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Rotary Newsletter Oct 11 2011

Rotary Newsletter Oct 11 2011

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Published by David Keller

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Published by: David Keller on Oct 18, 2011
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Rotary Newsletter
Dr. Jennifer Carauddo, D.C.
Insatiable Thirst
Water is the essence of life. It is the most important nutrient in our bodies, making up roughly 70 percent of our muscle and brain tissue! Only oxygen is craved more.
Some estimates indicate that up to 75% of Americans are dehydrated.Dehydration itself is responsible for a wide range of common ailments such as nerve disorders,kidney problems, headaches,fatigue, and chronic pain.
When we breathe, we lose moisture every time we exhale - as much as two cups a day! Furthermore, our bodies lose water through evaporation from the surface of our skin even without rigorous exercise. We can lose up to 10 cups a day of water! To find out how much water you should consume go to: 
 /library/ blwatercalculator.htm .This website will calculate how much water you should drink based on several factors such as weight and activity.
For many of us the part of our brain which houses the thirst center does not sound an alarm until water loss is at a dangerous crisis stage of dehydration. As we get older this alarm becomes faulty and doesn 
t send warnings like it should. So don 
t wait to drink water. Fuel your body. All cells need water. All organs function better, and you may even notice better sleep,more energy, improved skin quality, and so many more possibilities by implementing this simple but yet powerful health tip! Happy drinking!! 
 Join the festivities by working atour food booth or just come byto buy some fresh roasted corn.
This great District 5170 eventtakes place at the San JoseDouble Tree Hotel. First eventstarts at 4:45. Dinner is on theclub!
 Join us aswe prep some tables for paintingand supervise some middleschool students doing communityservice.
This festive event is afundraiser for the holiday event indowntown Campbell.
It’s time for “Dr. Sue’sChoice.” Our president willannounce next week’s topictoday.
OCTOBER 11, 2011
Rotary Club of Campbell
Community Outreach
Service Opportunities Abound
This weekend’s Octoberfest in downtownCampbell will give several teams of Rotarians thechance to cook up some corn, sausages andfrench fries at one of our major fund raising events. Check with
Bill Ellington
to choose ashift to work.Thanks to new Rotarian,
Bob Carlson
, ourclub’s opportunities to provide other meaningfulcommunity service have increased considerably.Over the next several weeks, we will have manyopportunities to help make the Campbell area aneven better place in which to work, play and live.On Saturday, October 29, we will needseveral volunteers to help prep 40 tables andbenches at John D. Morgan Park for painting,which will happen later on. We’ll also needadults who can help supervise many middleschool students who will also be doing somecommunity service at the park as well.The following Saturday, November 5 will findthe Home Church in Campbell hosting afundraiser for this year’s “Carol of Lights” festiveholiday event. We’ll be looking forward to moredetails from Mr. Carlson in the weeks to come.On Monday, November 14, our club willserve it’s monthly dinner service at theEmergency Housing Consortium’s BoccardoCenter. As the weather turns from autumn towinter, the number of homeless men and womenseeking assistance picks up. More volunteers arealso needed to help serve. We are also looking into the possibility of serving dinner twice amonth in the months to come. Sign up with
 Jerry Cummings.
On Saturday, November 19 from 8:00 AM toNoon, we’ll be helping the Girl Scouts to plantnumerous trees. Two or three Rotarians will beneeded to help in this task.Closing out the calendar year will be theCitizen Schools’ end of semester WOW event atthe Orchard City Banquet Hall on Wednesday,December 7 from 3:30 in the afternoon untilabout 8:30 PM. Rotarians are asked to help setup, serve, bus tables and tear down at the end of the event. This is an amazing event with over200 people in attendance. What a great chanceto put our name and our faces out in front of agrateful public. Other service projects are in theworks. Stay tuned!
OCTOBER 11, 2011
I was so glad to hear that the picnic on last Saturday was great fun, and that there were about 16 Rotarians at the event to make a very special day for some very special kids and the parents who care for them.
Thank you to all that prepped, cooked, and cleaned.
What a comp0liment to receive an award.
On Friday afternoon of last week,Adam and I met Bennett, the General Manager of Rock Bottom restaurant in the Pruneyard.
We talked to him about allowing our Club to have an after work gathering.
want this to be a social for potential new members who cannot get away to attend lunches with us on Tuesdays and also be a social for club members similar to the ones that we had in the past when we gathered for wine tasting and snacks.
Let me know if there is anyone who would like to assist in organizing this.
Also think about perspective members, people you know who might make excellent Rotarians who might like to socialize with us during the week after 5pm.
am considering the end of October or the beginning of November.
I think it will not only be fun to meet some new people but it will be nice to have a evening with friends.
I am attaching the minutes to the Board Meeting.
Since this is your club, I thought you might want to know about the things we are discussing and the decisions that we are making.
As the board meetings are open, I thought I could bring the board to you rather than keep everyone guessing.
(But new red badgers, you still have to come to a meeting as part of your requirements for blue badger status.) 
Bob Carlson is becoming a Rotarian today.
I am looking forward to his enthusiasm, civic mindedness, and creativity.
He asked me if he thinks that Rotary is ready for him and I told him 
with vigor.
Because he is dedicated to children as we in this club are, I have asked him to start an Interact Club.
He works closely with Citizen Schools, an after school academically focused program and think these kids would make excellent Interactors since we do not have to have the club specifically in a school but it can be in a community.
He will be interested in having some help in getting this program started and I hope that when he asks, our members will be more than willing to lend hands, minds, and whatever is needed.
I have wanted our club to have our own Interact club and now it will be happening.
Just a reminder about the District Meeting, Avenues of Service, on October 20 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose. Dinner will be paid for by our Club.
The meeting starts at 4:45 pm, however, if you can only make it after work, please do sign up and make a note that you will be late. The dinner starts later so we will hold a place for you.
It is especially necessary for red badgers.
Bob Carlson and I went to the district cabinet meeting last week. I was able to introduce him to a Rotarian that is very involved with the Interact Program. Bob planned on attending the Interact Conference on Saturday, and I will be very interested to hear what his thoughts are regarding it. Also 
t forget to take part in this week 
Octoberfest in downtown Campbell.
OCTOBER 11, 2011

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