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Published by api-3796752
newsletter for evs in greece
newsletter for evs in greece

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Published by: api-3796752 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to our first newsletter!
EVS ACTUALLY is a youth initiative project that has prepared a printed and
on-line guide for EVS volunteers that have been, are or will be in Greece.

Our newsletter effort derives from the idea of offering another tool to EVS in Greece where EVS volunteers can be informed and networked through explanatory, broken down, information about Youth in Action, EVS, Greece, Greek and Greeks!

Needless to say, that we are impatiently looking forward to your
contribution, comments, stories, opinions, articles and of course feedback.
We hope this newsletter really finds you enjoying the hot Greek summer in
your own little paradise beach!
Greetings to all!
Our first newsletter...

Initially, we were an informal group of five young people that, one way or the other, were interested in realising this project. Some of us active in EVS as youth workers, others ex-EVS volunteers, others interested more into the practical and technical issues of the evs actually guide.

This group is now becoming bigger and bigger every time!

Kostas, Maria, Maria, Spiros and Valantis are now joined by Aleksandra, Isabel, Apostolis, Eleftheria, Sophie and we are waiting for our team to become bigger\u2026 meaning we are waiting for you!

Our first newsletter\u2026
Who are we anyway?
EVS explained\u2026
-VISA/Residence Permission-
Not to miss
-Cycladic Islands-
-Helene from France-
Learning about Greece\u2026
-the periptero-
Something different\u2026

This newsletter is made\u2026
\u2026by EVS for EVS\u2026
\u2026by you for you!

By Kostas Spatiotis
Who are we anyway?
By Kostas Spatiotis

Web: www.evsactually.gr
E-mail: info@evsactually.gr
Athens, Greece

Aug 08, Issue 1
Page 2
- 2-

I am Aleksandra from Skopje, and I do EVS in Greece. My stories? Lots!! But this is only to give you some friendly advice in case you are not from the EU and you need aVI SA. Yes, you are here for 6 months and a 3 months VISA is not enough! So, I will also tell you about the residence permission.

What you need for the VISA: The EVS contract and a letter from your host organization stating that the whole costs are going to be covered by the Youth in Action Programme Action 2 (with reference to your host National Agency; Doctor proof (English translation) for your physical and mental health; Document from the court that until now you never broke the law; Visa application\u2026 2 photos\u2026 cash to pay visa costs and travel insurance.

But VISAS are usually valid for 3 months, so either you have to take the risk to go back home to issue a new one or you go for the residence permit (this process can take 2-6 months and during this time you cannot leave Greece). Getting in the host country, go straight to the local community periphery for applying for residence permission. All documents should be translated to the host country language and they are:-Application form with: two copies of your visa and passport; 3 photos; Insurance documents (AXA papers translated officially to Greek);Contract from the National Agency for your EVS project; letter from your host organization stating what, how and for how long you are there.

Good luck!

VISAS are usually valid for 3
months, so either you have to
take the risk to go back home to
issue a new one or you go for
the local residence permit

EVS explained...
By Aleksandra Georgievska
Summer has come and many of you will be planning (unless you are already
there) your holidays. We have a recommendation for you! Island hoping on
the Cycladic islands! Very close to each other, most of them considerably

close to Piraeus, organized campings and more than anything\u2026each one of them with its own beauty and magic! One common thing: the little white houses of the Hora, and the crystal clear water!

What is it you are looking for? Wild parties at Ios and Mikonos? Volcanic landscapes unique in the world in Santorini and Milos? The poetic inspiration of Folegandros and Amorgos? The quietness and real Cycladic culture of Serifos? Maybe something more cosmopolitan like Sifnos? Or you can get all of the above in Naxos. On the other hand, the lovers of neoclassic could spend a few days in the capital of Cyclades, Ermoupolis (Siros). Hippies would be better of in Anafi! But then again\u2026 we are all better off in any of those islands with good company and lots of sun protection cream!

One way or the other, the Cycladic islands is one of the places that you should definitely visit. The experience is unique for party times or quieter ones. These \u2018dry rocks\u2019 in the middle of the Aegean are of rare beauty and they are a guarantee to give you moments that you will never forget! Moments of magic!

So make your pick\u2026 or even better\u2026 picks!
By Kostas Spatiotis
Not to miss...
Page 3
-Explain the meaning of EVS for you in 3 words:
Experience, meetings, travel.
-How did you find about EVS?
I learned about EVS from my father!
-Why this project and why Greece-Athens?

I choose Greece for the weather, the beach, the islands, the archaeology, the food and the drinks! I wanted to make an EVS after my study and before to find a work, a kind of break\u2026 And also to have an experience abroad to learn a new language, meet people all around Europe, have new friends, to have another life for almost one year. but useful, because it\u2019s a very good way to learn new skills.

-What are your activities during your EVS project:

Actually, I changed project after four months. My first project was to organize educational program and seminar about international cooperation. My second project was about the Fair Trade with in one side to help in the fair trade shop and in the other side to help to organize the educational program.

-The best thing from your EVS:

The seminars because I met a lot of volunteers. First you share your experience, you spend very good time and you build very good relationships with them.

-How is your social relationship with the others EVS volunteers?

In Athens we are a lot of volunteers so from the beginning of my EVS I met most of them and very quickly we became friend. With some of them I travelled, we climbed the Kissavos and Olympus mountain, and every week one volunteer cooked a meal from his country. I spend very very good time with time and I really consider them as close friends.

-Have you changed during your EVS? How?
I don\u2019t know, maybe yes. I had to build everything by myself without my
family, my friends and to speak English, so I learnt to know me better!
-If you had the chance to do EVS again, what would you choose?
As I said I changed project, and I don\u2019t regret nothing.
-What will you do after EVS?
I will have to find a work and I\u2019m really interested in the European
programs. But I\u2019m also thinking to try to do a Leonardo project. Let\u2019s see!
-Last words?

I was very bad in my first project, and it was very hard to decide to change project otherwise I would have returned in France. So I sent a mail to all the volunteers that I know by asking them if they need volunteer in their project. The day after I had a new project!!!!

Helene is a volunteer from France,
doing her voluntary service in
Fair Trade Hellas, Athens.

Aleksandra interviews Helene...
By Aleksandra Georgievska
Explain the meaning of EVS

for you in 3 words:

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