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Beauty 3

Beauty 3

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Published by Tara Bradley

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Published by: Tara Bradley on Oct 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   j   e   f   f   o   s   h   i   r   o   /   g   e   t   t   y   i   m   a   g   e   s
Jet Lag:
Laurie Tarquati,aromatherapy expert at The Well Spa at the MiramonteResort & Spa in Indian Wells,Caliornia, suggests bring-ing along peppermint orlavender essential oil (ora combination o both) toinhale prior to and during your ight, train ride or boattrip, a trick she swears willkeep jet lag at bay.
Run into a travelsnag? “Ylang ylang is one o my avorite euphoric oils toslow down the heart rate andhelp to alleviate anxiety, ner- vousness, anger, tension andear,” says Tara Grodjesk,president and ounder o TARA Spa Therapy. “I otenput a drop or two on a tissueand wave it under my nose to breathe it in.”
Falling asleep in astrange place is rarely easy.To quiet the mind and get the body ready or bed, Grodjeskrecommends an ayurvedictrick: massaging the eet with warm sesame oil. She sug-gests adding a ew drops eacho chamomile, marjoram andlavender as well, all o whichare helpul or sleep. I a ootmassage is not an option, Tar-quati recommends droppinglavender and marjoram in adifuser by the bed, or addingthe oils to a warm bath.
To wake up in themorning and or a contin-ued boost throughout theday, Grodjesk says, “a com- bination o lemongrass withrosemary will be stimulat-ing and energizing. Breathein the scent, then apply theoil to your pulse points andtemples.”
“Fennel or gin-ger essential oils rubbedright onto the stomach andabdomen work wonders,”Tarquati says. “I don’t needPepto anymore!” Grodjeskadds peppermint to the mix,noting that a peppermint orennel tea can also help.
travel scents
 Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use o aromatic plant extractsand essential oils; whether breathed in or applied directly to theskin, the extracts can be used to address all manner o every-day ailments, including travel-related stressors rom jet lag todigestive trouble. Here, two experts ofer their advice on greatsolutions or common traveler concerns.
by amy WeSterveLt

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