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Published by api-3711474

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Published by: api-3711474 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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v\u0153 c\u00d2a
c\u220fc b\u03c0n
h\u2030c sinh


v\u0153 c\u00d2a
c\u220fc b\u03c0n
h\u2030c sinh


v\u0153 c\u00d2a
c\u220fc b\u03c0n
h\u2030c sinh

Nguy\u2018n Th\ufb01 Th\u00dby Di\u2018m. L\u00ccp 5B1 Tr\u2260\u00cdng TH Tam Ph\u00db 1, Tam K\u02d9
Nguy\u2018n Th\ufb01 \u00c9i T\u00a9m. L\u00ccp 6/1 THCS Nguy\u2122n Du, Tam K\u02d9

Nguy\u2018n H\u02dcu H\u00d4ng. L\u00ccp 5D Tr\u2260\u00cdng TH Tr\u00abn Ng\u2030c S\u2260\u00a8ng, Ti\u2122n Ph\u2260\u00ccc Nguy\u2018n H\u00c2 Thanh Vinh. L\u00ccp 6/2 Tr\u2260\u00cdng THCS Ti\u2122n Hi\u00f7p, Ti\u2122n Ph\u2260\u00ccc V\u201a V\u00aen Chinh. L\u00ccp 7/1 Tr\u2260\u00cdng THCS Tr\u00abn Ng\u2030c S\u2260\u00a8ng, Ti\u2122n Ph\u2260\u00ccc

Ph\u03c0m Thanh Ph\u00dbc. L\u00ccp 8/1 THCS Nguy\u2018n Tr\u2211i, Ti\u2122n Ph\u2260\u00ccc
R\u0131ng Xanh
C\u220fc em th\u00a9n m\u2019n,

Ch\u00dbng m\u25canh v\u2026n bi\u2019t h\u00ca v\u00b5 s\u2260 t\u02c6
\u00c6\u201cu l\u00b5 nh\u02dcng v\ufb01 ch\u00dba t\u201d c\u00d2a
mu\u00b4n lo\u00b5i nh\u2260ng c\u220fc em \u00c6\u2211 bao
gi\u00cd nghe n\u201ei r\u00aang ch\u00dbng l\u00b5 h\u2030
h\u00b5ng c\u00d2a nhau ch\u2260a? Trong th\u2019
gi\u00cci c\u220fc lo\u00b5i \u00c6\u00c8ng v\u00c0t c\u201e m\u00c8t

nh\u201em \u00c6\u2260\u00d3c g\u2030i l\u00b5 th\u00db h\u2030 M\u00c3o; g\u00c2m c\u201e
ba m\u2260\u00a8i s\u220fu lo\u00b5i kh\u220fc nhau trong \u00c6\u201e c\u201e h\u00ca, s\u2260
t\u02c6, b\u220fo hoa mai, b\u220fo g\u2020m, m\u00c3o r\u0131ng v\u00b5 nhi\u201cu lo\u00b5i kh\u220fc

n\u02dca. Ch\u00dbng c\u201e m\u2206t \u00ce h\u00abu kh\u00e6p m\u2030i n\u00a8i tr\u2122n th\u2019 gi\u00cci.
C\u220fc lo\u00b5i h\u2030 M\u00c3o \u00c6\u201cu l\u00b5 th\u00db \u00aen th\ufb01t. Nh\u25can b\u201c ngo\u00b5i, ch\u00dbng c\u201e d\u220fng v\u0152 m\u201cm m\u03c0i
v\u00b5 khoan thai nh\u2260ng \u00bbn s\u00a9u b\u2122n trong l\u00b5 c\u2202 m\u00c8t kh\u2202 n\u00aeng s\u00aen m\u00c2i thi\u00f7n ngh\u00f7 v\u00b5 s\u02d8

nhanh nh\u00e3n t\u00cci m\u00afc \u00c6\u220fng kh\u00a9m ph\u00d9c. Ch\u00dbng c\u201e th\u201d h\u03c0 g\u00d9c v\u00b5 ch\u00e4n g\u2030n nh\u02dcng con th\u00db to l\u00ccn h\u00a8n b\u2202n th\u00a9n ch\u00dbng r\u2020t nhi\u201cu. Ch\u203anh v\u25ca th\u2019, h\u00abu nh\u2260 kh\u00b4ng c\u201e lo\u00b5i n\u00b5o trong t\u02d8 nhi\u2122n c\u201e th\u201d b\u00e6t n\u03c0t \u00c6\u2260\u00d3c ch\u00dbng.

Tuy v\u00c0y, cu\u00c8c s\u00cbng c\u00d2a th\u00db h\u2030 M\u00c3o c\u00dang kh\u00b4ng tho\u220ft kh\u00b7i s\u02d8 can thi\u00f7p v\u00b5 qu\u2020y r\u00cbi c\u00d2a con
ng\u2260\u00cdi. Ch\u00dbng b\ufb01 m\u2020t n\u00a8i \u00ce, m\u2020t ngu\u00c2n th\u00afc \u00aen v\u00b5 b\ufb01 s\u00aen b\u00e6n \u00c6\u2019n c\u03c0n ki\u00f7t. \u00df\u2019n oai phong,
m\u03c0nh m\u0153 nh\u2260 lo\u00b5i h\u00ca nay c\u00dang ph\u2202i lao \u00c6ao tr\u2260\u00ccc b\u00cd v\u02d8c tuy\u00f7t ch\u00d2ng. Qua R\u0131ng
Xanh l\u00abn n\u00b5y, c\u220fc em s\u0153 t\u25cam hi\u201du v\u201c cu\u00c8c s\u00cbng c\u00d2a c\u220fc lo\u00b5i th\u00db h\u2030 M\u00c3o \u00ce
Vi\u00f7t Nam v\u00b5 hi\u201du r\u201a h\u00a8n v\u25ca sao ch\u00dbng ta c\u00abn b\u2202o v\u00f7 nh\u02dcng lo\u00b5i th\u00db \u00aen
th\ufb01t m\u03c0nh m\u0153 n\u00b5y.

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