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Table Of Contents

Command Toolbar
Placement Toolbar
Route Toolbar
Custom Toolbar
Prompt Line
Status Line
X and Y Coordinates
Grid Toggle Buttons
Macro Record (Temporary Macro) Button
Layer Display Combo Box and Scroll Buttons
Line Width Combo Box
Radius Combo Box
Status Information Area
Using Multiple Windows
Zoom Commands
(View) Zoom In/Out
(View) Zoom Window
Other View Options
Jump Commands
Using Layers
Item and Layer Drawing Order
Object/Action Interaction
Object Selection and Placement
Object Selection and Object Properties
Placing Objects
Rotating and Flipping Objects
Orthogonal Modes
Unwinding Segments
Moving Objects to Another Layer
Changing an Arc Centerpoint
Using a Snappy Cursor
Selecting Objects
Status Line Information
Single Select
Multiple Select
Sub Select
Block Select
Using the Selection Masks
Selecting a Net
Select Highlighted
Editing Objects
Moving Objects
Resizing an Object
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Objects
Copying Objects (Ctrl+C)
Drag-and-Drop (Ctrl+Left Click)
Copying to a File
Pasting From a File
Pasting a Circuit From a File
Pasting Limitations
Using the Copy Matrix Command
Using the Edit Properties Command
Properties of Multiple Objects
Right Mouse Commands
Loading and Saving Files
Drag and Drop File Load
Setting up the workspace
Setting workspace configuration and display options
Setting up layers
Title blocks
Display Options
Setting the line width
Setting grids
Object placement
Placing lines
Placing arcs
Placing pads
Placing vias
Placing text
Placing fields
Placing components
Setting up libraries
Adding components
Selecting objects
Selecting single objects
Selecting multiple objects
Subselecting objects
Block selecting objects
Selecting highlighted objects
Selecting collocated objects
Modifying objects
Moving objects
Rotating objects
Resizing objects
Adding a vertex
Aligning components
Copying and pasting objects
Pasting from the Clipboard
Duplicating objects using Copy Matrix
Deleting objects
Changing object properties
Unifying values
Using the Selection Mask
Replacing components
Initial board layout
Creating a board outline
Loading a Netlist
Positioning components
Optimizing nets
Routing connections
Creating routing settings
Manual routing
Changing routed connections
Unrouting a board
Other options
Pad and via stacks
Copper pours
Plowing tracks and cutouts
Design verification
Netlist verification
Design Rule Checking
Generating reports
Printing and plotting your design
Setting up your print jobs
Generating manufacturing files
Generating Gerber output
Viewing Gerber photoplot files
Generating N/C drill files
Documenting a Design with Document Toolbox
Drawing Layers
PCB Title Sheets
Borders and Zones
Title Blocks
Design Views
Revision Blocks
Fields and Field Sets
Drawing and Revision Notes
Defining Drawing or Revision Notes
Design Details
Graphic Files
Layer Stackup Diagrams
Drill Tables
Associative Dimensions
Printer & Plotter Setup
Setting Up Print Jobs
Assign Drill Symbols
Setting up Print Colors and Other Options
Batch Print
Routing Features
Selecting a Route Tool
Routing Setup
Opening a File
Placing Connections
Setting your Grids
Status Line Grid Toggle
Changing Layers
Setting Line Width
Setting Up Via Style
Orthogonal Modes (O key)
Fixed Routable Objects
Point-to-Point Routing
Using Bus Route
MultiTrace Routing
Using MultiTrace
Controlling Trace Placement
Route Fanout
Using Fanout Route
A Fanout Example
Maximize Hugging/Minimize Length
Visible Routing Area
Shortcut Menu Commands
Options Configure Route Tab
Online DRC:
Introduction to the Shape-Based Router
Routing with Quick Route
P-CAD Quick Route Steps
Completing the PC Board
Verifying the Finished Board
Setting Up the Route Autorouter Dialog
Commands Available during Routing
Quick Route Limitations
Routing Fine Points
Introduction to Design Verification
Setting Up DRC Rules
Design Tab
Layer Tab
Rooms Tab
Net Class Tab
Class to Class Tab
Working with Design Rule Check
Design Rules by Hierarchy
Copper Ties and DRC
Configuring DRC
Online DRC
Using DRC Error Annotation
Finding DRC Errors
Overriding Error Displays
Block Selecting Error Indicators
Overriding DRC Errors
Fixing DRC Errors
Deleting DRC Errors
Introduction to CAM
Gerber Output
Set Up Output Files
Aperture Assignments
Setting Drill Symbols
Gerber Format
Compress Output Files
Generating Gerber Output
Gerber Verification
Deleting Gerber Layer Information
No Free Pads on the Board
Free Pads on the Board
Creating a Padmaster Gerber File
N/C Drill Output
Setting Up Output Files
Assigning Tools
Set Format Options
Generate N/C Drill Output
Creating a Drill Symbol Legend
Generating Drill Drawing
Introduction to Copper Pours
Pour/Repour Options
Setting Backoff
Manual and Interactive Routing
Auto Plowing
Overlapping Pours
Introduction to Interapplication Functions
DDE Hotlinks
Enabling DDE Hotlinks
Setting the Current Highlight Color
Highlighting Parts and Components
Highlighting Nets
Unhighlighting Parts and Components
Unhighlighting Nets
Types of ECOs
Starting Other P-CAD Applications
Customizing P-CAD PCB
Introduction to File Commands
File New
File Open
Drag-and-Drop File Load
Open a File
Opening a Recently Used File
Opening an ASCII File
File Close
File Save
Saving an ASCII File
Net Classes
File Save As
Save a File to a Name and Location
File Clear
File Print
Print Preview
Generating Print Jobs
Setup Print Jobs
Drill Symbols
Colors and Other Print Options
File Print Setup
File Reports
Custom Report Option
File Design Info
Design Technology Parameters Dialog
File Import Shape Route
File Import Gerber
File Import DXF
Loading a DXF File
DXF to P-CAD PCB Layer Map
DXF Units
Locate DXF Origin
View Log File Upon Completion
Items Supported for Translation
DXF Import Notes
File Import PDIF
File Import IDF
File Export Shape Route
File Export Gerber
Setup Output Files
Apertures Assignments
Auto (Automatic Describe/Assign)
Generate Output Files
File Export N/C Drill
Tools Assignments
N/C Drill Format
File Export DXF
Component Height Check Box
DXF Output Considerations
File Export PDIF
PDIF File Export
File Export IDF
File Export RFQ Format
File Exit
Using the Edit Commands
Edit Undo
Edit Redo
Edit Cut
Cutting Objects from Nets
Edit Copy
Edit Copy to File
Edit Paste
Paste Behavior
Paste From Clipboard
Paste from File
Paste To Layer
Paste Special
Paste Circuit
Edit Move By RefDes
Edit Move to Layer
Moving an Object
Edit Properties
Component Properties
Component Reference Links
Connection Properties
Pad Properties
Net Tab
Via Properties
Line Properties
Arc Properties
Polygon Properties
Test Point Properties
Copper Pour Properties
Cutout Properties
Plane Properties
Room Properties
Text Properties
Attribute Properties
Field Properties
Design View Properties
Detail Properties
Diagram Properties
Picture Properties
Table Properties
Edit Nets
Set By Attribute
Set Nets By Layer Attribute
Rename Nets
Edit Attributes
Info Button
Edit Measure
Edit Select
Select Actions
Select Commands
When Objects Overlap
Moving and Copying Objects
Resizing Objects
Rotating and Flipping
Modifying (Edit Properties)
Selection Reference Point
Placing a Selection Reference Point
Radial Placement
Using the View Commands
View Redraw
View Extent
View Last
View All
View Center
View Zoom In
View Zoom Out
View Zoom Window
Using the Zoom Window
View Jump Location
Jumping to a Location
View Jump Text
Jumping to Text
View Command Toolbar
View Placement Toolbar
View Route Toolbar
View Custom Toolbar
View Prompt Line
View Status Line
View Snap to Grid
Using the Place Commands
Place Autoplace
Performing Autoplacement
Place Component
Placing a Component
Rotating or Flipping a Component
Jumper Pads
Test Points
Place Connection
Placing a Connection
Merging Nets
Place Pad
Placing a Pad
Rotating or Flipping a Pad
Renumbering Pads
Modifying Pad Styles
Place Via
Place Line
Placing a Line
Orthogonal Modes (for Line Segments)
Place Arc
Placing an Arc
Move, Rotate, Flip, Change
Place Polygon
Placing a Polygon
Draft or Outline Display Mode
Rotating or Flipping a Polygon
Altering the Shape of a Polygon
Place Point
Placing Points
Placing Test Points
Showing or Hiding Points
Place Copper Pour
Placing a Copper Pour
Rotate or Flip
Place Cutout
Placing a Cutout
Place Keepout
Place Plane
Placing a Plane
Pads and Vias
Rotating or Flipping a Plane
Place Room
Place Text
Place Text Dialog
Place Text Features
Zooming and Panning While Placing Text
Text Summary
Place Attribute
Placing an Attribute
Rotating or Flipping a Field
Place Field
Placing a Field
Place Dimension
Placing a Dimension
Modifying a Dimension
Rotating a Dimension
Using the Route Commands
Route Autorouter
Route View Log
Route Manual
Manually Routing a Connection
Routing between Layers
Modifying Traces
Copper Pours
Route Interactive
Routing Connections
Vias, Layers, and Line Widths
Shortcut Menu
Keyboard Shortcuts
Route Miter
Editing Existing Miters
Using the Options Commands
Options Selection Mask
Layer Sets
Select Mode Frame
Selection Mask Parameters
Selecting and Modifying
Single Selection Tab
Options Configure
Online DRC Tab
Route Tab
Manufacturing Tab
Options Grids
Visible Grid Style
Relative Grid Origin
Grid Spacing: Uniform/Non-uniform
Grid Toggle Button (or G key)
Options Display
Options Preferences
Keyboard Tab
Mouse Tab
Options Layers
Layers Tab
Sets Tab
Titles Tab
Options Current Line
Overriding Default Units
Options Current Keepout
Options Current Radius
Options Design Rules
Options Net Classes
Options Pad Style
Simple and Complex Pad Styles
Adding a Pad Style
Modify a Simple Pad Style
Modify a Complex Pad Style
Purging Pad Styles
Renaming a Pad Style
Setting a Hole Range
Merging Pad Styles
Options Via Style
Options Text Style
Adding Text Style
Changing Text Display
Text Style Properties
Purging Text Styles
Renaming Text Style
Deleting Text Style
Text Style Properties Dialog
Merging Text Styles
Using the Library Commands
Library New
Library Alias
Creating an Alias
Library Copy
Copying Patterns/Components
Library Delete
Deleting from a Library
Library Rename
Renaming a Pattern/Component
Library Setup
Setting Up a Library
Library Pattern Save As
Saving a Pattern
Library Archive Library
Using the Utils Commands
Utils Renumber
Renumbering Reference Designators
Renumbering Default Pin Designators
Utils Force Update
Utils Record ECOs
Utils Import ECOs
ECO Filename
Preview ECOs
Pseudo Patterns
Utils Export ECOs
View Pending ECOs
Save ECOs Now
Utils DRC
View Report
Design Rules (DRC Setup)
Annotate Errors
Severity Levels
Summarize Ignored Errors
Summarize Overridden Errors
Clear All Overrides
Design Rule Checks
Area To DRC
Utils Find Errors
Utils Load Netlist
Loading a Netlist on an Existing Board
Optimize Nets
Reconnect Copper
Check for Copper Sharing
Utils Generate Netlist
Generate a Netlist
Utils Compare Netlist
Comparing a Netlist
Utils Optimize Nets
Utils Optimize Nets Command
Manual Gate Swap
Rules for Pin Swapping
Rules for Gate Swapping
Impact on the Library Executive
Utils Reconnect Nets
Create Nets From Free Copper
Utils Trace Clean-up
Utils Shortcut Directory
Utils P-CAD Schematic
Utils P-CAD Library Executive
Utils P-CAD Pattern Editor
Utils P-CAD Symbol Editor
Utils P-CAD InterPlace/PCS
Utils P-CAD Signal Integrity
Running a Signal Integrity Analysis
Utils P-CAD AutoRFQ
Utils Customize
Displaying the Custom Toolbar
Executing a Custom Tool
Using the DocTool Commands
DocTool Place Table
The Basic Place Table Dialog
Note and Revision Note Table Options
Drill Table Advanced Options
DocTool Place Design View
DocTool Place Detail
DocTool Place Diagram
DocTool Place Picture
DocTool Titles
DocTool Notes
DocTool Update
DocTool Update All
DocTool Mirror On Copy
Using the Macro Commands
Macro Setup
Setting Up a Macro
Macro Record
Macro Recording Tool
Recording a Macro
Recording a Temporary Macro
Macro Delete
Macro Rename
Macro Run
Recording Efficient Macros
Other Macro Features
Running a Macro
Status Line Recording Indicators
Automatic Delays
Editing Macro Files
Macro File Syntax
Mouse Events
Keyboard Events
Special Events
Edit Events
File Syntax
Using the Window Commands
Window New Window
Window Cascade
Window Tile
Window Arrange Icons
Selecting a Window
Help P-CAD PCB Help Topics
How to Use Help
Series II Commands
Keyboard Shortcuts in P-CAD PCB
Error Messages
Warning Messages
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P-cad 2004 Pcb User's Guide

P-cad 2004 Pcb User's Guide

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Published by: John Brower on Oct 20, 2011
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