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Published by api-3756242
Ideas for a different Druid
Ideas for a different Druid

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Published by: api-3756242 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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en world - morrus' d&d / d20 news & reviews site thread * * *

thread : what do you do for... druids?
started at 06-06-06 01:34 pm by nyaricus
visit at http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=164617

[post 1]
author : nyaricus
date : 06-06-06 01:34 pm
title : what do you do for... druids?

so, in the neverending, multi-thread disscussion of houseruling classes, this
thread has been create with this one single question in mind: what do you change
about druids?

for myself, i am designing a celtic druid which has a variety of different
abilities from the core druid. he doesn't wildshape, animal companion is up in teh
air, he has basically been stripped of everything. here's a previous post of mine
from house rules. mind you, it's still only a rough outline....

you may recognise this from a previous post of mine; i have edited it a bit and
stuff, and although most of this stuff isnt written in stone yet (or properly
baalnced) it does give you a good idea of a celtic druid, adn thus if you
simplified/got rid of certain class features, added in a bit more about spirits
and such, you could have an awesome class going.


okay, here is my rant regarding wotc chopping up the idea of nature priests into
lycanthropic guys with weird flavour additions, such as changing one apearance at
will (thank you a thousand faces, via level 13), with spells and a pet wolf. plus,
the weapons allowed in no way corresponds with real-life tales of druids (some
druids are mentioned using bows etc (although the ironwood spell can make up for

regarding specifics, i dont like the whole idea of wild shaping. this should
ability should only be reserved for bearsarks and ulfhednar (two real-life norse
prestigue classes that follow the tales of beserkers [a base class that i use in
the stead of the barbarian] who, while in a rage, can transform into fearsome
wolves (the ulfhednar) or bears (the bearsarks). other than that, the ability to
change shape is a lycanthropic ability, of which tales can be read about from all
over the world (were-boars from greece, loup-garou from france, and the hilarious
were-hare from certain north american groups) thus, to get a "true" druid class,
one shouldn't look too long at the phb druid.

obviously, i ahve been doing a bit of research, adn have found a few intersting
details regarding druids. most of this was found in "the oxford dictionary of
celtic mythology" (i give it 2 thumbs up)
-there was a druid named figol (of the tuatha de danaan [a race of tall,
beautiful, light-haired people. they were warrios and magicains, and some have
attributed their desciption with jrr tolkiens concepts of "elves") who promised to
"rain fire from the sky" to kill invading fomorians (a race of giant. primordial,
demonic raiders who came from the sea to invade. this definitively gives druids
some major damage dealing spells, etc, adn helps to set the mood, for no-one
crosses an angry druid :p
-another mentionable was a druid named eliavres of whom was a druid-sorcerer (i

think it sounds like a cool character concept)
-feth fiada was a druid ability to summon a fog which made those under it
undectable. i think that in gaming terms, you could start off with a basic ability
(ie, undetechable alignment while in the fog) then improve it (ie those within a
radius, whose size [the radius's] depends on the caster levelof the druid [to
clarify, any sound within this area is not transmitted outside the radius, so
those even five feet away from the outside of this radius couldnt hear anyone
inside it, adn also, when this ability is gained, could not detect alignments])
and eventually, invisibility (as per the spell, only within the radius, also the
silence adn un. align, ability) also, a limit to the times one couls use this per
day would be appropriate
-also, i should note, that feth fiada's also referred to magical veils that druids
and, presumably, non-druids could don to gain the same ability as the actualy fog.
hello "craft wonderous item"!!
-other noteables of druids include the fact that they werent subject to taxes (if
you haev those in your game) they were not required to do battle (sorry, the bab
just dropped to "poor"), had authority over divine worship (spellcasting, etc)
they ran the show at sacrifices (it is noted that even human sacrifices might have
occured; but only to criminals and such) they were also judges of sorts (some
skills there, like sense motive, etc) and they taught their sacred knowledge to
pupils. furthermore, they were healers and were associated with mistletoe for that
power adn the druids also considered it unlawful to build temples to the gods or
to worship them within walls.

essentually, a druid is a nature priest (or priestess, the order of the druids
wasnt a sexist one) who has a few different abilities at his disposal.
so, the historically correct druid class would probably look something like this:

hd = d8
bab = 1/2 hd (as wizard)
fort and will good, ref bad
spells per day/known - as druid
no spontaneous casting of "summon" spells.
animal companion should stay and wild empathy too
purity of body (poisons) and purity of body (diseases) should be brought into game
keep trackless step (maybe usuable only within the feth fiada?, or maybe as is?)
bring in the woodland stride ability from the ranger class
and have the feth fiada as a class ability, but note: this could become too
powerful at higher levels, so dont allow players to cast "meteor swarm" (for ex)
from with the confines of the feth fiada. if spells are cast within the feth
fiada, then they should automatically fail, and the feth fiada is dispelled and
cannot be summoned for another 24 hours. the idea is to be a bit steatly with
this, adn times of use/day should help to balance use of this, but i havent yet
made specifics.

weapon and armour proficiency: druid have proficency in all shields (except tower
shields, non-metal only) light and medium armours (non-metal only) and (in no
specific order) the dagger, club, quarterstaff, sling, sickle, scythe, short and
long bows, greatclub, morningstar, darts, and any one-handed spears

as for class skills go for (6+int mod)x4 at first level, and 6+int mod at allother
levels, and clas skills should be as follows: climb, concentration, craft,
diplomacy (again, i call it persuade in my world), handle animal, heal,
intimidate, jump, knowledge (all sub-skills) (again, i call it lore in my world),
listen, profession, ride, sense motive, spellcraft, spot, survival, swim and use

it came from this thread (http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=150256), about
what do you do for bards and barbarians were lost in the crash and will be
restarted after we get through to the wizard class. thanks for your patience.
what do you do for... clerics? (http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=161828)
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part 6 of my house ruled classes series
[post 2]

author : dog moon
date : 06-07-06 02:44 am
finally! sheesh. :d

actually, the only change i've made is that druids cast arcane spells instead of
divine [setting reason; arcane has been changed a little and divine comes only
from deities, so only clerics, cleric variants, and paladins have divine magic;
and prcs based off them]. druids gain the ability to cast in light armor without
asf at 1st level.

i also kinda want to make slight variants of the druid to be a little more fitting

for different nature settings, but haven't yet gotten around to it.
[post 3]

author : dvvega
date : 06-07-06 07:03 am

my major change to druids is giving them domains every 5 levels. at every 5
levels, a druid can choose a domain from a limited list (plants, earth, water,
air, etc) and they gain the domain ability and the spells are added to their spell

i've experimented with giving them the domain spell bonus of clerics as well.

i do however like the totemist as an option for an alternative druid based on many
concepts of totem animals being used to gain power ... very much like bravestar
(cartoon show).


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