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Young Talk March 2011

Young Talk March 2011

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Young Talk travelled to West Nile, where Albert Nile is found. On the way we saw elephants, giraffes and baboons. People here are farmers and fishermen. They love angara, a very delicious fish.
Young Talk travelled to West Nile, where Albert Nile is found. On the way we saw elephants, giraffes and baboons. People here are farmers and fishermen. They love angara, a very delicious fish.

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Published by: Straight Talk Foundation on Oct 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Young Talk is FREE
Sex Education for primary schools
Know your rightsStay in schoolSay No to sex
Vol 14 No 3 Mar/April 2011
14, KawempeDecorousPS, Kampalasays: ‘‘ Refusegifts and liftsfrom strangers”
oung Talk 
travelledto West Nile, where Albert Nile is found. Onthe way we saw elephants,giraffes and baboons.People here are farmers andfishermen. They love
,a very delicious fish.
We visited 11 schools in Arua,Nebbi and Zombo districts. Wetalked to pupils about being thebest.
Odongo is a15
year oldboy in P6 atOturgang PS,Zombo.
 He was bornalone. Odongo’sparents died sohe lives with hisuncle in Paidhatown.He says: “Every morning I go to thegarden before going to school. Istudy hard. I am always second inmy class. My teachers are proudof me. At home, I do some work then read my books after supper. Iwant to get a first grade at Primary
Learn to be the best:
Use your brain and think carefullyListen to your teachers or parents
• Read newspapers and books to
learn new things
• Talk to people,
do not fear tolearn from them
• Learn to do
things bylooking at howthey are done.For example,you can learnto play a gameby looking atpeople play
• If you do not
understandsomething orhave a problem,ask for help
Leaving Exams (PLE). Over theweekend I carry luggage for peoplein town and get paid.”
Maditrwoth Fortunate, 15,
Choose to be the
Pupils o f Muni PS,  A rua sa y:  work hard a t  your books.
I share a desk withsomeone who is HIVpositive. My friends arescaring me that I will catch the disease. Isit true?
Girl, Mukole PS, Kasese
 Hullo Girl from Mukole PS, it is not true. You can’t get HIV by touching, beingnear a person with HIV, sharing plates,cups, or clothes. You can get HIV byhaving sex and sharing sharp objects likeneedles and razor blades with an infectedperson. A mother with HIV can transmitthe virus to her child during pregnancy,birth and breast feeding.
Dr Ojom James, Soroti Regional Hospital
P6, Mvugu Upper PS, Zombo
 is also doing her best.She says: “My parents cannotprovide me fees, uniform andbooks. Sometimes, I write onpapers which my friends getfrom their books. Some boyssay I should get married. I don’ttake their bad advice. I want tocomplete my studies and become anurse. Many girls in my village aresuffering. They left school and gotmarried. They suffer looking forfood. Their husbands do not buyanything for them. They play cardsat trading centres.”
Fortunate you are moving inthe right direction. Studieshelp us to be the best. Earlymarriages are wrong andagainst the law. You winbooks from Young Talk
 Adroni D, Muni PS, Aruasays:
‘‘ My parents provide mewith all I need. I am using thischance to study hard and get myown money.”
 You all have to do thebest at everything youdo whether you comefrom a rich or poorfamily.
• Respect yourself and other people• Avoid bad peer groups• If you try something and fail, don’t
give up. Keeptrying
Get goodadvice fromelders, teachersand yourparents
Becreative,believe inyourself,you canmake it
 You cannot get HIV
by being close
Doing the best helps you to succeed
2 .Young Talk, March 2011
ary is 10, she lives in a fishingvillage near Masese landingsite in Jinja. She lost both herparents. She shares a tiny mudhouse with her four brothers andsisters. Mary washes plates in ahotel. She uses the money to buyfood and pay their school fees.Mary says, ‘‘ Some men ask forsex in exchange for fish. I want tostudy hard and chess away povertyin our home.’’
Do not loosehope. Do not have sex toget what you do not have.Find something to do likeworking for people. Get helpfrom people. who may help.Keep the money and use itwell.
Otim Pius, 13, P6, OmachPS, Nebbi, says:
“I live withmy grandmother. My parentsdied. I’m glad my grandmotheris able to pay my examinationfees, buy uniform, booksand food. Every term, I payShs 1,000 for examination.During weekends, I help my grandmother to sell things inher shop. I revise my booksat night. I’m working hard tobecome a lawyer in future. Iwant to make my grandmotherand myself happy.”
Ocirchan Gilbert,15, P6, Omach PS,Pakwach, Nebbi,says:
’I have onlya mother. I pay myown fees which is shs2,000 per term. During 
holidays I go fshing.I sell the fsh to raise
school fees. I supportmy young brother. Iwant to become a priestand help poor children who want to study buthave no money. My teachers encourage me towork hard and never to give up. I miss school
some days to go fshing.”
Gilbert, it is good you are workinghard. Do not miss lessons. Fish over theweekend. When you make money keep itwell. Pay school fees and stay in school.
Make home  visits
Somechildrenareorphans.Others come from verypoorfamilies.Theysellparaffin,fish,sodas,mineralwaterand G.nutstogetmoney.Somesellthe wholenight. Wevisittheirhomesto assessthe situation. Weencouragethem to stayin schoolandwork  during weeendand holidays. Weencouragethem to pay fees duringholidayswhen theygetthe money.’
Okwanga Fabiano, head teacher,Omach PS, Nebbi.
Rwiririza Jascent, 15, P6, Ariun PS, Arua, says:
“Everyevening, I help my mother tosell milk. A cup costs Shs 500. After that I go home to readmy books. My performanceis good. I want to become aprofessional model.”
Yes,you can be the best
Duringpubertyboysstartgettingmanychangesintheir bodies.Oneofthem isthe voicechange.Itwillbecomelower anddeeper. Youmaybetalk ing inyourlowervoicethen suddenly yourvoicegetshigh. Thisisnormal.Yourvoiceisbreaing. Thishappensbecausehormonesmaeyourvoice bogrowbigger.Itusually startsfromtheageof13-14years.Butthe changescanhappen earlierorlater.Boys do notworryabout your voicechanging.Girlsdo notteaseboysabout theirvoicechanges. Voice changeisnota signforboysto havesex. 
Kno w your body
 Bo ys-  voice chan ges
 Anyone can be the best at whatever they do. Work hard and excel.Be a star. Young Talkers share their stories.
Haza Joseph onda, 15, P 7, Edio fe Bo ys PS,  A rua sa ys: 
 I make  b ricks du rin g holida ys.  I sell each  b rick a t Shs  100. Mos t o f m y cus tome rs come  f rom  Ju ba in Sou the rn Sudan.  I use  the mone y  to  bu y  books and pa y school  fees.  I wan t  to s tud y up  to uni ve rsi t y.  ”
 A dakuru  A gnes, 15, P6, Muni PS,  A rua,sa ys: 
 I los t m y dad.  I li ve wi th m y mo ther. She is a  f armer.  W e  grow beans and mai z e.  W e sell some  to  ge t mone y.  W e use par t o f   the mone y  to pa y m y  f ees.  I pa y Shs 4,500 per  term.  W e are si x children.  I ’m  the onl y one in school.  T he res t are married. Some bo ys wan t me  to be  their lo ver.  I alwa ys re f use.  I ha ve  to  f ocus on m y s tudies.  I wan t  to be a nurse. 
 A gnes,  focus on  your s tudies. eep sa ying No  to  those bo ys. Sa y No  to se x.
iduich Japhat, 11, 6, aidha Model S, ombo, sas: 
“ om o m ind do no ha pan. h li alon bu h a in chool. E uda h ll banana and ban in u wl ma. h u h mon o bu boo, pn and uniom. h whol illa g  wa happ whn on o h b  g il cam om ha amil.”  
3 Young Talk, March/April 2011.
Write to: YOUNG TALK PO Box, 22366, Kampala.
 WORD PUZZLE No. 2, 2011
 You want to be the best you can be. Work at everythingyou do. In this game you will move on the board from downto up. Don’t allow the snake to bite you. When you reach“WIN” at point 100, you are a winner. What you need:
How to play: 
This game can be played by 2-6 people.Throw the dice in turn. The first person to get a six facingup, will start the game. Start at point 1. Everyone mustfirst roll a six on the dice. The number of steps moved bythe markers is determined by the dots get rolling the dice.
If a player lands at the tip of the snake’s head, hisor her marker slides down to the square at the snake’s tail.
If a player gets a square that is at the base of aladder, his or her marker moves to the square at the top of theladder and continues from there. Complete the game. Be a winnerby playing this game.
Play with your friends. Tell us what you have learntand win
Young Talk 
exercise books.
 Pupils of Kisoso PS, Masaka say:’’ be assertive and responsible” 

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