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SUPP GS Traditions Glance

SUPP GS Traditions Glance

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Girl Scout Traditions: At a Glance
Adult Enrichment Project

Supplement showcasing all of the supplements available for the Girl Scout Traditions badge set as of August 2012.
Girl Scout Traditions: At a Glance
Adult Enrichment Project

Supplement showcasing all of the supplements available for the Girl Scout Traditions badge set as of August 2012.

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Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Girl Scout Traditions:Files at a Glance
The ollowing items are available on Scribd and Google Documents in “Girl Scout Printables.”Each item can be used or the Girl Scout Traditions badge program. Ater that, please use theollowing numbers to identiy which level:01 = Daisy02 = Brownie03 = Junior04 = Cadette05 = Senior06 = Ambassador07 = Volunteer / AdultThe supplements are only a small sampling o inormation or the last 100 years. You can checkout library books, visit online news and photo archives and more.I you have stories to share about your own Girl Scout experiences and would like to write themup, please send me a TXT or DOC file and your ull name / email so that I can attribute it / themto you.
Chart Overview
To quickly see which ound items (FOUND) and supplements (SUPP) are available or your level,look at the charts. The charts show the name o the file as well as which level can use it.
List Overview
The list overview shows the name o the file, gives a brie description o what is in the file andthen the number codes (above) or the levels.
01 02 03 04 05 06 07Filename Daisy Brownie Junior Cadette Senior Ambassador Volunteer
FOUND_1913_HowGirlsCanHelp.pd X X X X XFOUND_1915_Leader Manual GS.pd XFOUND_1917_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1917_How Girls Can Help Their Country.pd X X X X XFOUND_1918_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1919_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1920_Believe in Scouting.pd XFOUND_1920_CampwardHo.pd X X X X XFOUND_1920_GS_History_Practice.pd XFOUND_1920_GS_Uniorm_Paper_Doll.pd X X X X XFOUND_1920_Scouting or GS.pd X X X X XFOUND_1920_SignalCodes.pd X X X X XFOUND_1921_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1921_Educational Work GS.pd XFOUND_1921_GS_Works_Ways_Plays.pd XFOUND_1923_GS_Training.pd XFOUND_1924_Building or Girlhood.pd XFOUND_1924_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1925_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1926_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1928_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1930_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1934_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1934_Daisy Low o the Girl Scouts_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1935_Catalog.pd X X X X XFOUND_1945_Trail Cookery.pd X X X X XFOUND_1950_SusieLivesLaw.pd X X X X XFOUND_1952_Hiking_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1958_Founder.pd X X X X XFOUND_1964_GirlScouts_Badges.pd X XFOUND_1968_Reflections_CM.pd X X X X XFOUND_1973_GS_BetsyMcCall.pd XFOUND_1987_CI_Girls Are Great_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1987_CI_Reaching Out_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1987_CI_World_STEM_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1990_CI_Earth Matters_sm.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_1997_Girl Scouting in Indiana.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2000_GS Timeline.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2002_Brownie_History.pd XFOUND_2003_Baden-Powell.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2003_BRIEF HISTORY OF GS.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2003_Girls Go Tech.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2004_S2B_BXtreme_IP.pd X X X
01 02 03 04 05 06 07Filename Daisy Brownie Junior Cadette Senior Ambassador Volunteer
FOUND_2004_S2B_Couch Potato_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2004_S2B_GO Girl_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2004_S2B_On Your Own_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2005_USFlag_Activity_Kit.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2005_YTA_Booklet.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2006_What To Do Instead o Screaming.pd XFOUND_2007_AmericanPatriotism_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2007_ComputersEverydayLie_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2007_Mini Training_GS_Traditions.pd XFOUND_2007_Past Present Future.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2008_Highlights.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2008_S2B_Uncovering The Evidence_IP.pd X X XFOUND_2009_RS 20 A Girl ScoutTime Line.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2010_RS 002 Friendship Stick.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2010_RS 011 Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2010_Then_now_brownieti.pd XFOUND_2010_Then_now_juniorba.pd XFOUND_2011_Howitworks.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect01av1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect01bv1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect01cv1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect02v1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect03v1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Juliettes_Legacy_Guidebook_Sect04v1.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Making GS History.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoAmbassador.pd XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoBrownie.pd XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoCadette.pd XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoDaisy.pd XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoJunior.pd XFOUND_2011_WhatGSDoSenior.pd XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1912_1919.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1920_1929.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1930_1939.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1940_1949.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1950_1959.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1960_1969.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1970_1979.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1980_1989.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_1990_1999.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_2000_2009.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_2011_Windows_past_2010_2012.pd X X X X X X XFOUND_CampWhippoorwill_CM.pd X X X X X

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