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DBZ info

DBZ info

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Published by api-3766552
Complete information about dragonball z, with power levels, fighting techniques, super saiyan stages etc.
Complete information about dragonball z, with power levels, fighting techniques, super saiyan stages etc.

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Published by: api-3766552 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Everyone Has a Different Set of Dragon Balls...
Kami's Shenlon
Muri's Polunga
Home Planet
New Namek
Created By
(Modified by Muri)
Creation Story

Wanting to give
the humans
something to work
towards, the
benevolent Kami-
sama bestowed
Shenlon upon the
people of Earth.
people often
misused the
dragon god. After
it was killed by
Piccolo Diamaiou,
Kami-sama only
revives Shenlon for
the sake of people
like Goku.

becoming god
of the Earth,
Dende is
asked to
revive, and
add power to,
Shenlon (he
was destroyed
when Kami-
sama merged
with Piccolo
during the
Cell saga).
After the Cell
Saga, Dende
takes the time
to further
power up

Polunga was
originally formed
from the dreams of
Saichourou, the
father of all
Nameks. Little else
is known about
Polunga's origins.

After Saichourou's
death, control of
Namek's Dragonballs
was transferred to
Muri. Once he
mastered their power,
Muri supercharged
the Dragonballs,
making them even
more powerful than
the Dai-Kaioshin
himself. Needless to
say, the Dai-Kaioshin
wasn't too pleased to
learn this.

Wishes Per Summoning
2 (Cell Saga)
3 (Buu Saga)

There is some contraversy here. In volume 33, Dende states that he must limit
Shenlon to two wishes per summoning or it won't be capable of granting
multiple revival wishes (e.g. "Bring back everyone killed by Cell"). However, in
volume 39, Shenlon asks forthree wishes. We find it most logical that Dende
took the time between the Cell and Buu Sagas to find a workaround for this

Can be Summoned Every...
1 year
130 days
(1 Namek year)
6 months
(1 New Namek year)
Summoned By the Phrase...
Japanese: "Ide yo, Shenlon!"
Namekian: "Takkarato Popporunga
Abilities/Limitations of the 'Balls
- Can Wish an infinite number of
persons back to life at once.

- Can only wish one
person back to life
at a time.

- Can Wish an infinite
number of persons
back to life at once.

- Can only return a
person to life once.
- Can return a person to life infinitely many times.
- Cannot be used to wish death or destruction upon an individual or place.
- The dragon must be stronger than the persons or
things which he is manipulating.

- Muri's Polunga can
manipulate any being
in the universe.

- Wish must be made in Japanese.
- Wish must be made in Namek.
-=- Power levels -=-
Raditz Saga

Raditz: 1200
Piccolo: 322 (weighted clothes)
Piccolo: 408 (with out weighted clothes)
Piccolo: 1330 (beam cannon 1st try)
Piccolo: 1440 (beam cannon 2nd try)
Goku: 330 (weighted clothes)
Goku: 416 (without weighted clothes)
Goku: 1200 (Kamehameha)
Gohan: 1-1307 (power changes with anger)
Master Roshi: 139
Roshi\u2019s turtle: 0.005
Krillin: 206
Yamcha: 177
Chaotzu: 145
Tien: 250

Saiyan Saga

Saibamen: 1200
Yamcha: 1200
Krillin: 1750
Tien: 1830
Chaotzu: 1050
Piccolo: 1220-3500 (max)
Gohan: 981-2800 (angry)
Goku: 8000
Goku: 12000 (kaioken)
Goku: 14050 (kaiokenx2)
Goku: 20000 (kaiokenx3)
Goku: 24000 (kaiokenx4)
Nappa: 4000
Vegeta: 18000
Vegeta: 180,000 (oozaru)

Frieza Saga
Gohan and Krillin vs. Frieza\u2019s thugs

Gohan: 14000
Krillin: 13000
Thug#1: 10000
Thug#2: 9000

Vegeta vs. Kuwi
Vegeta: 24000

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