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Briefing 4: Unfair Changes to Immigration Rules

Briefing 4: Unfair Changes to Immigration Rules

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It is unfair to change immigration rules for people who already settled who've planned their lives. This briefing discusses why this is the case.
It is unfair to change immigration rules for people who already settled who've planned their lives. This briefing discusses why this is the case.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Kanlungan Filipino Consortium on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Allan of Flpno Oganaton
seNiOr cAre wOrKers
B 4: U s t t us
1. T UK w d skd t  wks  t sb utu2. Skd t  wks  dwk s3. Sttt s   t  ss skd  wks  t Bt
4. it’ unfa to hang mmgaton ul fo popl alady ttld ho’v plannd th lv
5. Sy vs sud t dt w stts
Briefing 4: Unfair changeS To immigraTion rUleS
what a th ul fo mgant sno ca wok?
By 2006, Us sttd tt t w 11,000 tS c Wks  t UK. mst w utd by spt bd, d fps w t st s up. Tt us d t :  yu d t ssy sksd  py ws b t sw tt yu wkd   ‘stupt’    w ty d ud t pssb t ut eup, t pss t v d wk  t UK ws td.Pp d  t t UK bv tt ty wud b b twk  v ys  t jb  w ty d b utdd t t sttd sttus. Wt sttd sttus, wks ud t pys  wk  t s: y  t S cWks  tuy qud uss, pystpsts, t. myw v vss ty t wk  ud v ys, but xptdt b b t w s  s ty styd  t s jb, dt t b b t stt t t qud v ys.Sttd sttus, s d dt v t , s td yt ts wks wt   vts w v pssd tst  t kwd    Bt. it sts £972.
what happnd n 2006?
i 2006, t UK Bd ay b  t wy  wt dt wt vs ws. it updtd ts ud d sttdus w ppts  t uds tt y S c Wks w  jbs tt dd t qu t sks spd wk pts  skd wks, d tt ty w t pdu (t u v ws st t £7.02  u).at y ptsts,  us,   ws, tvs,fp sts d s  wks tsvs, ppw wd t w t pts  t xst jbs, s s ty w pd t u t. But y pys, udSut css, sd ty wud t py t sd ss,s pp pyd by t ud t w t pts.. Tyw v t pt  d t py w wud pyt vt t d ts t t hwv, y tkts t d  w jb. S d t tu t t Pppsd wt w ty ttd wt w  xst pys.W ’t buy t [p] tkts bus w dd’t v ty. W y dd’t v y  y. ad w w’tppd t b st bk. W’ y t ppy. ad w stv t suppt u d study  t Ppps. Wy t ppt ws dd i ws dpssd bus iv tw kds w i v t sd t s. (6 d 7)ety, w wys  bus w dd t kw wt wpp t us. espy w w pt t t t.Bus w v t quu  y us. i t sp dwk ppy……. ou y  t Ppps s vy p d w t sd u y t t, bus  u xpss  t pss  u pps. my t  wdd  Juy 2009 but bt  us t   busw v’t t u y t us s w just pd u ss u . W v  s d wy w sud k ts[s], u s s w w y wt  ts uty. (3)i ws vy, vy dpssd... i d’t wt t v t uty.i ws tt vus  ds d i  vy bssdbut v t  s  y buds s w. i d tuby s yu ud . i d s svs but id t py t sts d i  s sd y .atu i ws s, i ws p suppt t bk. i d s t py d i  s p y sbs t t s bk . (11)ots ud tsvs y  t UK s t vss wd.W ts ts ppd. i t b t stut.Ts s t y uty d i  y   d i dd tkw t w d ts s y st t t b  w i ty bd. i ws y d i dd t kw wt t d. i ws  stt  sk d ws dpssd, i ws  . i dd tv pps d  . i ws y u. i kpt  tkd  i d s t py d just d. i tk i ws y  stt  dpss bus i t v t, y w ttk t  d s i ws upyd… (10)S S c Wks d t t t dt s  tUK, upt t y. T t  s ws dvstt.o y td t d tt ty d t v t uty,st t stu t t Ppps d v up t dtb tt  w jb  t UK. at td  wt   w jb, but wt  , tk  jb   stut t £3  u,d v, wt s pt w,   .
 W t gvt bkd dw, pp t w jbs s bstty ud. T us sd tt yu  y ppy  sttd sttus yu v wkd  v ys wtut ps. S ts td ddt kw wt wud pp t t w ty ppd  sttdsttus. S v t sttd sttus v tu ty v ps t pyt, s v b usd. Ku s stwk wt pp w d t yt kw  ty w b b t sty t uty ty v d t , w t d t s, w ty v vd, wkd d pd txs  ys.i  vy t vy t tt i d t  vyt.T ws  t tt i ws y  t t tk tt td b vy u  . T  t pss wi kw tt v  tu t s ppt wt st dt stut [wt ps] d st ws b t vt sttus ppvd. (8)T ss  y jb usd  t dstss. i   dbt s sut  pv  y t’s ttt  u  d y w s 5 ts pt d s vy xus butu stut; i ws wd wt  d u bby’s t. (9)
Mo hang n 2011 and mo popod
i ap 2011, t us  tt sttd sttus d .Wks ppy w v t sw tt ty  pd t  ut st  t jb
. hwv, y pp t t vss bts t ws st, d  pd t  w t. Ty  td t tspy d jb by t ts  t wk vss. nw ty wytt, v tu ty v wkd y  v ys, ty yb usd dt v.i Ju 2011, t gvt pubsd  pp sut j s t sttt us
. it ppss tt ts  utsd t eU t wk  t UK  utu t b wd tstt t , wt pssb xpts su s  ts  v £150,000 d ts w  dd ‘xpt’. Ts us wppy t y v t ap 2011: b t ppss wpubsd d  b ty w b w. m pp w t pbs dsbd : v  t UK, utd  wk tt ws ssy, xpt t stt , y t d tus d d t ps d spts dstyd.it ws u. T w  b d wys, yu d’tkw w s d d wt. Ty just  s s sty k t  t. T UK s sstt us s tks pp s sstt. …….. S i d’t t t ptwy t vt s d t us w  t tykw   ts  st , t ptts  sdtsw su  d. (10)i p ty  s t pt  u tbut t t uty by tk  d sv t uty d tu ty w p us  u pst stut s ty wys   but  ttt. i p t w b   t bt pts, v tu w    uty.(4)Wt ds t UK v bk  tu? nt, w v bts,  pt d suppt. … pss k fps  -eU uts t wk  t t, tv t  t p ty v v. (11)
what an  do?
Tll you MP about hy klld mgant a oknd to gt ttld n th UK
Ak thm to oppo th Govnmnt’ popoal toallo hghly pad ok to ttl but dmnatagant th lo pad
campagn to oppo th fft of unjut hang tommgaton ul
S B 2: Skd t  wks d s

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