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iPad Program

iPad Program

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Published by Stephen Best

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Published by: Stephen Best on Oct 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oakland Schools - October 21Waterford, Michigan
MACUL is happy to announce the first annual conference on“iPads in the Classroom.” This conference is the first in thestate to focus solely on the use of these amazing tools asinstruments of teaching and learning. We are looking foreducators like you who can share ideas, apps, resources, andstrategies to support the use of these devices in schools andclassrooms. While these tools have been around for just overa year, we know a number of you have been using thesedevices in your work, and in your classroom to support thework of principals, teachers, specialists, and students. We arelooking for presenters who are willing to focus on a specificaspect of this work, such as education for specific subjects,grade levels, or specialized needs of anyone in schools.
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 C o n f e r e n c e  P r o g r a m
iPads in the Classroom:A Conference for Educators
October 21, 2011
 This conference is intended to providespecific ideas, strategies, and ideas toeducators about how iPads cansupport learning, instruction,assessment, and management in aschool setting. We recognize thatthese devices, barely over a year old,could be “game-changers” that canreshape teaching and learning in waysthat other devices rarely have. Theirrelatively low operating cost, flexibility,and simple user interface seem anatural fit for schools. This conference will keep Michiganeducators on the cutting edge to seehow new tools can support learning,and potentially, reshape what we doand focus on in schools. Otherwise,free apps for hands-on sessions arefine.
Participants wanting continuingeducation unit credit should check with the registration desk to get SB-CEU credit, which is available for bothconference and pre-conferenceworkshops. You should make sureyour namebadge is scanned at theend of each session.
Our presenters all have a wealth of experience with iPads, as well as abroader knowledge of technologyintegration, curriculum and instruction,and professional learning. While theiPad is relatively new, we have someof the best educators in the state heretoday to share their knowledge andexperience with iPads and the iOStools.We have a great collection of presenters and sessions to addressevery aspect of using iPads inclassrooms and schools. Sessionsrange from introductory informationabout iPad tools and techniques toclassroom focused sessionsaddressing learner needs and appsfor a variety of topics. We even havesessions addressing the technicalsetup and configurations of iPads forclassroom use, and softwaredevelopment considerations for thesetools.Even if you don’t get a chance to seeall you want, you can check back onthe conference site after today’sconference to see the links andresources from our presenters at:
Welcome to our first “iPads in the Classroom” conference.
We are pleased to offer this opportunity to learn about the potential of these technologiesand the strategies to utilize iPads to support teaching and learning.
 The conference takes place at theOakland Schools facility at 2111Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford.Park in the front entrance of thefacility. The main entrance leads tothe atrium area, with the registrationdesk to your right. Check in herefirst.Sessions will take place in thefollowing conference rooms:Conference Room D (includeswater, tea, coffee, and lunch)Room 160 (main floor)Rooms 235-240, 245, 250, and290 (second floor map)Room 335 (third floor map)Review the program and roomsignage for session information. TheiPad conference is not the only eventtaking place at Oakland Schools thisday, so please be courteous andquiet outside of other conferencemeeting rooms during breaks.

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