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Straight Talk March 2011

Straight Talk March 2011

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Published by: Straight Talk Foundation on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Vo l. 1 7  No.  3  M arc h -Apr i l  2 011
 B R A V E 
 G I R L 
 J a c k y A l e s i,
  a  v o l u n t e e r  a t  S t r a i g  h t  T a l k  F o u n d a t i o n,  h a s  b e e n  s h a r i n g   h e r  s t o r y  o f  l i v i n g   w i t h  H I V. 
 Y o u  c a n  r e a c h  h e r  o n  0 7 0 2 5 9 7 3 8 4  b e t w e e n  8 a m  a nd  7 p m. A t  t h e  b e i n n i n  o f A p r i l  s h e  t r a v e l ed  t o Add i s A b a b a,  E t h i o p i a  t o  a t t e nd  a  y o u t h  c o n f e r e n c e.  R e ad  J a c k y ' s  s t o r y  o n  p a e  3.
What makes one partner tohave HIV yet the other does nothave?
Ainomugisha M, ImmaculateGirls SS, Rukungiri
Discordance is when one partner hasHIV while the other does not, yet theyhave been having unprotected sex. It iscommon! How does it happen?
The partner who seems not to have HIVmight be in the ‘window period’. Soon the test will detect the virus.
The partner who seems not to have the virus really does not have it. He orshe has been lucky. Getting infected isa matter of chance, and it simply hasnot happened yet. But if the couplecontinue having unprotected sex, thenegative partner is at very high riskof becoming infected. Protect yourself from HIV by delaying sex. When youdecide to have sex, test together anduse condoms correctly - always. Haveonly one sexual partner who only hasyou.
Dr Sabrina Kitaka, Mulago
Problem s  will al wa y s e xi s t.
 Bu t like Phiona  you mus t 
 nd  wa yso f reco verin 
 from problems and se tbacks.  Tha t is resilience. I t is also bein able  to deal wi th  your emo tions and be posi ti ve abou t li fe. 
P h iona  i s  bac k   in  sc hoo l.  S he o t 16 po in t s a t PLE  to  jo in  S t M bua  Voca t iona l  S S, Kampa la. Her dream  i s  to  become a doc tor and  bu i ld a  hou se ou t s ide Ka t we  for  her mo t her.
hiona Mutesi is aresilient girl. She wakesup at 5am everyday tobegin a two-hour walk throughKatwe, a slum in Kampala, tofetch water. In Katwe manygirls are child mothers. Thehuman waste from downtownKampala is dumped into Katwe.The smell is terrible. Disease, violence and neglect arecommon.
Whenever Phiona gets discouraged,she thinks of another test of survival– Chess. “Chess is a lot like my life,”she says. “If you make smart moves you stay away from danger. Any baddecision could be your last.”Phiona, her mother, two brothersand niece live in a small one roomedhouse with only one window.The contents of Phiona’shome are: two water jugs,basin, small charcoal stove,a few sauce pans, platesand cups, toothbrush, tiny mirror, Bible and two thin-old mattresses.Phiona’s dad died whenshe was about three` years old.For her entire life Phiona’s mainchallenge has been to find food.One afternoon in 2005, when she was 9 but had already dropped outof school, she secretly followed herbrother, Brian out of their home inhopes he might lead to a meal. She watched Brian enter a dusty corridor, sit on a benchand begin playing withsome black and whiteobjects. She peepedaround a corneragain and again.The Coach, RobertKatende saw Phiona and invitedher to play chess.Phiona started walkingsix kilometers everyday toplay chess. She says she must havelost her first 50 matches. The first
Hey, respect eachother's answers. Beingsomeone's boyfriend orgirlfrend doesn't meansex. Someone lovingor saying they love youdoesn't mean they havea right to have sex with you. Say no to sex.Give yourself a chanceto concentrate on your studies.
match Phiona ever won was againsta boy who had beaten her before.“When I first saw chess, I watchedkids play and get happy. I wanteda chance to be that happy," Phionarecalls.Within a year, Phiona couldbeat her coach Robert. Hestarted looking for bettercompetition in boardingschools. But children frombetter backgrounds refusedto play with the slumkids. Katende kept askinguntil 10-year-old Phiona was playing with teens from theseschools and beating them soundly.Then she played university players,defeating them, as well.She learnt the game throughconstant practice of trial and error.In 2007 Phiona won the Uganda women’s junior championship, when she was 11. She won that title two yearsin a row. In 2009 shetravelled to Juba,Sudan, to representUganda in Africa’sInternational Children’sChess Tournament. It was Phiona’s first tripout of Uganda and to anairport. When the plane flew above the clouds, Phionathought they were about toreach heaven. “I could never haveimagined this world I was visiting,”Phiona says. “I felt like a queen.”
"Chess isa lot like mylife. You makesmart moves youstay away fromdanger. Any baddecision couldbe your last."
Straight Talk, March-April 2011
The Boy WhoHarnessed theWind is a book about William’samazingstory — a journey that offershope andshows thatone individualcan make adifference.
William Kamkwamba,
 23, was born in Malawi,Africa. Like most peoplein his village, his familysurvived on a few crops they could grow. Thesituation became evenworse when, in 2002,Malawi experienced mostsevere famine in 50 years.
He got light out of wind
He got light out of wind
 Aim to do the best ateverything you do. Whenthings get tough, beresilient and don't give up. You will make it.
Straight Talk
travelled to westernUganda and talked tostudents about being the best.
Give yourself time tothink and try out new things
- Nakayima Alaisa, 20, S6, Head prefect, Kabwohe SS, Sheema says:
“Everyone is different and goodat something. I like taking time off to think, learn and dream. Once Icome up with something new, I startpracticing with determination to getbest results."
Build confidence
-Asiimwe Precious, 16, S3, Bishop Ogez HS, Bushenyi, says:
"I used to perform poorly inMathematics but one day I decided tochange that. I made it a priority to doa number each day. Now I am amongthe best Mathematicians in my class.I also do extra-curricular activitieslike debate and sports to keep mehealthy."
Focus on your strengths
-Ashly Queen Namuwonge, 16,S3, Booma International School, Mbarara, says: 
“If I don’t dosomething right the first time, I don’t worry. I keep trying. and make plansto be a better person.”
Make small effortseach day 
-Nahwera Catherine, 18, S4, St  Peters SS, Sheema, says:
“Watchingother people go through hard timesmakes me feel lucky and sometimes feel that I am not alone. It gives methe energy to try harder to succeed.”
Be happy and makefriends
-Kirabo Polline, 18, S4, Booma International School, Mbarara,
 “Be happy. Other people will wantto be near you. When I lost my  father, I sat home for two yearslooking after my little brothers andsisters. It was not fun. I am happy tobe back in school and can’t wastetime. I want to be a lawyer and anactress.”
-Caliph Rafiki, 20, S6, Basajjabalaba SS, Bushenyi, says:
“I am a friendly person. Idon’t lock myself away from the world. I get out and join otherstudents or friends."
Ask for help
Twinomujuni Smart, 18, S4, Itendero HS, Sheema, says:
“If Iam worried or sad, I talk about my  feelings with someone I trust. I don’tstay in isolation."
GET role models
-Miimi Hawa, 18, S6, MbararaSS, says:
"To keep going I aminspired by my brother and sisters who have had their educationsuccessfully and got good jobs.”
-Musinguzi Lauben, 17, S3, Mbarara SS, NyamityoboraCampus, says:
“When I lost my parents I joined a fellowship. My  friends counselled me. I also now counsel young people experiencingsimilar situations.”
Dream big - have a goal
-Nakayondo Mariam, 17, S4, Nyamitanga SS, Mbarara, says:
 “I remind myself each and every night what my goal is. This keeps me focused.”
-Nakule Evelyn, 14, S2, Kiboga Progressive SS, adds:
"Ialways set achievable goals becauseGod created for all of us to prosper."
 K  no w  w ha t  yo u  wa n t  to  be  i n  f  u t u re.  I ma i ne  yo u rse l f  s uccess f  u l.  Ta l k   to ood  f  r ie nds, a  t r us ted ad u l t o r  teac he r  to d isco ve r  w ha t  yo u ca n do  bes t.  Do  no t  t h i n k  o n l y a bo u t  ma k  i n  i t  to  t he  ne x t c lass.  F i nd o u t  w h y  yo u a re  i n sc hoo l.  L i f e  is  no t o n l y a bo u t  pass i n  ma n y ed uca t io n  le ve ls  b u t  be i n  yo u rse l f  a nd  be l ie v i n  i n  yo u r a b i l i t ies.  Do  no t e xc ha ne  yo u r  p rec io us  bod y  f o r so me t h i n  yo u ca n  use  yo u r  b ra i ns a nd  ha nds  to e t.  T i me  is  l i k e  v i r i n i t y, o nce  yo u  lose  i t,  yo u ca n t  ha ve  i t. 
 W  a s s w a  H a s s a n, C h a i r m a n S t r a ig h t  T a l k C l u b,  M i t a C o l l eg e  K a w e m p e,  K a m p a l a
 Be l ie ve 
 in  yourse l f
 -  you can do  your bes t, regardless o f  who  you are,  wha t o thers sa y or  thin o f  you. Ge t s tar ted, don' t  wai t. Don' t gi ve up. Keep prac ticing.
At 14 William dropped out of school. His family could notafford school fees.
Though he was notin school, Williamcontinued to think,learn—and dream.
Armed with curiosity,determination, and abook he discoveredin a nearby library,he embarked on abrave plan—to builda windmill that couldbring his family theelectricity.
Using scrap metal, tractorparts, and eucalyptus trees,William made a windmill thatwould successfully power fourlight bulbs and two radios inhis family’s compound.Soon, news of his inventionspread, attracting interestand offers of help fromaround the world. Williamreturned to school andwas also offered a chance tovisit wind farms in the UnitedStates of America, much like the ones he hopes to buildacross Africa.
Straight Talk, March-April 2011
It iseither afemaleor malecondom,not both
Genital herpes is a commonSTD passed on through directcontact with an infected person. The fluid within the blisters is full of thevirus that causes genital herpes andis very infectious. Once a personhas herpes they have the virus forthe rest of their life. Genital herpesproduces sores in and around thevaginal area, the penis, the anus,and on the buttocks or thighs. Soresmay appear in other areas if thevirus comes in contact with breaksin the skin. The sores appear near where the virus has entered thebody, such as the mouth, penis, orvagina. They also can be inside thevagina and on the cervix in women,or in the urinary passage of womenand men. A person may be infected,but have no symptoms. This meansthat a person with no obvious sorescan spread thedisease.
that later turn intoblisters filled with fluid
in the genital oranal area
buttocks, orgenital area
Thinking aboutsex? That is ok (normal and natural!)But this thoughts don'tmean having sex. Wait. You have the ability tocontrol those feelings.In the meantime, let's talk about condoms toequip you for safer sex in future.
A girl, 16, from BoomaInternational School,Mbarara has a question:
Jacky is a young lady living with HIV. She likes sharing her story.Recently she got malaria and fell very sick. This got her thinking aboutthe importance of sleeping under a treated mosquito net. She wasrushed to hospital immediately. She is now fine and has been busyanswering your letters and phone calls.
If a girl wears afemale condomand the boy doesn't wear amale condom, ishe protected?" 
If a girl wearsa femalecondom, theboy shouldn'twear the malecondom. It iseither a male orfemale condombut never both.When usedconsistently andcorrectly, condoms prevent thesexual transmission of HIVduring sex. They also preventpregnancy, other STIs andrisk of getting cervicalcancer.
The main reason condomsfail is improper use.Learn to use condomsproperly:
•Use a new condom for
every time you have sex
from start to nish.•Before sexual contact, put the
condom on the tip of the erectpenis with the rolled side out.
•Holding the tip, unroll the
condom all the way to thebase of the erect penis.
•After ejaculation and before
 the penis gets soft, hold the rim of the condom andcarefully withdraw the penisfrom the vagina. Then gentlypull the condom off the penis,making sure that semendoesn't pour out.
•Wrap the condom in tissue
and throw it in the dustbin ora pit latrine.
•If you feel the condom break
at any point during sex, stopimmediately. Withdraw andremove the broken
genital area
dry to prevent other infections from developing
 with the sores
time you first feel any symptomsuntil the sores are completely healed (that is, the scab has fallenoff and new skin has formed where the sore was)
during sex for added protection from the virusTreatmentincludes amedicationcalledacyclovirthat stops thevirus fromreproducingitself. It doesnot removethe virus fromthe body.
S t ick  to  your  NO 
- Don' t gi ve in  to an y  threa ts. E yasiimire Joani tah, 17, S4, S t Aga tha abale
People with genital herpes are four times morelikely to have HIV. If you think you have symptomsof herpes, seek counselling and treatment from thenearest health centre.
 Dr Sabrina Kitaka, Mulago Hospital
condom. Put on anew condom.
•Condoms shouldNEVER be RE-USED
or used after theexpiration date on thepackage.
•Avoid having sex
when you are drunk to enable you usecondoms correctly.
Hi Jacky, am impressed by whatyou're doing. Pliz call me, I've aserious problem."'Following the headline that said "Am a free girl now", some of youexpressed interests of dating me.But actually the meaning of thatheadline was about disclosureof my HIV status. I meant thatI was now free with myself andeveryone else. I no longer fearto go for treatment or takemy medicine because peoplewill see me at the clinic orknow that I am on ARVs.Also, I am in a relationship.
Do you havequestions forJacky?
Send themto PO Box 22366,KAMPALA She says: "Thank you all who calledor sent me SMS asking for advice.It was a great pleasure hearingfrom you and being able to sharewith you my story of living with HIV. Together we can stop HIV. Manyof you appreciated my decision of disclosure.These aresome of SMS Ireceived: "Hi Jacky, u maynot know how bigyour personal storyis changing people'sattitudes about HIVand those living withthe virus. It's reallya great job you’redoing."“Hi Jacky, I luv u 4being brave.Thanks 4saving someone's life.Hope you're fine.”
 Wi tchcr af t ?
Some o f  you  wri te and sa y  tha t  you ge t  wi tchcra f ts  threa ts  when  you re fuse  to accep t se x  demands.  Tell us s tories o f  wha t  you kno w, ha ve seen and heard abou t  this.
  W r i te  t o:  S t ra ig h t  Ta l k ,  B o x  2 2 366.  Be s t  s t o r ie s  w i l l 
 ' T he  B o y  W h o  Ha r ne s sed  t he  W i nd '  b o o k .

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