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D.G.C.F.S. issue3

D.G.C.F.S. issue3

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Houston foremost Authority in Reality Based Martial Arts, self defense, hand to hand combat, reality based martial arts
Houston foremost Authority in Reality Based Martial Arts, self defense, hand to hand combat, reality based martial arts

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Published by: Dark Gift Combat Dgcfs on Oct 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 1 WWW.DARKGIFTCOMBAT.COMIssue 306/04/08
Houston Premier Reality Based Martial Arts &
Combative Fitness & Nutrition
Your monthly guide toCombative Techniques, Tactical Airsoft, MilSim and Combative Fitness & Nutrition
Mrs.Traylor Thoughts.
As a woman in today’s society, we go through life thinking nothing will happen to us, until
something does. We live in the real world of rape, murders, child molesters and many otherviolent crimes and when we were children the only thing we had was our innocence, a women hasto fight to live every day, Single moms having to work 2 jobs so her child can have food,clothing, toys. It takes a toll on us mental, physical and spiritually. Men also have thesetribulations Single dads trying to raise his little Girl, Couples besieged by bills, work, and justlife. We as women have to think about1 our boyfriend2 our husband3. At work to keep a position4. to be Respected5. To be well educated6. Keep our family save7. To be beautiful8. Fight depression9. Stay in shape10. To be happy with our lifeAs a women we have to endure sexual harassment, being looked at as a piece of meat with allthis frustration we need an out let, this is why we created a school for everyday people,D.G.C.F.S. will help you to feel save and to be prepared when you take your kids to school, goingfor a walk or just going shopping, as women we should not be afraid to walk in a dark parking lot,We should be smart and cautious when doing so.
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 Page1Mr. Traylor Owner of D.G.C.F.S.and Founder of D.G.C.F.S.System.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.Mrs.Traylor Thoughts 1Mikes Fitness Corner 2Coming event 3Airsoft Products 4Continue Mrs.Traylor 5Links to good places 6
The How To Guide for Six Pack Abs
So you want six pack abs? The truth is, for mostpeople getting six pack abs is not an easy task because it requiresdedication and motivation... but it is possible! Below is a general2-step guide that, if followed religiously for 3 months, it will improveyour abs.Step 1: NutritionThis is the single most important part of the puzzle, hands down. You can have the mostimpressive set of abs, but if they're covered with a layer of fat, you won't see them!Break up your day with 5 or 6 mini-meals because this jump starts your metabolism. Andstop eating the food that is preventing you from seeing your abs: white bread, pasta,soda, candy, dessert, fast food, hydrogenated oils, sugars and fructose corn syrup.Instead, eat the foods that will help you reach your six pack goal: oatmeal,olive oil, whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, natural peanut butter,chicken, fish, protein, green tea and water. Be realistic - you'll slip here and there, butmake a conscious effort to improve your eating habits because getting a six pack will beimpossible if you don't.Step 2: Exercise You need to concern yourself with 3 different exercises: cardio, weightliftingand ab exercises. And aim to workout 4 times per week. The cardio you do can beanything: walking, running, biking, swimming...whichever cardio you don't mind doing soyou stick with it. The trick is to do the cardio in bursts. For example, if you're running,walk for one minute and then sprint for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times. Perform thistype of interval cardio 2 times per week. Weightlifting is important because 3 pounds ofadded muscle burns as many calories as a 1 mile jog...and this is while you're just sittingaround! Aim for 30-45 minutes, 2 times per week. If you're confused as to whatexercises to do for each body part, check out the following website. It featuresprofessional bodybuilders, but the information is great and can be used by anyone.http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.htmThe last exercise you need to incorporateinto your workout are ab exercises. Aim to work your abs 3 times per week. There are aton of different ab exercises you can do so try to find 3 or so that you enjoy doing andmix it up. A good database of different ab exercises can be found here:http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exername.php?MainMuscle=AbdominalsTip:  mix up your workout routine every 2 weeks to keep your body guessing and improving.Add or take away different weightlifting or ab exercises, or at the very least, vary theweight, reps or form of cardio you do. Well, there you have it. Follow the above for 3months, and while results will vary from person to person, you will see an improvementin your abs. And keep in mind that dedication and motivation will go a long way tohelping you reach your goal of having six pack abs. Imagine the feeling you'll get when you look in the mirror and like whatyou see. Honestly, this article only scratches the surface on getting six pack abs. If you really want to learn the tried and truetechniques for developing a rock-hard midsection, call me to set up your Free Fitness Consultation & WellnessAssessment at 1-888-FIT-3977.Mr. Mike Moraleswww.Fit2Fight.comPage 2
Mr. Morales Owner of Fit 2 FightGym Co-Founder of R.E.A.C.T.System. Instructor in Hand toHand Combat at D.G.C.F.S.
Inside D.G.C.F.S 
.Mrs.Traylor Thoughts 1Mikes Fitness Corner 2Coming event 3Airsoft Products 4Continue Mrs.Traylor 5Links to good places 6
Coming Events 
June 13-14/08
D.G.C.F.S. is Hosting
International Combatives Self Defense Association
September 26-27/08
 Ray Dionaldo F.C.S. Filipino Combat Systems seminar at D.G.C.F.S facility 12-5pmOctober /08 date not know yetMr & Mrs. Traylor with apprentice Instructors are going to cali to train with  PAUL VUNAKand get certified as apprentice Instructors and Mr. Traylor Full
 Certified would like to thank CLINT BODUNGENfor making this tripe happen we*bow* with humbleness and respect.
Events flyer
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