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How to Improve Speed of Your Computer

How to Improve Speed of Your Computer

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Published by Anup Raman
In order to have a faster PC with the given hardware configuration, it is essential to know the factors which leads to slow performance of PC. With this knowledge, learn how to do step by step troubleshooting for a faster PC. This topic is part of the eBook "Virus Removal Secrets Revealed".
In order to have a faster PC with the given hardware configuration, it is essential to know the factors which leads to slow performance of PC. With this knowledge, learn how to do step by step troubleshooting for a faster PC. This topic is part of the eBook "Virus Removal Secrets Revealed".

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Published by: Anup Raman on Oct 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Copyright © 2011 Anup Raman All Rights Reserved
 Copyright © 2011 Anup Raman All Rights Reserved
About Author 
Dear Reader,My name is Anup Raman and I have been in the IT industry for almost 10yrs now. As a Microsoft certifiedsystems engineer, I have worked with some of the biggest names in software industry over that time. Myspecialization includes core windows operating system troubleshooting and virus removal techniques. As atrainer, I have trained hundreds of aspiring technicians in the same field. Now I work as a freelance technical trainer and loves helping others solve technical problems through mywriting on IT blogs and forums. In my free time, I am involved in social work for providing educationalfacilities to the under privileged children. A part of my earning from this book is dedicated to the cause of helping the children in need.This book is one of the topics in my recently released eBook “Virus Removal Secrets Revealed”. Myinspiration for writing this book comes from some heart breaking experiences I had as a technician workingwith real customers.
Seeing customers charged huge amounts for solving minor issues. Some of these issues are so minor thatall it takes to solve them is just some basic steps that take no more than 10 minutes. Sometimes thecustomers were charged 100's of dollars for simple fixes they could have done themselves if they hadthe knowledge.
I have seen people pleading for help with their computer issues but they did not have the money to getthe paid service. In the worst cases, customer's ignorance is exploited and they are made to believe thatthere is some big issue inside the computer. Ultimately, they end up paying for the service becausewithout the computer they can't make a living. This is just wrong.
I have handled number of cases where customer contacted technical support because of suspiciousactivity they noticed inside their computer. By the time they contacted technical support and the causewas discovered, it was often too late. I remember at least 4-5 cases where the victim I was working withonline contacted his bank on the other line and found out his entire bank balance had been wiped out.Virus Removal Secrets Revealed is written concentrating on ordinary computer users with beginner tointermediate skill level. So this book is for all computer users using windows operating system irrespective of their skill levels. Virus Removal Secrets Revealed is power packed with lot of information and this will surelychange the way that you look at computers. I can assure you, instead of looking for technicians or going onlinefor information on how to fix issues, you will be equipped well with trying to fix issues on your own.If you find this book informative, you can buy my book on “Virus Removal Secrets Revealed” which can be bought fromwww.virusremovalsecretsrevealed.com. You will also be contributing for a social cause by buyingthis book.Regards and Wish You All The BestAnup Ramanwww.atechjourney.com 
 Copyright © 2011 Anup Raman All Rights Reserved
Table of Contents 
 About Author ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Table of Contents------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Improve the speed of your computer ------------------------------------------------------------------
Computer configuration----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Software compatibility issues---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Computer infections---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Startup Entries---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Security Software------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Temporary files--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Corrupted and Unused Services-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bad sectors and file system error ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Operating system------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Troubleshooting steps to improve speed of your computer ---------------------------------------
Remove temp files from the computer ----------------------------------------------------------------
Use disk cleanup to remove unwanted files---------------------------------------------------------10
Check task manager 
Check Add/Remove program in XP / Programs and Features in Vista/Windows 7 -----------
Remove the start up entries
Check the services---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Clean the registry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Do a disk analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Disk Defragmentation
DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT----------------------------------------------------------------------------21

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