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Published by: Get the Cell Out - Atlanta Chapter on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Get the Cell Out - Atlanta Chapter www.getthecelloutatl.org
Wi-Fi and Your Child’s Health:What DeKalb Parents Should Know
DEKALB COUNTY, GA: Friday, October 17, 2011:
As the vote for E-SPLOST IVapproaches, there is one item on the wish list submitted by the DeKalb County SchoolBoard that has parents taking a closer look at how their children’s health might beaffected. The issue is Wi-Fi in the classroom and there is significant evidence from itsimplementation in other school districts that this technology may bring more harm thangood to our classrooms.“Wi-Fi systems emit the same form of radiation as cell towers,” says CherylMiller, co-founder and President of a countywide non-profit group
Get the Cell Out -Atlanta Chapter
. She says that school boards can no longer assume wi-fi is safe after the World Health Organization has called the low level radiation exposure a possiblehuman carcinogen listed in the same category as DEET insecticide and lead-based paint.Microwave exposure is linked to infertility, erratic heart rates, learning impairment, behavioral changes, leukemia and cancer, especially in children.Across the globe, schools are starting to plug back in after students startedreporting various symptoms that could only be explained by the introduction of wirelesstechnology into their classrooms.According to the Center for Safer Wireless, children in schools with wi-fi
Get the Cell Out - Atlanta Chapter Official Press Releasewww.getthecelloutatl.org
technology have reported the following symptoms:
* Headaches
(3-5X per week, that require medicine)
* Dizziness - Nausea - Vertigo
(gone after student leaves the school)
* Visual and Auditory Distortion
* Racing Heart Rate
* Memory Loss
(difficulty remembering school information)
* Attention Deficit
(difficulty concentrating while in class)
* Skin Rash
(mostly lower leg, goes away on weekends or longer breaks)
* Hyperactivity
(appears mostly among children not previously hyperactive)
* Night Sweats
(unexplainable, unrelated to fever, and lasting several nights)
* Insomnia
(restless sleep)In France and the U.K., wi-fi systems are being dismantled and banned from primary schools. Germany has issued a country-wide warning to all of its citizens aboutthe dangers of wi-fi.Miller states that the cell tower issue is not a fight about technology. “Theresponse the school board is getting from the schools affected by the cell tower vote isthat it is not okay to ignore the concerns of the districts they serve,” she said. “By notfollowing their own rules that call for public forums to gain community input beforemaking a decision, they are sending a message to the parents and taxpayers that they donot care. That is not acceptable.”Miller states her group advocates using the power of the vote to let school boardleaders know they will be held accountable by the people they were elected to serve.“This is not the way to run an efficient school system,” she says. “We have beenleft with no other option than to open our eyes to what is going on countywide and stop being the enabler in this dysfunctional relationship.Vote No and make them roll up their sleeves and really do their jobs. If they findmoney is the only problem that has not been fixed, they will come back to us in a few
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