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Interrobang issue for October 24th, 2011

Interrobang issue for October 24th, 2011

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Published by interrobangfsu
The Halloween issue of the Interrobang features the top 10 scary movies, costume ideas for lazy people and a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The Halloween issue of the Interrobang features the top 10 scary movies, costume ideas for lazy people and a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Published by: interrobangfsu on Oct 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Beth Jackson is in her first yearof General Arts. “I’m me. I’mcrazy, I’m loud and I’m aclown,” said Jackson. “I’ve takenall life has given me and done thebest I could with it. I’m atFanshawe to better myself andmake my family proud, butmostly to prove that I can do it.”1. Why are you here?
To better myself for the future.
2. What was your life-changingmoment?
Being accepted to Fanshawe. Ifinally felt like I could be morethan a high school drop out whogot her grade 12 at 22..
3. What music are you currentlylistening to?
Simple Plan.
4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t do things for others, do themfor yourself.
5. Who is your role model?
My mom. She raised two kids onher own and proved that you canget back up no matter how many people push you down.
6. Where in the world have youtravelled?
Germany, France and England.
7. What was your first job?
A booth wench at the OntarioRenaissance Faire.
8. What would your last mealbe?
Homemade mac and cheese.
9. What makes you uneasy?
Tests and essays.
10. What is your passion?
To become a high school historyteacher and make kids love goingto class again.
 Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to fsu.ca/interrobang and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top.
10 Things I Know About You...
Jackson has a Simple Plan
Beth Jackson gets skittish over tests and essays.
Tony Lee gets set to hypnotize some volunteers during the XXX hypnotist's show on October 17th in ForwellHall.
MONDAY 10-24
Call of Duty Tournament
Forwell Hall – 7PM$2 ADVANCE
FREE Comedy Nooner:Matt Baker
Forwell Hall – 12PM
FREE D1060 Theatre
Rocky Horror Picture Show
D1060 – 8PM
FREE OBS Comedy Night
Featuring: Derek Seguin &Jon Stienberg
First Run Film:Paranormal Activity 3
Rainbow Cinemas (in Citi Plaza)$3.50 STUDENTS | $5 GUESTS2 Show Times
FREE Nooner Featuring:STEVIE STARR
Forwell Hall – 12PM
FRIDAY 10-28
FREE New Music Night
Featuring: Searching forSatellites with Farewell toFreeway, Oceanborne &Ghostship Victoria
OBS – 9:30PM
Fanshawe at the KnightsKnights vs. Attack
 John Labatt Centre – 7:30PM$17 STUDENTS | $18 GUESTS
from the FSU 
Lyndsie McGregor
“Michael Myers from
- the mask is thescariest part.”
Quade Meloche
 Jeepers Creepers 
is the bestmovie. It’s so different; it’smore funny than scary.”
Bill Kelly
“Freddy Krueger from
Nightmare on Elm Street 
- he’s the scariest one.He kinda looks like ascarecrow!”
Daniel Perry
“The first
movie is thebest. The amount of drama init is really well done.”
Carolyn Wu
“I don’t watch scary moviesbecause I don’t enjoy beingscared.”
Dop b he elome iosk ih ou anse. Fie innes ill be seleed om oe enies and ell noi innes b email. 
Th Wlom io i on8am  4m, Monda to ida.
October 13: a call comes into thedispatch centre regarding an acci-dent in the woods. A young malehas had an accident involving achainsaw. The paramedic teamrushes out to the accident site and jumps out of the ambulance readyto treat the wounded man. The firstthing they see is a grotesque sight:a man in a shed bleeding profusely,his leg on the ground nearly 20 feetaway. The second thing they see isa film crew capturing the wholescene.This was how two solid days played out for the students of Fanshawe College’s Paramedic, Nursing, Police Foundations, TVBroadcasting, Theatre Arts andAdvanced Filmmaking programsat the school’s annual Trauma andTreatment event.The event this year took place atthe Easter Seals Woodeden Camp, just minutes outside the city.Similar to this past summer’sExercise Peregrine event, Traumaand Treatment is a mock updesigned to give students hands-onexperience.In this case, the learning experi-ence is largely focused on theParamedic and Nursing students,as they receive calls to their dis- patch centre of various traumasscattered around the campground.The Paramedic students mustarrive on the scene as quickly as possible, treat the patient as well asthey can and transport them to the“hospital” set up in one of the buildings on site where the Nursing students then take over.Students in the Theatre Arts pro-gram act out the traumas, and theAdvanced Filmmaking studentscatch the action on film. For theAFM crew, the experiencerevolves around learning how tocapture spontaneous moments asthey occur.Advanced Filmmaking studentJohn DuGray gave his thoughts onthe experience: “Trauma andTreatment is an excellent exercisethat is beneficial for not onlyAdvanced Filmmaking students, but also those training to be para-medics and police officers, as wellas our Theatre Arts students … Notonly do these emergency workersgain valuable experience dealingwith crisis situations, the AFM stu-dents learn how to capture sponta-neous moments without the safetynet of another take.”“The Trauma and Treatmentevent is an incredible inter-disci- plinary event that brings together students from EmergencyManagement, EmergencyTelecommunications, Filmmaking,Television, Theatre Arts, PoliceFoundations, Health Sciences – Paramedics, Nursing and OfficeAdministration,” explained RomyGoulem, a Trauma and Treatmentcoordinator and AFM Professor.“The simulated emergencies thatthese students encounter, no matter what field they are studying, areinvaluable learning experiences.”Great measures are taken tokeep the traumas under wraps sothe Paramedic and Nursing stu-dents can react without prior knowledge of the incident, but theyrange from the everyday accidentto the gruesomely unthinkable to amulti-casualty incident at the endof the second day.The victims of these incidentsare Theatre Arts students complet-ed with costumes, make-up andany bodily fluids that would goalong with their trauma in a real-life situation. The sights, thesmells and the screams are all bru-tally realistic.All of the students involvedhave certainly gained invaluableexperience from this event, and for many it is not something they willsoon forget. So, if you’re walkingdown the hall and hear someonetalking about the guy who cut hisleg off with a chainsaw in thewoods, don’t worry!
 Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
A recent trend of residential break and enters is of particular concern to students in London.According to a media release sentout by the London PoliceService, there have been numer-ous break and enters in areasmainly occupied by students,including the area around theUniversity of Western Ontario aswell as neighbourhoods near Fanshawe College.According to Fanshawe’sSecurity Supervisor Bob Earle,the only specific pattern of these break and enters is that they areoccurring in student areas andmany involve patio doors.“They’re cutting the screen out of the patio doors and entering thatway. What’s happening is thatthe victims are securing their sliding screen door but not theglass door behind it, so (thethieves) just cut open the screen,reach in, slide the door acrossand they’re in.” Earle highlightedthat there is also no particular time of day when these incidentsare occurring.The London Police Servicemedia release emphasized thatthe offender(s) have enteredhouses while occupants werehome, and are mainly stealingelectronics such as laptops andcell phones.Both Earle and the LondonPolice urge students to lock their windows and doors, regardless of whether or not they are home.Earle even suggested taking itone step further by getting a rodor stick to put in the track of slid-ing patio doors to further deter any break-ins.At the time of print, there wereno suspects, but the LondonPolice have found some forensicevidence that will help their investigation.One graduate of FanshaweCollege had his apartment brokeninto on September 4, 2010. Whileattending Fanshawe, AlexCrocker was living in a three-storey apartment building onLangton Road near the collegewhen his apartment was brokeninto. “We figure (but we don’tentirely know for sure) that weleft the deadbolt unlocked andonly locked the door handle, sothey broke in that way.” WhileCrocker and some friends wereout for dinner, the thief stole his18.4-inch gaming laptop and hisfriend’s laptop, from his bed-room and living room respective-ly.“The really confusing thingabout this is the hundreds of dol-lars of video games, three Xbox360s, a Wii, a PS2, several other laptops and a Macbook that weresitting in the room (that weren’tstolen),” said Crocker. Thoughthis incident occurred a year agoand is most likely not linked tothe recent break and enters, thecircumstances are very similar. “Idefinitely think students should be more concerned about their stuff, make sure their doors arelocked and do not leave thingssitting in the open.”If you suspect that someonehas entered your house whileyou’re home, Earle suggestedleaving immediately, going to aneighbour’s house and calling the police. He offered similar advicefor anyone who comes home tofind their house has been forciblyentered, cautioning that someonemay still be in the house so it isvital that the police are called before entering the house. “Don’tfeel like you’re interrupting the police or inconveniencing them because your safety is paramountand that’s what they’re therefor,” said Earle.If you suspect that someonehas entered your home, or see a person in your neighbourhoodwho seems out of place or is act-ing suspiciously, call 911. For help with break and enter preven-tion, review Project Safeguard, a program implemented by theLondon Police to help peoplesecure their homes, attinyurl.com/LPSprojectsafeguard.If you have any informationregarding the break and enters,call the London Police Service at519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppersat 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).Information can also been sent inonline anonymously at london-crimestoppers.com.
Student-area break andenters real cause for concern
Students from multiple Fanshawe programs worked side by side duringTrauma and Treatment on October 13 at Easter Seals Woodeden Camp.The annual event provides valuable hands on experience for those whoparticipate.
 Sa y  “ N O ”  to paper  in  jus t  four eas y s teps:
 V is i t 
M y  Accoun t
 a t 
 w w w. lo ndo n h yd ro.co m. 2.
 To se t up  your accoun t,  you  w i l l  be requ ired  to en ter a  va l id ema i l address, and  your 
 Cus tomer  Num ber
 B i l l ing  Num ber
and an 
 I n vo ice  N u m be r
, a l l o f  w h ic h can  be  found on a recen t London H ydro  b i l l.
.  C hoose  t he 
 Pa pe r less  B i l l i ng o p t io n
,  loca ted on  t he B i l l De l i ver y  Op t ions page.
 4.E n te r  P ro mo  Code:  “ FA N N O PA P E R ”
and rece i ve a c hance  to 
 W I N a n  i Pad !
Contest Ends November 30, 2011
Trauma andTreatment a valuablelearning experience

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