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Obama's Speech in Cairo (Nawal El Saadawi)

Obama's Speech in Cairo (Nawal El Saadawi)

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Published by M. L. Landers

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Published by: M. L. Landers on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Obama’s Speech in Cairo
bama is different
as a person to G.W. Bush. Obama looks morehuman, but politics and economic interests have nothing to do with
humanity. We live in one world ruled by the capitalist patriarchalreligious system. Power dominates our whole world, not justice orreedom or peace or ethics or human values. Politics under such asystem is a game based on how to use beautiul words to cover uglyactions, how to use the power o God to dominate your listeners,how to select verses rom holy books to hide double standards andcontradictions, how to kill people and rob their land and resourcesand then apologize to them with tears in your eyes. We call themin our Egyptian–Arabic language ‘crocodile tears’.In Cairo, on Thursday,
, Barack Obama spoke to
Egyptian men and women invited by the Egyptian and US
governments. They were allowed to enter the big hall at Cairo
University surrounded by
Egyptian and American policemen.
We are
million in Egypt, so those
men and women who
applauded passionately thirty times during Obama’s fty-minute
speech are not the whole of Egypt. They are only the chosen people.
They applauded strongly when he said that Muslim women shouldwear the veil i they choose to wear it. As i veiling (or nakedness)
is something to be chosen! As i oppression is something to be
chosen by the oppressed! It’s like saying girls or boys should be
the essential nawal el saadawi
circumcised i they choose to be circumcised (because they do notwant to be dierent rom others), or like saying the poor peopleshould be poor i they choose to be poor (because o their lazinessor ignorance).
I read that during the Gaza massacre the Palestinians choose to be
killed (or they kill their children) so that they may appear as victimsand gain sympathy rom the world. I was looking at the televisionscreen, observing how Obama talks with his hands, eyes and lips.His lips and hands look less cruel than G.W.’s. His colour is more
attractive, not black, not white, not yellow, a mixture o human
blood and multiple races developed into a more sophisticated humanbeing. Obama is a creative actor on stage, having learned his text byheart to sound as i there is no text at all. He is well-trained in beingspontaneous.
Egyptians, Americans and the people of other countries, especially
those chosen by governments, are not creative enough to understand
this type of creativity: how some political leaders acquire what is called
. The Germans passionately applauded Hitler; the Russiansloved Stalin; the Americans elected G.W. more than once; and Sadatin Egypt won all elections with no less than
per cent o votes. Themost dangerous political leaders are the most charismatic; they makeyou sing: ‘Killing Me Sotly’. You sacrice your blood or them.
One o the chosen Egyptian men screamed in the hall while
Obama was giving his speech: ‘I love you
’ Obama replied: ‘Thank
you.’ Obama praised the king of Saudi Arabia in his speech, portray-
ing him as a hero o the dialogue between religions! This theocratickingdom breeding extremism is democratic? A dictator ally o theUSA can be transormed into a democratic hero. Saddam Husseinand bin Laden were reedom ghters at one time. Obama praisedNetanyahu by saying that he is intelligent. Indeed, did not describe
any Arab ruler as intelligent, including Mubarak sitting next to him.
He did not mention the name o Mubarak in his whole speech. Did
he want to distance himself as a person from himself as the American
president? Did he want to expose or hide his double personality?
But he is sophisticated and understands what is called in psychology
obamas speech in cairo
‘the philosophy o the present moment, how to leave yoursel to themoment but not leave the moment to itsel’.Obama’s body language looks natural; he bounds up the planesteps with his hands near his chest, jumping with his body, like
a happy schoolboy going to meet his girlriend. This is not the
American president but Barack Hussein Obama. I saw his speech on
television and read it twice more to grasp or detect some improve-ment in US policy. Using beautiul words selected rom the threeholy books, he sounded like the Pope giving his speech in Jordansome months ago, praising the three religions. He artully used hismiddle name, Hussein, to speak to Muslims, but he knows alsowhen to hide it as a deormed organ.
Muslims listening to Obama applauded passionately when he
read verses rom the Qur’an. They did not notice the mistake inhis understanding o Surat Al-Isra. It does not say that the threeprophets Moses, Christ, and Muhammad prayed together Lilat Al-
Isra. Egyptian Copts applauded when he spoke about minority rights
in Egypt. Israel applauded when he conrmed that the USA andIsrael are tied eternally by culture (not mutual interests) and when
his voice cracked with emotion when he spoke about the Holocaust,
million Jews burned in Germany, their eternal sufferings, and their
right to have a homeland.
Obama did not say that this homeland should have been in
Germany, the country that burned them, or in Europe or in theUSA, or in some other place where there is no people to be killedand robbed o their homes and land by military orce. He did notask Israel to stop its military violence against Palestinian children.He only asked the Palestinians to stop their violence against Israelichildren. He did not mention the number o Palestinians killed andtortured by Israel in the last sixty years. He did not ask Israel to
respect previous UN resolutions; he rather asked Israel to stop build-
ing new settlements. What about the old settlements that expelled
thousands of Palestinians from their homes? What about settlements
to be built under so-called ‘natural growth’? He asked Palestiniansto orget the past and look orward. Likewise, some days ago in his

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