StYouth from the Child School hit a youth camper at location. Parents andschool notified. Meeting to take place between parents and school. EMSrefused.8/2/2011100 Main StReport of youths loitering at location causing damage to area. Uponarrival report was unfounded.8/3/2011595 Main StReport of smell of illegal substance. Upon arrival report was unfounded.8/5/2011520 Main StVictim reported unknown subject entered her apartment unlawfully butnever reported it and said individual followed her today. Search of areafor subject described yielded negative results.8/6/2011595 Main StDoorperson reported tenants tried to contact him on the intercom but hewas unable to make contact. Upon arrival at apartment report wasunfounded.8/7/2011R/O 580 Main StThree youths observed with what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette.Search was conducted with negative results for illegal substance.8/9/2011R/O 10 River RdReport of group of youths smoking illegal substance. Upon arrivalcondition was unfounded.8/9/2011South Point ParkMale found at entrance to location stating he was lost. Male was escortedfrom the location to the subway. Search of area found all to be in order.8/9/2011F/O 595 Main StMale advised he could not find his vehicle. Search of area yieldednegative results. Male left the scene without providing any information.8/10/20114 River RdNYPD Detective requested assistance housing two prisoners prior totransport to the 114 Pct. Assistance was given without incident.

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