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Straight Talk September October 2011

Straight Talk September October 2011

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Hey, we all want to be cool. But what does it take to be cool? Is it a swagger? Girls speak out about mannerisms that usually rob guys of the cool feel and looks.
Hey, we all want to be cool. But what does it take to be cool? Is it a swagger? Girls speak out about mannerisms that usually rob guys of the cool feel and looks.

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Published by: Straight Talk Foundation on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ey , w
 all want to b cool. Butwhat dos it tak to b cool?Is it a swaggr? Girls spak outabout mannrisms that usuall robgus of th coolfl and looks.
"I hate it when I reject a boy and he starts spreading false informationlike: 'She is my girlfriend.''I finished that one.' 'She is not good in bed.' 'She smells."
Adong P,Th Almond Collg, Lira
"I hate boys who promise girlsheaven on earth. They tell different girls the same empty promises like:"You are the most beautiful girl onearth and the love of my life', 'Youare my heart beat, if you stop lovingme I will die', 'I will love you until Kampala becomes a village."
L Acan, 14, S1, Gulu SS
"I don't like guys who say they love you but runaway after using you or making you pregnant."
 NK, 16, Uphill CollgMbua Kampala
"I hate boys who demand for sex immediately a girl says yes to a relationship.Or boys who think whena girl visits him, she wants sex."
Nadoi Sharon, S4,Dabani Girls SS, Busia
"I don't like boys who think they areabove everyone. The type who thinkthey are from rich families and canuse money to have anything. Theydon't attend classes but steal their  friend's notes.
Babir e, Kiboga SDA
Social misfts
"I hate boys who divert school fees touseless things, escape from school,take drugs, alcohol, steal and rape."
Nandra Miriabu, 15, S2, DabaniGirls SS, Busia
"I don't like boys who don't bath,wash clothes, brush teeth or cleantheir armpits. The air around themis usually contaminated. 'Carbonmugere' gets worse when theyremove their shoes."
HN, 17, HonstHill SS, Jinja
Girls want to hang outwith cool gus of goodcharactr. Gus whoar rspctful, fair, trustworth, caring andgood citizns.Good charactr nabls ou to mak right choics.This maks our school,hom and communit abttr plac.
Guys, reect on your
bhaviour. Ar ou cool or ou nd to chang ourbhaviour.
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  Vo l. 1 7  No.  3  Sep tem ber  -  Oc to ber  2 011
Gulu  you th Cen tre
 s ta f f  take  time o f f  their  work  to rela x. I f  you li ve in nor thern Uanda, S traih t  Talk  welcomes  you  to i ts  you th cen tres in Gulu, Ki tum, Ad jumani and N wo ya  for counsellin, educa tional ma terials and ames. For inquiries call: 0774667363.
Ar ou in ahurr to gtmarrid?
A pieceof Biblical advice: Ruthpatiently waited for hermate
.While you are waiting onyour Boaz, don't settle for anyone:
Broke-az, Lying-az, Cheating-az,Drunk-az, Lazy-az, Goodfornothing-az, 
and especially
 Wait for your
and make sure he orshe respects
Dr Sabrina Kitaka
Straight Talk, September-October 2011
If you think about what youought to do for other people, your character will take careof itself.
The choices you make daily define the type of person youare. You either have good orbad character. The way youthink, speak, feel and behavetowards other people makes yourcharacter.Good character is a choice basedon what is right, and not what iseasy or just because others aredoing it. It is about knowingthe difference between rightand wrong and always trying todo what is right. Be honest, kind,supportive, keep your promises,and speak the truth, even when ithurts.Character is not inherited. Itis a habit, and habits can bedeveloped. Build it daily by the way you think and act. Goodcharacter does not rely on money,popularity, power, your tribe, orenvironment.
Counsellor Edith Mukisa,Endanger HealthKampala
Feeling cool & safe
Bos, ho ould ou ant gils to behae? What things do gils do that ou lie and dislie?
ie o: Saigh alk  Po Bo22366,ampala. Bes soies ill 
Feel special
Oweki Alexander, Biiso War SS, Buliisa, says:
“I believethat if you want to be somebody special, feelgood about yourself. Be yourself. Don’t tryto be someone else. Be friendly. Even if  you are not good at  sport, join in and do your best."
If you feel badabout yourself most of the time, talk to your parents or teacher for help.
Safe at school
 Ayerango Asindo, 17, S2, ButiabaSeed School, Buliisa, says
: "Just being at school makes me cool. Not every young person from our Walukuba village realizes it. Many prefer fishing because our village isnear Lake Albert. Even my threebrothers refused to study andmarried very early. I want tobe a nurse."
 KP, 18, S4, Buyanja SS, Hoima, says:
“Knowing my HIV status is the coolest thing I have ever done. I no longer liveunder fear. It was scary at first but alife saving decision. It helps me to makehealthy choices.”
Every year about 25,000children in Uganda are born with HIV.So even a virgin can have HIV. LikeKP, test to be sure of your status.HIV can live in the body for over10 years without showing anysigns.
In control
 Nalubega Margaret,18, S4, Karugguza Progressive, Kibaale, says: 
“Cool is about being calm,relaxed, confident and in controlof a situation. That is me. I don't get  frustrated easily. If I feel I amabout to lose temper, or burst into tears, I take a deepbreathe and excuse myself. Many times I think about the situation before I act."
 Nuwamanya Annet,15, S2, Butiaba SeedSchool, Buliisa, says:
 I feel cool talking and sharing with my parentsand teachers freely. Iespecially feel happy whenthey listen to me. I amencouraged to seek their advice and avoid mistakes. Also, I respect fellow studentsregardless of their class. I don't bully anyone, dodge class or escape from school or home."
 Namatovu Zuraika, Buyanja SS, Hoima, says:
You don't have to wear the latest designer clothes to becool. Cool is about lookingand smelling clean. Bath,wash your clothes, brush your teeth and wear clean shoes. I don't haveany expensive clothesbut people admire me. If anyone tries teasing me,then they are not acting'cool'. It is still cool to be simple and a bit different."
 Joy Turinabusingye, Makerere Competent  HS, Hoima, says:
 As a student leader, I am verycareful with words. I speak clearly andconfidently. I avoidobscenity or being abusive. I feel that is cool."
 Assertive butrespectful
 Nakimpi Rosemary, 19, S4, KanjusiSS, Kibaale, says:
"The way you talkis key. You don't have to talk all thetime, but you need to talk. Otherwisehow will anyone know what a great  person you are if you don't say a word?You also need to listen to others. Ialways listen carefully and only talkwhen I have understood the topicof discussion. This makes melook smart and not stupidbefore others.”
 Musasizi Ignatius, 19, S4, Buyanja SS, Kibaale, says:
"Many young people smoke anddrink because they think it makesthem feel like adults and courageous. But drinking and taking drugs gives you false courage to do wrong things. It also affects our health. Everyonehas the ability to be what they want without using drugs or alcohol. I am a popular sportsmanat school but I dont drink, smoke or take drugs. Besides, drugs are not allowed in sports."
Friendly butselective 
 Birigayomwe Richard, Buyanja SS, says:
“I am a friendly person but choose my friendscarefully. I wouldn't want a friend whochanges boyfriends or girlfriends likeknickers. You must be a person whothinks and does positive things."
I f  you are a 
Lu bara
  spea k er, ca tc h 
A l i t ia
 e ver y  Sunda y on 
Rad io Pac i s 
 90. 9  ( 6: 30pm ) and 
 Sp ir i t FM
 104.5  ( 4: 30pm )
Straight talkers speak about what makes them cool
 Z iwaSil vester , 1 , S3 , Karu guu zaProgressiveSS, Kibaalesa ys:
"Coolgu ys know when torun awa y f rom a dangerou s  situationwithout  fearing to becalledcoward s."
 A  l i t i a  E l i a,  t h e  p r e s e n t e r  o f  S t r a i g h t  T a l k   L u g b a r a  r a d i o  s h o w  s a y s  i t  i s  w o n d e r f u l  t o  b e  c o o l  a n d  s t a y  s a f e.
 K ee p a wa y  f  ro m  r i s k  y  be ha v io u r  l i k e ea r l y  se x, d r u s a nd a lco ho l. 
 Ha ve  f  r ie nd s  w i t h  w ho m  yo u  s ha re de ve lo p me n t  idea s. 
 E nae  i n ac t i v i t ie s  t ha t  ma k e  yo u a nd  t ho se a ro u nd  yo u  be t te r  peo p le
S pe nd  f  ree  t i me  w i se l y. 
 I f   yo u a re  i n a  re la t io n s h i p,  re s pec t eac h o t he r.
 Ta l k  a bo u t  p ro tec t io n  f  ro m  H I V, S T D s a nd  u n wa n ted  p re na nc ie s. 
 Wa i t  to  ha ve  se x  u n t i l  bo t h o f   yo u  ha ve  f  i n i s hed  s t ud ie s a nd a re o ld e no u h  to ca re  f o r a  f a m i l y.
 Ta l k  a bo u t  t he  f a m i l y  yo u  wa n t a nd  p la n  to  ha ve c h i ld re n  yo u ca n  f eed, c lo t h,  s he l te r, ed uca te a nd  lo ve.  No w  t ha t s coo l. 
Straight Talk, September-October 2011
Josephine NabukenyaTumusiime, 17, is in S5and an ambassadorfor the ElizabethGlaser Pediatric AIDSFoundation. She sharesher story of takingARVs daily: 
"I started on ARVs in 2006.
At frst they were syrups that
looked like porridge. I dislikedit. Later, I started taking  tablets; 2 in the morning and4 in the evening. I still take thesame dose today.When you take these drugswithout eating, they make youweak and reduce your strength– you feel like vomiting. Thereare times I fail to concentratein class because of the sideeffects from ARVs. SometimesI feel like not taking them, butI know I would be subtracting years from my life. So, I have nooption but to take my medicineas instructed by doctors." So would you take a drug thatmakes you vomit and havediarrhea if you were alreadystarving to death? Josephine'sstory shows that taking ARVsis not easy but is importantfor staying healthy. Once youstart taking these medicinesyou MUST CONTINUE for therest of your life. Besides, manypeople who need ARVs cannot
have read adverts around town that they canincrease the penis size. My girlfriend says I should go and try it. I fear it may have bad sideeffects. Is there any other way I can enlarge mypenis?
M M, S3, Luweero SSS
Hey MM, How did your girfriend come to know yourpenis size? You need to be in control of your sexual life.The size of the penis varies from male to male. Like thereare tall and short people, there are big and small penises.Just remember: all penises, big or small – is a right size.In future, you will be able to have sex and get children.These do not depend on penis size or shape. For now study hard. Good luck!
am still a virgin but my breasts are facingdown. Is it true that if I start sex they willbecome sharp? AJ, The Almond College, Lira
Hi AJ, congratulations for keeping your virgnity. Startingsex doesn't play any role in making breasts sharp. Insteadstarting sex while still in school will cause you fears and worries of early pregnancy and dropping out of school. AJ, breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Each girlhas different shape and sizes. Appreciate who you areand don't try to be someone else. Wear a bra to support your breasts in place.
Know your body
Penis and breasts worries
Blood transfusion is safe
Do  you ha ve ques tions  for  Josephine ?
 Send  t hem  to  S traig h t  Ta l k  PO  Bo x  2 2 366, KM P L .
 The burdenof ARVs
all get them. Stay safe, abstainand be faithful to one sexualpartner whose HIV status youknow. Use condoms correctlyeverytime you have sex. If youare HIV positive, protect yourself from getting more sexually transmitted diseases.
fear to go for the test.What happened to you after testing positive?
 AT, St John'sCollege Magale, Mbale
Hi AT, it is good that you are thinking of testing. I felt bad. ButI learnt that I wasn't alone and Icould live to achieve my dreams.Luckily, my HIV does not limit whatI do very much, and I still go toschool. So my dear, go and test. You will be advised nicely on what to do.
Is it true that through blooddonation you can get HIV?
Afakoru Gloria Likico, 16, Sartori Memorial HS, Arua
Blood transfusion is a simple procedure in which blood is given to someone to make up for a loss of blood. Hospitals use blood transfusion to help peoplewho are injured, have surgery, or being treated for diseases that affect theblood. Transfusions are usually given through a tiny tube that is insertedinto a vein with a small needle. Each year, about 180,000 units of bloodis needed in Uganda. The blood used for transfusions comes from peoplewho volunteer to donate their blood. Like Gloria, many people worry aboutgetting diseases from infected blood. But the blood for transfusion is safe.Doctors carefully test all donated blood to make sure it is safe. If blood hasHIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, West Nile virus or other infections, it isdestroyed. Uganda Blood Bank collects, tests, and stores safe blood.
 Dr Sabrina Kitaka, Mulago
Guys, how are true boys expectedto behave in your home, school,community and before Girls/women?
 Tell us your story of being a true boy:how you behave, what you do andcannot do. What are the good and badthings that have happened to you orboys you know because of behaving likea true boy? What would you like to seechanged about what boys are expectedto do? Why?
Girls, how are true Girls expectedto behave in your home, school,community and before boys/men?
Tellus your story of being a true girl: how  you behave, what you do and cannotdo. What are the good and bad thingsthat have happened to you or girls you know because of behaving like atrue girl? What would you like to seechanged about what girls are expectedto do? Why?
Send your stories to Straight Talk,PO Box 22366, Kampala
Best and true stories will
Boys ofBuyanja SS,Kibaale:
"Be clear about whoyou are and what youstand for. Refuse tocompromise. Exerciseself-control and ifyou must have sex,use condom correctlyeverytime.Just remember theslogan:
If not
,it is not

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