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The Hillsdale Forum - October 2008

The Hillsdale Forum - October 2008

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Published by The Hillsdale Forum
Iran's Dara and Sara Dolls | Venezuela Uprising | Hillsdale College Free Market Forum | The Power of Palin | Review of Frenk Viola's Pagan Christianity & Reimagining Church | Restoration of Detroit | Debit or Credit | Obama's Singing for Change | Viral Video | PC v Mac | Biden's Greatest Hits
Iran's Dara and Sara Dolls | Venezuela Uprising | Hillsdale College Free Market Forum | The Power of Palin | Review of Frenk Viola's Pagan Christianity & Reimagining Church | Restoration of Detroit | Debit or Credit | Obama's Singing for Change | Viral Video | PC v Mac | Biden's Greatest Hits

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Published by: The Hillsdale Forum on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 VOlume IX, Issue IIIOCTOBER 2008
“People look at her, andthey say, ‘All those kids.Something that happensin everybody’s family. I’mglad she loves her daugh-ter and she’s not ashamedof her. Glad that girl’s go-ing around with her boy-friend. Glad they’re goingto get married...I like thatlittle Down syndrome kid.One of them lives downthe street. They’re wonder-ful children. They’re won-derful people. And I likethe idea that this guy doesthose long-distance races.Stayed in the race for 500miles with a broken arm.My kind of guy.’”Speaking to reportersbefore his Clinton GlobalInitiative meeting in NewYork last month, formerPresident Bill Clintondescribed Sarah Palin’sappeal:
Ladies and gentlemen, allowme to introduce Dara and Sara:two delightful eight-year-oldMiddle-Eastern childrenwho enjoy dressingmodestly and askingtheir wise parents foradvice.In 2002, the Iraniangovernment adamantlyrequested the creationof these 18-inch lovablelittle ones, and sincetheir release the dolls haveflooded the Iranian market in anattempt to discourage Iranianchildren from assimilating intoAmerican culture.It is technically not illegal tosell Barbie or Barbierelated products inIran.However, withrecord sales inthe region, Iranhas taken measuresto highly discouragethe sale of Barbie. Suchmeasures includegovernment-aided confiscationof the dolls, threats of violenceagainst toy sellers, and intensepromotion of alternative dollssuch as Dara and Sara.Iranian prosecutor, GhorbanAli Dori Najafabadi, said thatBarbie is a “danger that needsto be stopped. Undoubtedly, thepersonality and identity of thenew generation ofour children,as a result ofunrestrictedimportation of toys, has been putat risk and caused irreparabledamage.”The real problem with Barbieis that she boasts a large bosom,an unnaturally small waistline,blond hair and blue eyes.Fortunately, Sara has come tothe rescue as she is modestlyendowed, has a more realisticwaistline, and sports black hair
Real Hillsdaliansof Genius
Chavez is Scary: OneHillsdale StudentShares Her ViewsFirsthand
The YouTube Effect
Is Detroit Done For?
Dreaming of Dolls:
Why Iran’s nightmares include Barbie and Ken--and what it’s doing about it.
“It’s hard to take the chattydictator seriously as an evilgenius,”
Wall Street Journal
 columnist Mary O’Gradywrote, referring not to Russianpresident Vladimir Putin orIran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,but Venezuela’s dictator-in-residence, Hugo Chavez.The word
usuallyincites references to Russiaor the Red Scare of the 1950s.However, communism isnot just a word or politicalphilosophy in today’s world,but a thriving institution in aSouth American country sittingin North America’s backyard.It is hard to tell how muchof a “genius” Chavez is, but“evil” is quickly becomingan all-too suitable label.His blatant hatred of the U.S. andits government is obvious, withhis harangues on the American“empire” and similar outbursts.Chavez has welcomedRussia’s military planes andships into Venezuela for“exercises” and says that “theYankee homogeny is finished.”He went on to tell Russia’sVesti24 television, “Not onlyVenezuela, but Latin Americaas a whole, needs friends likeRussia now, as we are sheddingthis [U.S.] domination.”Freshman Candice Rodriguez,a Venezuela native, said thatChavez is known in Venezuelafor his lack of honesty.According to Rodriguez, he isconstantly stealing money fromthe government, and the countrysuffers, lacking necessitiessuch as milk, eggs, petroleum,and even toilet paper becauseof his bartering with Cuba.Rodriguez went on to explainhow Venezuela’s impoverishedpopulation, usually ignorantand innocent by lack of outsideknowledge, are easily swayedby promises of homes and food.However, the financially well-off and well-educated people ofVenezuela know better than totrust Chavez, especially as theyrecognize his deceitfulness.Those who dare defy andspeak against him are metwith injustice and intolerance.Radio Caracas Televisionopenly opposed Chavez’sregime, and then the 40-year-old television station’s licensehappened to expire in May2007. Chavez gave his reason forletting the network die: “Forgetabout renewal. What you shouldaccept is a fact that is quiteclear: the license is expiring.”In 2003, three soldiers anda woman were tortured andkilled in Venezuela after leadinganti-government protests.In 2007, tear gas was used onstudents protesting Chavez.Even in this past month,Raul Isaias Baduel, a Chavezconfidant-turned-critic, hasbeen arrested and forbiddenfrom leaving Venezuela.It seemed for a while thatthese activities might confinethemselves to the Latinocountry. However, Russia hasstepped up to plate as a military
Hugo Chavez is not happy, espe-cially now that America is takingnote of his benevolent treatmentof the Venezuelan people.
The 2008 Free Market Forum,which took place Sept. 25-27in Dearborn, Mich., concludedon a high note with a Saturdayevening address by Peruvianeconomist Hernando de Soto.The forum, which has beenhosted annually by HillsdaleCollege since 2006, seeks toencourage the study of freeenterprise.Donors and friends ofthe college mingled withstudents and faculty overhors d’oeuvres and cocktailsin the spacious gallery of theFord Conference & EventCenter Saturday evening,exchanging business cards,stories, and an appreciationof limited governmentand unfettered markets.Following dinner, HillsdaleCollege President LarryArnn presented de Soto,internationally recognized forhis advocacy of property rightsand author of two best-sellingbooks that argue his case,with the Adam Smith Award.Since 1990 HillsdaleCollege has presentedthe award to statesmen,scholars, businessmen,philanthropists, journalistsand others who exemplifyand defend the principles ofAmerican constitutionalismand free enterprise. Pastrecipients include RonaldReagan, William F. Buckley Jr., Thomas Sowell, SteveForbes, and Milton Friedman.De Soto delivered an addressregarding the importance ofproperty rights, and engagingaudience members with hiswitty style, he drew laughterfrom guests with several jokes,including a comparison of theFederal Reserve to ScroogeMcDuck.This year’s forum includedevening speeches by Karl Roveand Jonah Goldberg in additionto the events during the day.In previous years, the FreeMarket Forum has beenhosted on Hillsdale College’scampus. However, the eventhas grown significantly in thelast two years, with attendanceballooning from a little over 50in 2006 to about 400 this year.The larger turnout created anecessity for a bigger venue,and organizers decided tomove the event to the FordConference & Event Center inDearborn.“Hillsdale does not have enoughhotel rooms nor does the DowCenter have banquet spacefor 400 [guests],” said AnitaFolsom, Director of SpecialPrograms at Hillsdale College.Additionally, the event drawsfaculty members and statepolicy leaders from across thecountry and from Canada. TheDearborn location is muchcloser to the airport, makingtravel arrangements easier formany guests.Folsom said, “Quite a numberof friends of the College werethere this year; some supportersof Hillsdale College flew infrom California, Washingtonstate, Florida, and other partsof the country,”
De Soto Charms at Hillsdale Free Market ForumThe People’s President?
Chavez’s empty promises leave Venezuela unfulfilled
Christopher Buckley hasleft
National Review
afterendorsing Obama in TinaBrown’s latest endeavor,online publication
The DailyBeast
, saying “So, to para-phrase a real conservative,Ronald Reagan: I haven’tleft the Republican Party. Itleft me.”*Scientists are consideringusing electron bombard-ment as a replacement forherbicides. The electronsbreak the molecular bondsof the fungal spores thatkill seedlings, but the bom-bardment must be preciselycalculated so as not to killthe seedling itself.*Standing alongside ACORNofficials Rapaport said the“actual instances of [voterfraud] is [sic] so small”and it would be wrong “touse it as an excuse to tryto discourage people fromregistering, to set up barri-ers with a draconian a voteridentification provisions.”
As the third presidentialdebate draws near, Obamaleads McCain by 14 points.One week ago, he was onlyleading by three points.The change of heart? 21percent of poll voters saidit was because of McCain’sattacks on Obama and hisVP choice of Sarah Palin.*Two fires have killed twopeople and destroyed doz-ens of home in California’sSan Fernando Valley, anda third has broken out nearCamp Pendleton, a USMarine base, burning 3,000acres. Over 2,000 firefight-ers have been battling theflames in an attempt tostop the fires from movingtoward the Pacific Ocean.*The cost of a barrel ofliquid gold dropped below$80 for the first time sinceSeptember 2007, droppingto $78.61/barrel, a dropof $6.98 from the previ-ous day’s level. OPEC hascalled an emergency meet-ing in Vienna on Nov. 18 todiscuss the drop.
photo via Globovision
Emilia Huneke-Bergquist
 Julie Robison
EditOrs in Chief
Dave Wasmer
AssOciate EditOr
Matt KownackiHeather Shell
COpy EditOrs
Nate AndersonMatt ColeCalvin FreiburgerMartin Kraegel IIIChristina Miller James NesbittScott Rozell
SeniOR Writers
Kate Martin
DC COrrespOndent
theHillsdale Forum
Guided by theprinciples of liberty,freedom, and justice,
is a monthly student-run publication ofHillsdale Collegestriving to inform andeducate its readersabout today’s ever-changing Conservativepolitical climate.
visit us Online
   E   Y   E   O   N   T   H   E
ames nesbitt
SENIOR writer
In the spirit of transparency and accountability that makesthis country free and its elections fair, this edition of Eye on theStatehouse examines the campaign finance of the candidatesfor the 58th district of the Michigan legislature (which containsHillsdale and Branch Counties).Note: the current representative for the 58th district is Republi-can Bruce Caswell. Caswell cannot seek re-election due to termlimits.Kenneth Kurtz, Republican Candidate
Total Contributions (as of 8/25/2008): $39,919.48Total Expenditures (as of 8/25/2008): $28,537.18Top campaign contributors:Kenneth Kurtz-- $20,167.84Michigan Funeral Director’s Association PAC*-- $4,750.00Michigan Chamber of Commerce PAC-- $1,000.00Top expenditures:Dealer Supply Network—$6,602.38 for brochures, signs, andother materials Jared Burkhart—$4,153.84 for consulting feesArrow Swift Printing—$1,676.49 for printingWestern American Mailers Inc—$1,542.56 for mailerWCSR—$1,435.10 for advertisements*Kenneth Kurtz operates a funeral home by trade.
 Jean Anne Kennedy-Windsor, Democrat Candidate
 Her campaign committee does not expect to receive or expendmore than $1,000 in this campaign, and thus is exempted fromMichigan disclosure requirements.The maximum contribution an individual can make to any onecandidate for state representative is $500.
Unsatisfied with the current presidential picks?Explore the other contenders for theWhite House this November!
--On the Left--
Barack Obama
Democratic Party
Ralph Nader
Independent Party
Gloria La Riva
Party for Socialismand Liberation
Brian Moore
Cynthia McKinney
Green Party
--On the Right--
 John McCain
Republican Party
Alan Keyes
American Independent
Chuck Baldwin
Constitution Party
Frank McEnulty
New AmericanIndependent Party
Bob Barr
In general, Republicans are nothappy with John McCain. Theydo not like that every piece oflegislation he has authored has aDemocrat’s name attached to it.Nor do they like his immigrationplan, with some dubbing him“Juan McAmnesty.” And theyreally, really do not like that healmost chose Joe Lieberman to behis running mate.But he did not. Instead, McCainchose Alaska governor Sarah Palinto be his Vice-President. Palinis everything Republicans wishMcCain was—a conservative.After Palin’s selection andconvention speech, the Republicanbase was energized. McCain wasstill McCain, but Sarah Palin madethe ticket bearable.She certainly sent the mediainto a frenzy. Within days ofthe announcement, the DailyKos accused Palin of faking herown pregnancy to cover for herdaughter Bristol. Feminists—whofor years have cajoled mothersto work rather than stay home—now claim that Palin should be athome with her family instead ofcampaigning. Whatever dirt theycould grab on Palin, they grabbed.And if they couldn’t find any, theyinvented some.Still, the question is: In a yearwhere Republicans have nobusiness winning a lottery, letalone the election, does Sarah Palinhelp John McCain’s candidacy?After the convention, McCainpulled ahead by several points,but following Palin’s networkinterviews the lead diminishedslightly. Rasmussen, which hadMcCain at +2 in New Hampshire just a week ago, now has Obamaat +10 Other battleground states,including the key state of Ohio,have also seen Obama pullingahead.The slide in poll numbers haseven prompted Kathleen Parker,a conservative columnist, to callfor Palin to step aside from theticket. Parker deemed that Palinwas “out of her league” and “aproblem.” Parker said that Palinshould “bow out for personalreasons.”Still, conservatives on the whole areoptimistic about Palin. GOPUSAEagle and other grassrootsorganizations claimed that Palinwon the debate against Biden.Sophomore Jessica Wassonsaid that she thinks Palin hasbeen a beneficial addition to theticket. “I would say she has metexpectations and that people arereally excited about it. So far, sheseems to have a much more solidconservative base than McCainmight have.”She does not believe Palin ismerely the Republicans’ BarackObama as some have claimed.“She does have more experiencethan Obama…People were sopleasantly surprised that theycould get some fresh blood inthere that was still qualified.”Wasson also said she thinks itwould be a bad idea for Palin tostep aside as Parker called for.“If you’re not gonna stick by thecandidate you picked, that justshows indecisiveness.”In addition, Wasson believes theMcCain campaign has “put a leashon [Palin].” She thinks McCainneeds to let Palin be a pit bull andnot try to make her “cutesy.”Senior Alisson Veldhuis, whodescribes herself as a libertarian,says she doesn’t know whyMcCain picked Palin, but shestill believes the Alaska governoris a gain for the McCain camp.“From what I’ve heard she’s well-educated and she’s passionate andshe says what she thinks. Obama just kind of beats around the bushand never actually says anything. Ithink she’s a very strong candidateto pick.”Despite Palin’s strengths,Veldhuis still plans to vote forlibertarian candidate Bob Barr inNovember.Sarah Palin may still havestrong support overall fromconservatives, but in order forMcCain to win the election hewill need to increase his supportamong swing voters. “SarahBarracuda” is seen as someonewho can pull those swing voterstoward the Republicans, but she isonly as good as McCain will allowher to be.
CHristina Miller
AK Govenor Keeps Conservatives Interested

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