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Published by api-3769409

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Published by: api-3769409 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.TT ve\u00e0 kha\u00f9ch ha\u00f8ng:

_ Ca\u00f9c tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 ta\u00e2m ly\u00f9,s\u00f4\u00fb th\u00edch hay tho\u00f9i
quen tie\u00e2u du\u00f8ng cu\u00fba kha\u00f9ch ha\u00f8ng
_Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 \u00f1o\u00e1i t\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng kha\u00f9ch ha\u00f8ng ma\u00f8
chu\u00f9ng ta nha\u00e9m \u00f1e\u00e1n

2.TT ve\u00e0 sa\u00fbn

Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 quy tr\u00ecnh sa\u00fbn xua\u00e1t
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 gia\u00f9 ca\u00fb
_ Tho\u00e2ng ve\u00e0 tha\u00f8nh pha\u00e0n cu\u00fba sa\u00fbn pha\u00e5m
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 cha\u00e1t l\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng sa\u00fbn pha\u00e5m

LOA\u00cfI THO\u00c2NG TIN
3. Nha\u00f8 cung ca\u00e1p:
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 gia\u00f9 ca\u00fb va\u00e4t lie\u00e4u sa\u00fbn xua\u00e1t
t\u00f6\u00f8 nha\u00f8 cung ca\u00e1p.
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 cha\u00e1t l\u00f6\u00f4\u00efng va\u00e4t lie\u00e4u sa\u00fbn
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 ca\u00f9c h\u00ecnh th\u00f6\u00f9c cho vay, la\u00f5i
sua\u00e1t vay cu\u00fba ca\u00f9c nga\u00e2n ha\u00f8ng.
4. \u00d1o\u00e1i thu\u00fb ca\u00efnh tranh:
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 gia\u00f9 ca\u00fb sa\u00fbn pha\u00e5m cu\u00fba

\u00f1o\u00e1i thu\u00fb.
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 chie\u00e1n l\u00f6\u00f4\u00efc cu\u00fba \u00f1o\u00e1i thu\u00fb.
_ Tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 th\u00f2 tr\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8ng cu\u00fba \u00f1o\u00e1i thu\u00fb.

* Ngo\u00f8ai ra th\u00ec ca\u00f9c tho\u00e2ng tin ve\u00e0 ca\u00f9c \u00f1o\u00e1i thu\u00fb
ca\u00efnh tranh tie\u00e0m a\u00e5n, t\u00ecnh h\u00ecnh kinh te\u00e1, l\u00f6\u00efc
THU THA\u00c4P THO\u00c2NG TIN

_ Thu tha\u00e4p tho\u00e2ng tin d\u00f6\u00efa va\u00f8o sa\u00fcn co\u00f9: ca\u00f9c
ba\u00f9o ca\u00f9o nghie\u00e2n c\u00f6\u00f9u, ca\u00f9c so\u00e1 lie\u00e4u sa\u00fcn co\u00f9
tre\u00e2n Internet, ba\u00f9o ch\u00ed\u2026

_ Thu tha\u00e4p tho\u00e2ng tin tho\u00e2ng qua vie\u00e4c pho\u00fbng

+ Pho\u00fbng va\u00e1n ca\u00f9c chuye\u00e2n gia \u00f1a\u00e0u nga\u00f8nh ve\u00e0 l\u00f3nh v\u00f6\u00efc, nga\u00f8nh ha\u00f8ng cu\u00fba sa\u00fbn pha\u00e5m ta.

+ Pho\u00fbng va\u00e1n ng\u00f6\u00f4\u00f8i tie\u00e2u du\u00f8ng.
* Ca\u00f9ch th\u00f6\u00f9c:
+ G\u00f6\u00fbi ba\u00fbng ca\u00e2u ho\u00fbi \u00f1e\u00e1n kha\u00f9ch ha\u00f8ng, sau
\u00f1o\u00f9 kha\u00f9ch ha\u00f8ng g\u00f6\u00fbi tra\u00fb l\u00f4\u00f8i cho chu\u00f9ng ta.
+ To\u00e5 ch\u00f6\u00f9c \u00f1e\u00e1n tie\u00e1p ca\u00e4n t\u00f6\u00f8ng kha\u00f9ch
ha\u00f8ng \u00f1e\u00e5 pho\u00fbng va\u00e1n tr\u00f6\u00efc tie\u00e1p.

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