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Vocalocity Case Study

Vocalocity Case Study

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Published by Jon Miller
Learn how B2B marketing automation leader, Marketo is helping business develop a simplified lead management strategy.
Learn how B2B marketing automation leader, Marketo is helping business develop a simplified lead management strategy.

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Published by: Jon Miller on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vocalocity, the leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services for microenterprises, called onMarketo to help develop a closed-loop process between marketing and sales. The company needed a wayto connect the two departments to revive old leads and generate a better return on their investment. WithMarketo campaigns running on autopilot and enabling a seamless lead recycling process betweenmarketing and sales, Vocalocity is now converting more leads into opportunities and closing more deals.
Vocalocity Customer Success Story
Voice over InternetProtocol (VoIP)
Marketo LeadManagement
The Challenge:
 Align sales and marketingdepartments
 Revive old leads for better ROI
 Help sales prioritize and focuseorts on best leads
The Solution:Marketo Lead Management
Vocalocity considered a number of vendors when looking for the rightmarketing solution to help reviveand recycle leads, and thecompany trialed three productsthrough demo accounts.Ultimately, Marketo stood out fromthe other vendors for its vision,ease-of-use, functionality, andability to support a seamless cycleof leads between sales andmarketing.
The Results:
 Improved sales and marketingalignment with seamless processfor reviving old leads
 Increase in company revenuereects increase in bothopportunities and closed deals
 Easy automation saves time andmoney
The Challenge
Unlike many companies whose marketingdepartments struggle to deliver high-quality leadsto sales, Vocalocity receives thousands of high-quality leads that are immediately ready tospeak with sales. However, what seems like a salesteam’s dream has a caveat: Vocalocity’s leads onlyremain “hot” for a very short time. The leads godirectly to sales as soon as they come in the door,so the sales team is immediately the owner of theleads. With new, hotter leads arriving regularly,good, “older” leads were being left behind. Tomake matters worse, marketing had a verymanual, time-consuming follow-through process,so leads that went cold died on the vine.“We’re dierent from many companies in that ourleads go directly into salesforce.com,” explainsDavid Politis, executive vice president and generalmanager, who manages both sales and marketingat Vocalocity. “But once the leads are with sales,they become neglected by marketing. We realizeda lot of our leads were falling through the cracksbecause we didn’t have a seamless process forrecycling leads from sales to marketing and back.”Not only was Vocalocity losing track of leads bymanually pulling cold leads out of Salesforce, butthe company also needed a better way to followup with these prospects. “With the program weused before, everything was much more manual,”recalls David. “We had to take the leads out of Salesforce, then we’d send an email blast, andthen we would put the leads back into Salesforce.But we were just sending out our monthlynewsletter, and we needed a nurturing process toactually revive old leads.”Further, because leads stayed with sales even aftertheir moment of opportunity had passed, oldleads stacked up without the sales teams having apractical way to follow up. “Sales had so manyopportunities, but was never sure how to segmentand whom to target,” says David. “They don’t havetime to call thousands of people, and we had a biggroup of leads with no way to dierentiatebetween them. You could decide to target theleads with the biggest dollar amount rst, but thatwon’t always give you the best results. Or youcould choose to go after the prospects that hadmost recently been contacted, but that wouldn’tnecessarily give you the best results either.” Thecompany needed a way to prioritize leads so thatits sales teams could follow up in a way that wouldnot only be most ecient, but would also yieldbetter results.Leads falling through the cracks, no systematicfollow up, and sales teams with no way toprioritize leads – these all contributed to thecommon problem of disconnected marketing andsales organizations. David comments, “It was ahuge challenge for us to coordinate the twofunctions – making sure qualied leads deliveredto sales were recycled back to marketing if thedeal doesn’t close, and returned to sales at theright time – and this is an issue that a lot of businesses face.”
Founded in 2003, Vocalocity is the leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services formicroenterprises, businesses with fewer than twenty employees. The company’s primary oering,VocalocityPBX, is a hosted service that provides the benets of traditional phone services without any of thehigh costs, demands for technology sta, and management headache.
© 2008 Marketo, Inc. All rights reserved.
”Sales and marketing are really working together to increase thecompany’s bottom line.” 
The Solution
Vocalocity considered a number of vendors whenlooking for a marketing solution that would help thecompany revive and recycle leads. “We looked at allof the major players, developed a comparison chart,and had three demo accounts, so we certainly didour due diligence,” says David. At the end of thisprocess, it was clear to David and MarketingManager Mary Kappis that Marketo stood head andshoulders above the rest. Key factors in this decisionfor Marketo included:
Ease-of-use, quick implementation, and featurefunctionality
Ability to support a seamless cycle of leadsbetween sales and marketing
Vision for aligning marketing and sales
The Results
“Marketo really thought through a lot to help getpeople up and running very quickly,” says David of the onboarding process. “Their support is veryhand-on, the help page is very contextual, and theentire program is very welcoming. It’s not dauntinglike most powerful products, because the userinterface is so great. All of this makes the process of getting started so much easier.” Since starting withMarketo, Vocalocity has seen the following results:
Easy automation saves time and money
Improved marketing and sales alignment withseamless process for reviving old leads
Increase in company revenue reects increase inboth opportunities and closed deals
Easy Automation Saves Time and Money
Not only does Marketo’s automated solution andseamless integration with Salesforce prevent any of Vocalocity’s leads from being accidentally misplacedin the shue of a manual process, but it also savesVocalocity time and money. “It takes just a couplehours to create campaigns,” says David. “We put in alot of time on the front end to get our campaignsstarted, and now they just go on autopilot. We go inevery few weeks and make minor changes, but sincewe put in the initial time, now we’re really able tofocus on passing the best leads back to sales. Itwould take at least one more full-time person to runthe campaigns that Marketo does automatically. It’slike I got another full time person for free.”
Marketing and Sales Alignment
Marketo helps Vocalocity address what David calls “abig challenge for most organizations:” getting themarketing and sales departments to work together.Marketo has helped Vocalocity create a uid processfor moving leads back and forth between the twogroups and allowing better responsiveness forcontinual improvement. This has made both thesales teams and the marketing department moreeective and ecient, which in turn increases thecompany’s bottom line.“We now have a seamless, integrated process frombeginning to end,” says David. “Our leads go straightinto Salesforce and sales follows up, but if they’re notready yet, we’re able to recycle those leads back intomarketing, then nurture them with Marketo untilthey’re ready to be cycled back to sales again.”David continues, “Marketo has helped us create aclosed feedback loop between marketing and salesso we can be constantly improving our campaigns. This is important because it helps us optimize ourspend, and sales has a better angle when they’re onthe phone with a prospect because they knowwhere the lead came from. For instance, sales needsto have very dierent conversations with someonewho knows what VoIP is and with someone who is just looking for a phone system.“With our most recent campaign, we’ve gotten a lotbetter at ltering leads and opportunities so that wecan deliver content based on the needs of theprospect,continues David. “Our customers usuallychoose Vocalocity for one of three reasons – price,quality, or customer service – and Marketo helps ussort our leads based on the person’s pain points sowe can oer them the most relevant information. This way, sales can be much more eective whenthey’re speaking with people, and sales andmarketing are really working together to increasethe company’s bottom line.”
© 2008 Marketo, Inc. All rights reserved.

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