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Published by Tara Bradley

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Published by: Tara Bradley on Oct 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   p   i   c   t   u   r   e   g   a   r   d   e   n   /   g   e   t   t   y   i   m   a   g   e   s
Feeling blue? Find out why taking it to the mat will help heal your body and your mind.
The Joy o Yoga
Recent research rom Boston University’s School o Medicineound that people who practiced yoga or 60 minutes threetimes a week had higher levels o GABA (the mood-boosting brain chemical) than those who did a walking workout or thesame amount o time. They also reported eeling more cheer-ul and less anxious. “The deep breathing and poses used in yoga can calm the nervous system and encourage relaxation,”explains Liz Owen, study co-author and yoga instructor inCambridge, Massachusetts. So the next time you’re eelingstressed or glum, say, “Om.” Can’t make it to the studio? “Doa ew sun salutations in your living room,” suggests Owen.“Even 15 minutes is benecial.”
— Sharon Liao
   t   o   p  :   c   r   a   i   g   w   e   t   h   e   r   b   y   /   g   e   t   t   y   i   m   a   g   e   s
 Worry Smarts
Wh  cms  Wg
, the solution is as simple as mind over mat-ter. “The imagination is the most powerul human mental unction,” explains MartinRossman, M.D., a mind-body pioneer and ounder o 
, an onlineoasis o guided imagery and sel-healing techniques. “It’s a great problem solver whenused properly, but when we let it run away, it can put us on a hamster wheel o repet-itive worry that drags us down, drives us nuts, and makes us anxious and stressed.That hamster wheel o worry is known as bad worry. According to Dr. Rossman’snew book,
The Worry Solution
(Crown Archetype, $23.99), it can be turned into good worry, which helps us better solve problems and manage stress. “The book ocuseson a process that teaches people that when they do have to worry, to worry better,explains Rossman. Here are his our steps or developing a good worry habit:
1. g a clu:
Idenif he oo caue of wha’ eaing a ou.
 Write down everytin tt yo’re worried bot — ro itte to bi worrie, even teediore one. Don’t jde yore; jt write down everytin tt’ in yor ed.
2. g a gp:
Acknowledge wha i and wha i no in ou powe.
 sort te worrie into tree on: tin tt yo n’t do nytin bot, tin yon do oetin bot, nd tin yo’re not rey re yo n do nytin bot.a n exe, on e rrine: o n rere yor oe or  rrine( worry yo n do oetin bot), bt yo n’t do nytin bot te t r-rine ( worry yo n’t do oetin bot).
3. g a pla:
Figue ou wha ou need o do and how ou need o ge i.
For worrie yo n’t do nytin bot, on et ernin ow to ke teoitive, rter tn netive. “ yo’re bot to it  o b nd tere’  ke, yodon’t wnt to be worryin bot ittin te b in te ke, bee ten yo’ve reted ent ie o jt te ke,” on y. “o wnt to identiy  ot nd teyore tt yo’re oin to it te b tere, inted o tinkin bot te ke.” Wenyo t yor intention into  oitive ittion, yor netive tot wi wne.
4. g a m-:
Pu ou plan ino acion.
contine to o on oitive otoe. o e wit te worrie in yor n-do-oe-tin on, on et ernin to tke eetive tion tro idediery nd ood nnin ki (fnd ti t
— Amy Cassell
Junk ood is not only bador your body, but yourmind too. Daily consump-tion o just 1.5 grams o trans ats — the kind oundin some ried and pack-aged oods — can increasedepression by up to 48percent, reveals a recentstudy by author AlmudenaSanchez-Villegas, Ph.D.“This at triggers low-grade inammation thatmay afect brain unctionand mood,” she says. Tostay upbeat, steer clear o anything that contains par-tially hydrogenated oil (i.e.trans ats). “Even a pack-age that claims it has zerotrans ats can have up to ahal a gram per serving,”explains Chrissy Wel-lington, a nutritionist atCanyon Ranch in Lenox,Massachusetts. Instead,search
out unsaturatedats like extra-virgin oliveand organic canola oilsand omega-3 atty acids(ound in atty sh likesalmon, ground axseedand walnuts). These atshave also been proven toprotect your heart too.That’s another reasonto smile!
— SL
   f   r   o   m   t   o   p  :   a   m   y   r   e   d   e   i  ;   c   r   e   a   t   i   v   e   c   r   o   p   /   g   e   t   t   y   i   m   a   g   e   s
Developed by a French nutrition-ist, chrononutrition is based on theidea that by eating to your biologi-cal clock, you can prevent ood rom being stored as at. There’s no caloriecounting and individuals report-edly lose anywhere rom three to4.5 pounds a month. A typical dayon a chrononutrition diet includes breakast, lunch, a snack and dinner(the latter is optional, because themetabolism is weaker at night).So does it really work? The spasays yes, but Joan Salge Blake, M.S.,R.D., spokesperson or the Ameri-can Dietetic Association, author o 
 Nutrition and You
(Benjamin Cum-mings, 2011) and clinical associateproessor at Boston University,isn’t convinced. “There’s no scienceto support the idea that your bodystores calories diferently at difer-ent times during the day,” she says.“And no matter how you structure your eating plan, i you eat more cal-ories than your body needs, you willgain weight.” However, as long as you’re eating balanced meals, Blakesees no harm in trying it out. Wantto give it a shot? Follow these tipsrom Cinq Mondes Spa:
the day so your larg-est meals are breakast and lunch. I  you have dinner, keep it light.
MA brAFAst
rich in attyacids and complex carbohydrates.Bread, butter and various cheeses,especially goat cheese, are best or breakast. Avoid eating ruit.
Fr H
, pair protein like shor lentils with a small amount o starch such as pasta or rice.For your
AFtr sA
,nosh on ruits and seeds rich in atlike walnuts and almonds. Or havedark chocolate (about 30 grams).
At Ir
, consume lean pro-tein such as sh or poultry and green vegetables seasoned with an oil richin omega-3 atty acids, like olive oil. Vary green veggies or better results. Also, avoid carbohydrate-rich oodssuch as pasta.
MA AH MA
last at least20 minutes (the longer the better),and don’t always eat the same thingevery day.
— Karen Asp
Is timing everything?
 Apparently it’s not what you eat, it’s
you eat it that matters. At
least that’s the supposition in the new chrononutrition program at
Cinq Mondes Spa at Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland.But the question is, does it really work?
Every year a diferent tness techniquepromises to get you in swimsuit shape. We sweated through a slew o them to ndve that deliver real results. For the bestresults, aim or sessions two to three timesa week.
— Amy Westervelt 
Pr bArr tHIq(AA bAr MtH A AIy MtH)G Fr
oning the butt, thighs and hips
a mix o piltes, yog, llet nd
stength taining, pue bae echnique is tough,
but the pain is worth it.
ttbsG Fr
oning arms and shoulders
russins hve een using kettleells
(below) for over 2,000 years, and for good rea-
son. fo sculted shouldes, len the coect
fom fom a o, then add it to you gym outine.
rI WAIG
Good For
Losing weight, toning legs and ams
by incooating oles that add an am
comonent, you’ll un out 20 ecent moe
calories than regular walking.
trX ssPsI trAIIGG Fr
oning the torso
iginting in the vy, the rX sys-
tem centes on susended esistance ands that
mke things like ush-us nd dis incedilyhd. but it woks: you’ll see esults in s little
as thee weeks. y it at the gym o get you ownrX system fo less than $200
ZMbAG Fr
Losing weight, toning legs and butt
pomising a “tness aty,” the classes
ai aeoics moves with u-temo wold music
for a sweat fest that’s as slimming as it is fun.
five fitnessstyles to try

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