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Why I Love The Songs Of DDLJ

Why I Love The Songs Of DDLJ

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Published by api-26765048
My thoughts on the soundtrack of DDLJ the movie.
My thoughts on the soundtrack of DDLJ the movie.

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Published by: api-26765048 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is a dark overcast Sunday morning. A tummyache has woken me up at the unearthly
hour of 8:30 AM. As I lie in bed later, I decide to play the songs of DDLJ; I think it is
a lovely idea to laze in bed under the covers, and let Anand Bakshi & Jatin Lalit
transport me to the world of Raj & Simran.
The idea for this piece actually comes to me as I try to change the order of the songs
on my playlist from alphabetical to chronological and realize how the storyline helps
me remember the order of the songs perfectly. As I listen to the songs, for the first
time I can fully appreciate the beauty of the soundtrack. The order of the songs as
well as the lyrics of each song mirror perfectly the progress of the plot, and also serve
to introduce the important characters and plot developments.
Without further ado, here is Why I Love The Songs Of DDLJ:

1. Ghar Aaja (First play)

The movie starts with Amrish Puri talking to us about himself and his family as
the song plays in the background. As the scenes of London & the sounds of the
Punjab overlap, we see how India must live on in the hearts of the diaspora. The
call of the homeland is loud in his ear and we see that the action is definitely
going to shift to Punjab sometime later in the movie.

2. Mere Khwabon Mein

This song introduces us to Simran, the effervescent girl-next-door who has a song
in her heart & romantic dreams in her head... Fareeda Jalal, who plays her mum, is
a part of the song too. Having read her diary, FJ has just realized that it is time her
daughter became her friend. The song very beautifully underlines the mother-
daughter relationship.

3. Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane

This song introduces us to Raj, the over-the-top carefree spoilt-bratty still-a-boy-
but-not-quite-a-man with a clean heart. Up to that point in the movie, Raj has
taken no efforts whatsoever to woo her, in fact he has succeeded admirably in
making a pest of himself. Simran hears him brag, emptily she thinks, about his
piano-playing skills. Seeing an opportunity to put him in his place, she introduces
him to the guests at the restaurant as a world-famous pianist who will now play
something for them. He then proceeds to make a complete ass of himself. Simran
has only just begun to walk away with a victorious smirk on her face than the
music suddenly changes. The expression on Simran\u2019s face as she slowly turns
around in disbelief is priceless: With a few bars on the ebony & the ivory, Raj
blows to smithereens Simran\u2019s first impression of him, that of a playboy & a flirt.
So in a way this song also introduces a hitherto unknown side of Raj to Simran,
setting the stage for Cupid to shoot his arrow\u2026

4. Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

\u2026 Which he does in this song. But there is more to it, this song also announces
the blossoming of Simran into a woman as she breaks free of her self-imposed
restraints and begins to LIVE. She starts to fall in love with Raj, a love she knows
is forbidden.
\u2018Hua nahin yeh pehle kabhi,
Meri chaal badal gayee abhi abhi\u2019
If Raj is confused about this sudden change in the first half of the song, these
words clear the picture for him and he takes his cue from her in the second half.
Also, in the scenes that immediately follow the song, Raj demonstrates his Indian
value system when he tells Simran that he knows \u2018Ek Hindustani ladki ke liye uski
izzat kya hoti hai\u2019. These same values will later ennoble their love story.

I don\u2019t think he has fallen in love at this point though, I think it happens during the
scene in the Church and later on the bridge. Raj\u2019s \u2018Mujhe tumse pyar ho gaya hai\u2019
joke isn\u2019t very funny, but it is a joy to see the emotions rush across Simran\u2019s face,
starting with disbelief, turning very briefly to hope and finally settling into
crestfallen dejection.

5. Ho Gaya Hai Tujh Ko To

This song is set right at the midpoint of the plotline for obvious reasons. Up to this
point, neither Simran nor Raj have admitted their feelings to themselves. The
parting of ways at the end of the trip and the spectre of never seeing each other
again serve to catalyze the love reaction. The song is about how they acknowledge
the recent changes in their life and try to sort them out so that by the end of the
song, both Raj & Simran are finally aware that they have fallen in love \u2018laakh kar
le tu inkaar sajna\u2019.

6. Ghar Aaja (Second play)

The song plays for a second time as their train travels through the rolling fields of Punjab. The folksy flavour of this song makes it my favourite song of the movie. The song beautifully sets up the change of locale from London to Punjab.

7. Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jana

If \u2018Ho Gaya Hai Tujh Ko To\u2019 is the song in which Raj & Simran realise they are
in love, this is the song when they finally declare it to each other, rather late in the
Consider the situations of Simran & Raj leading up to this song:


Simran is at a point where she can see the rest of her life thrown into a
loveless oblivion at the whims of her father. Raj, whose love for her she is not
yet sure exists, is her only hope.

Raj has been spurred into action by his father who advises him to stop his
\u2018tun-tuna bajana\u2019 and go get Simran. He knows she is getting married and is

also not sure of her love for him as he takes off from London to seek it.
So when they finally come face-to-face, the tension is terrific, but it melts away to
nothing the next moment as they see the love in each other\u2019s eyes and rush
forward into an embrace. So, love happens, finally.

8. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

The delicious secret of their love is celebrated in this song. It is the occasion of
Simran\u2019s \u2018sagaai\u2019, one that they are both sure will not take place. We are ofcourse
party to the secret, and the undercurrent of mischievousness and romantic
allusions that run through the song make it very special. At one point, Simran
admonishes Raj to \u2018Yeh dil ki baat apne dil mein daba ke rakhna\u2019.

9. O Meri Zohra Jabeen

For me, this is the song that introduces the possibility of a happy ending to the
movie. It shows us the soft & romantic side of a patriarchal Amrish Puri, and how
he loves his wife in his own way. It is the relationship between a typical Indian
man & his wife of a generation ago, one that most of us recognise in our parents.
In hindsight, this song is a precursor to the softening of Puri\u2019s heart. We just know
he is going to let go of Simran\u2019s hand during that climactic scene.

10. \u2018Ghar Aaja\u2019 (Third & Fourth Plays)

The song plays again towards the end, this time in a happy way, because Simran
has finally \u2018ghar aa gayee\u2019 to Raj. The same song played at three different times in
the movie has a distinct connotation each time, proof of the director\u2019s brilliant
handling of the song.

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