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Knowing How to Die is Knowing How to Live

Knowing How to Die is Knowing How to Live

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Published by nirlavana
We fear death and do not know how to live. The key to living lies in how to prepare for death.
We fear death and do not know how to live. The key to living lies in how to prepare for death.

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Published by: nirlavana on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Death is the greatest myth in our life. We all fear death or at least, we fear that our dyingwill be a terrible process. Death is constantly 'there' and still we mostly chose to ignoreit. Who knows what is beyond, or even whether there is any beyond?Admittedly or not, we are afraid of death. Only one thing seems certain: we will all dievery successfully.There is no escape to it. Or is there?Life after death is the key issue for every religion. Of course, we want to believe in ahappy state after death, or else what use is living? There have been so many debates andopinions about this, that we more or less lose any way of finding certainty about this.Yet, there is one way that we can look at this objectively and that is by seeing how people die, especially, how people die who have dedicated their life to learning how todie spiritually.Death from a spiritual perspective, is not the grand finale. Death is merely the gate toliberation from the sufferings of this lifetime, the gate through which one can pass intohigher spiritual realms, if well prepared.Once you find this wetting stone of how to die, you will know what makes it worthwhileto live.The examples that great spiritual masters of many religions have given us throughhistory, are plenty. All we need to do is look at them very carefully and follow their ways.If somebody tells you that he has found Heaven, Nirvana or whatever higher realm, but
dies painfully, slowly and in great sickness, then it may be doubted that this personspoke the truth. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the British say.So let's look at some examples of how great masters have died.One of the foremost examples of a great master, is that of Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava, an Indian tantric master who lived at the end of the first millennium.Guru Rinpoche is considered by several schools of Tibetan Buddhism, to be the secondcoming of the Buddha of our time, Shakyamuni Buddha.When Guru Rinpoche decided that his time to pass on from the Earthly life had come, hedid not die as regular people did. He simply elevated himself off the ground and under many auspicious signs, he disappeared through the air to a dimension that could not be perceived by the regular eye. He had spent many years in Tibet propagating Buddhismand helping the Tibetan people to overcome obstacles in their lives and negativeenergies from the land and skies. When he realized he was needed in other realms tosubdue evil beings, he simply 'left' without a physical trace.Another example of more recent years, is that of Dudjom Rinpoche, or Jigdral YesheDorje (1904 – 1987). Dudjom Rinpoche in his life, was one of the most outstanding andwidely recognized spiritual masters of modern times and he was the leader of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is considered to have been a rebirth of manygreat masters of the past and thus to have been born in an enlightened state. He has benefited many people with his practice, realisations, teachings and blessings. Followsthe account of how he passed on to his next stage:
One evening his eyes gazed widely into space, and he stopped speaking. Hisbehaviour seemed to indicate that he was making preparations to depart for the Pure Land. At that moment the family members and disciples who were present wereoverwhelmed with sadness and speaking through tears requested in one voice: “Pleasedo not enter into Nirvana. What ceremonies should we do to keep you here with us?” Hereplied, “I'm a wayfarer already on the road. There is no need for ceremonies now.” And: “Once a traveler is on the road, it is difficult to turn back. However, if you wish, you can all do the brief reversing ceremony from Heart Drop of the Dakini.” When he said that, everyone was trying to find the text. Their minds were agitated, and they wereunsuccessful. Dudjom Rinpoche raised himself from his bed, extended his hand and  said:”Give me the book.” Immediately he pulled out the text and gave it to them... He had been ready to completely release his life force and to direct his intentionto the pure Glorious Copper Coloured Mountain of Guru Rinpoche, but for the benefit of his students, he reinvigorated himself and remained, but in the state where all  phenomenal conceptions are exhausted. To the disciples who had the opportunity to visit him during that time, he smiled and said simply:”Are you OK?” Otherwise he did not 

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