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Practice Questions Teaching Aptitude 2

Practice Questions Teaching Aptitude 2

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Published by Lokesh Kinage

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Published by: Lokesh Kinage on Oct 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sample Paper PracticeTest objective GK Quizfor MT ManagementTrainee in RCF
Insurance AAO AO GKmodel paper
practice QuestionsTeaching Aptitude
practice Questions Teaching AptitudeTeaching Aptitude Practice TestTeaching aptitude questions and answersSolved Quiz Teaching Aptitude1. Mid-day meal scheme is to—(A) Provide free meal to poor children only(B) Encourage children to come to school(C) Give community experience to teachers(D) Eradicate povertyAns. (B)2. According to national survey on education childrendropout of school because—(A) They find the school curriculum in interesting(B) Want to do work(C) Desire of parents(D) Both (B) and (C) aboveAns. (A)3. If a child is not good at learning meaning wordshe/she should—(A) Leave School(B) Be provided drilling exercises(C) Be given diagnostic tests(D) Learn at homeAns. (C)4. Nehru School of Sports in Haryana is located at—(A) Bhiwani(C) Rai(B) Rohtak(D) KaithalAns. (C)5. Navodya Vidyalayas were opened to provide—(A) Quality education to all(B) Education to those who can afford(C) Quality education to the meritorious(D) All of the above
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practice Questions Teaching Aptitude « Free Online 2011 Exams in India ...http://exams.qoney.com/practice-questions-teaching-aptitude1 of 807-Jul-11 12:50 AM
Ans. (C)6. Child labor needs to be discouraged because—(A) Makes parents dependent on children(B) Children are not efficient workers(C) This prevents them from education(D) Leads to unemployment in adultsAns. (C)7. N. I. O. S. Stands for—(A) National In and Out of Schooling(B) National Institute of Open Schooling(C) National Open School(D) Navigation Instruction Out of SchoolAns. (B)8. Which of the following is not the function of thegovernment—?(A) To impose tax(B) To ban child marriage(C) To obey customs(D) To punish originalsAns. (C)9. Which of the following is/are the functions of thegovernment?(A) To enact laws(B) To obey laws(C) To arrange for justice(D) All of the aboveAns. (D)10. The basic tenet of Indian Philosophy of Educationis—(A) Quality(B) Character(C) ideal(D) Natural developmentAns. (C)11. Which of the following is not a principle of individualdevelopment?(A) Learner’s interaction with environment(B) Continuity(C) Cumulative nature of development(D) Unrelated nature of developmentAns. (D)12. Success of a profession depends on(A) Policy to please individuals(B) Maintaining relationship with people(C) Maintaining quality of work(D) Loyalty to the superiorsAns. (C)13. Main role of teacher is identified with a—(A) Leader(B) Planner(C) Manager(D) MotivatorAns. (A)
practice Questions Teaching Aptitude « Free Online 2011 Exams in India ...http://exams.qoney.com/practice-questions-teaching-aptitude2 of 807-Jul-11 12:50 AM
14. Prior to teaching the teacher does—(A) Identification of objectives(B) Preparation of teaching lesson plan(C) Know the interest of students(D) All of the aboveAns. (D)15. Effective teaching includes—(A) Teacher is active but students may or may not beactive(B) Teacher may be active or inactive but students areactive(C) Teacher is active and students are active(D) All of the above situationsAns. (C)16. Immediate outcome of teaching is—(A) Changes in the behavior of students in desirabledirection(B) Development of total personality of students(C) Building characters of the students(D) Getting selected for a suitable jobAns. (A)17. Basic requirement of teaching efficiency is—(A) Mastery on teaching skills(B) Mastery over use of different techniques ofteaching(C) Mastery over appropriate use of media andtechnology in teaching(D) All of the aboveAns. (D)18. Questioning skill in teaching is most useful in—(A) Ensuring students’ active participation in learning(B) Memorizing the facts by students(C) Making students disciplined(D) Preparing students for examinationAns. (A)19. A teacher wants to enhance his income. You willadvise him/her to—(A) Teach in coaching institutes during extra time(B) Take more remunerative works in theschool/college(C) Join contractual assignments other than teaching(D) Writing BooksAns. (D)20. As a principal you will encourage your teachercolleagues to—(A) Participate in seminars and conferences in Indiaand abroad(B) Participate in refresher courses for enhancementof subject knowledge(C) Doing community services for enlistment of downtrodden(D) All of the aboveAns. (D)21. A teacher shall inculcate social and moral values
practice Questions Teaching Aptitude « Free Online 2011 Exams in India ...http://exams.qoney.com/practice-questions-teaching-aptitude3 of 807-Jul-11 12:50 AM

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