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Threats to Human Rights Activist

Threats to Human Rights Activist

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Attempts to Murder , Threats , Closure of News Paper , Illegally snatching away sources of livlihood , job oppurtunities - Nagaraja M R Suffered all these & still suffering injustices ALL FOR SAFEGUARDING HUMAN RIGHTS OF FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.
Attempts to Murder , Threats , Closure of News Paper , Illegally snatching away sources of livlihood , job oppurtunities - Nagaraja M R Suffered all these & still suffering injustices ALL FOR SAFEGUARDING HUMAN RIGHTS OF FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

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Published by: Nagaraja Mysore Raghupathi on Oct 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Editor: Nagaraja.M.R .. Vol.07..Issue.44........29 / 10 / 2011
There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts.
- Mahatma Gandhi 
Tax Thieves Corporate Terrorists of India
Fixing in Indian Courts of Law / Justice
Editorial :Threats to Human Rights Activist / RTIApplicant-
An Appeal to CIC , KIC & Chief Justice of India
shame shame to VVIPs , Public servants
who are
hiding truths , who are coveringup crimes , by denying RTI REQUESTS to us.In India , many Corrupt public servants
requests with onepretext or the other. They are aware that the information if given will becomeevidences
of their criminals acts. They go to any length to hide truth , to hideinformation. They murder RTI Applicants , fix them in cases , etc. Nowadays
murdersof RTI Applicants , Human Rights Activists are frequent.I have myself suffered threats , attempts to murder me , closure of my news paper ,loss of 
 job , etc at the hands of criminal nexus. Example : I have requested Mysoredistrict , district magistrate for information under RTI regarding illegalities worthcrores of rupees , instead of taking action against the culprits , Preventing further irregularities , illegalities , criminals he repeatedly abused me & threatened me. Theillegalities continued , a lake was partially closed illegally allotted to an industrialistalleged to be very close to the state Industries minister. In the same way I have beenthreatened by police often , I have even received threatening phone calls from aperson claiming himself to be a UP High Court Judge.
To my previous
appeals to CIC & KIC , they were mum , as it concerns aCommoner it won
t give them any image build up , publicity or TRP ratingsinstead
it will raise the heckles of powers that be marring the future prospects ,lucrative postings , etc of 
& KIC members .Bureaucrats are of secretive nature , a career bureaucrat if appointed to informationcommission , he works against the principle of Transparency & RTI . If further thecareer bureaucrat happens to be utterly corrupt
& given posting in Informationcommission as a favor by his corrupt colleagues in the government , RTI & RTIApplicant will suffer , die. Example : Karnataka state information commissioner Mr.H.N Krishna.Ofcourse , there are few honest people in public service including in informationcommissions . We respect those honest few
& request their support inapprehending their corrupt colleagues . If anything untoward happens to me or to mydependents , together with the criminals all the membersof CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION & KARNATAKA STATEINFORMATIONCOMMISSION
will be responsible for it. Subject to conditions , hereby I do offer myservices to CIC , KIC & GOI in apprehending , legally prosecuting
criminals , corruptpublic servants , etc.Hereby , I do request the CIC & KIC to order the concerned officials to giveinformation in following cases & RTI Requests mentioned below.RTI Request made to Dy Chairman , Rajyasabha , New DelhiSA/UG/11/14290f12f RTI Request made to Union Home Minister , GOI , New DelhiSA/UG/11/14291iwhoRTI Request made to Chief Justice of India , New DelhiSA/UG/11/14287ginkRTI Request made to President of India , New DelhiSA/UG/11/14288iv66RTI Request made to Loksabha Speaker , New DelhiSA/UG/11/142892yj9
Our previous RTI request to CJI , union home secretary of GOI, President of India , DG &IGP of GOK and others were not honored. The information I sought were answers to thefollowing questions mentioned in the below mentioned websites . the questions concerned thepast , present continuing injustices meted out to millions of Indian citizens , due to wrong /

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