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Published by: api-3782519 on Oct 16, 2008
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M.Tech (CE) 3rd Semester
Syllabus (OLD)
MTCE901-Computer Graphics

Graphics display devices, input devices, raster graphics, line and circle drawing algorithms; windowing and clipping; Cohen and Sutherland clipping, Cyrus beck clipping method; 2D and 3D geometrical transformations; scaling, translation, rotation, reflection, viewing transformation, parallel and perspective projections; curves and surfaces; cubic splines, beizer curves, B-splines, tensor product surfaces, surface of revolution, sweep surfaces, fractal curves and surfaces; hidden lines/surface removal methods; illuminations model; shading; gouraud, phong; introduction to ray-tracing ; animation; key framing, parametric 2D/image morphing; programming practices with standard graphics libraries like open GL.

MTCE901-Knowledge-based design
Knowledge representation, knowledge engineering, logic and resolution, semantic nets, parallel
implementation of semantic nets . Frames.

Architecture of knowledge based system design, rule based systems. Frame based systems. Search techniques. Control strategies. Software / Hardware support for knowledge base systems. Expert system shells. Inference machines. AND/OR parallelism. Case studies.

MTCE903-Software Engg.

S/W life cycle; problem of s/w production and the need for s/w engineering; concepts and techniques relevant to the production of large systems; structured programming, top-down design and development, information hiding; strength, coupling and complexity measures, procedural data, and control abstraction, specifications, organizations and management of large software design projects; program libraries, documentation, design methods and testing, several programming projects of varying size undertaken by students working singly and in groups using s/w specifications tools. S/W project management, parameter for cost estimation.


MTCE907-Elective II
Advanced Microprocessors
Introduction modern microprocessor architectures, memory hierarchy, pipelining RISC principles.

SPARC Architecture features, instruction sets, integer unit, floating point and coprocessor
architecture, ULTRA SPARC Architecture.
Pentium Architecture features of Pentium And Pentium III, superscalar architecture , instruction sets
and memory management, cache design, Data bus design, Branch prediction. Floating point unit,
pipelining, MMX, multiprocessor Support.
DEC ALPHA Architecture features, Superscalar architecture, instruction sets, ABOX, IBOX, EBOX,
FBOX, Cache design, pipeline design.
Advanced Database Systems
RDBMS Relational database, SQL, Normalization, normalization forms, lossless
Concurrency control seriallizability , lost update problem, deadlock, X lock, S\u2013lock, U-lock,
deadlock avoidance, timestamping.
Parallel and distributed databases Parallel database-architecture & operations; distributed
database-architecture storage, catalog management, query processing updating.
Data mining Introduction, counting co-occurrences, mining for rules, tree structured rules,
Recent topics Mobile databases, main memory databases, multimedia databases, temporal
Distributed Computing

Models of distributed computing; basic issues; causality, exclusion, fairness, independence, consistency; specification of distributed systems; Transition systems, Petrinets, Process Algebra Properties; Safety, liveness, stability.

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