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Shared Rules

Shared Rules

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Published by Kadaeux

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Published by: Kadaeux on Oct 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Engine is for the creation of either an Evil Overlord or Guardian of Good. This is to be a relativelysimple engine. Both types of individual have several sections of traits to choose from.The Evil Overlord gets access to dark magic, minions, evil castles, and so on. They are an Evil Overlord afterall. How much, of what etc all depends on the traits a player chooses when selecting their Evil Overlord.The Guardian of good gets access to holy magic, knights and castles etc. They command an Orderdedicated to the eradication of evil in all its forms so they can be left alone to hug fluffy bunnies and singwith the birds *throws up a little*. As with the Evil Overlord what they get etc all depends on the Traits.The only thing the two types share is the basic characteristics of the Overlord/Guardian. They are asfollows.
(Opposite: Magic)
(Opposite: Physical)
(Opposite: Wealth)
(Opposite: Command)
(Opposite: Dedication)
(Opposite: Influence)
These “characteristics” determine the number of Traits available to each and in what categories. TheseCharacteristics are on a scale of one to ten, with one being pathetic and ten being “HOLY
THAT GUYS STATS?” A player gets 24 points to spend on each of those stats. Every stat already starts withone point. (All together you can get 5’s across the board. Or higher in some weaker in others.
However only 2 Stats may be higher than 8. (Players choice which two stats. IF they choose to have any
stats that high. However each stat has its “opposite” (as listed above.) If you have a stat
8 itsopposite cannot be above 2!For every 1 point in a particular characteristic the player can choose 1 trait from the relevant traits asdescribed in the characteristics descriptions.Once these points have been distributed the similarity between the Guardian of Good and the EvilOverlord ends. Totally. Now each type of individual has to select from their own section of the rules! Abasic description in provided below for ideas, suggestions and, well, for the lulz.
This is the physical capabilities of your Overlord or Guardian, this can represent the
Overlord/Guardian’s speed, strength, agility and even their level of combat training, as to what it means
exactly for a Guardian or Overlord is entirely different from each other however.
The Guardians get access to the “Defender of Innocents” Traits for Physical. The Overlords get access tothe “Kill, Maim, Burn” Traits for Physical.
: Magic; a Player with high physical just doesn’t have the mental fortitude to be apt at the magical
: Magic is the ethereal arts, whether spells of the gods or dark magic and arcane secrets. This alsorepresents the intelligence level of your Guardian or Overlord, their wisdom etc. It is unwise to ignore apowerful magic user. Even if they are squishier than Physical Guardians or Overlords.
The Guardians get access to the “Divine Gifts” Traits for Magic The Overlords get access to the “ForbiddenArts” Traits for Magic
: Physical; a Player with high magic is too soft and squishy to wield a broad blade like a physicalOverlord or Guardian and must rely on others to protect their baby-soft skin! (Or necrotic flesh as the casemay be.)
: Command is the aura of Authority, Divine Right, Leadership, Mastery of Man (or beast). It isliterally how charismatic or powerful an indivi
dual’s ‘spirit’ is that inspires others to follow them even to
The Guardians get access to the “Righteous Men” Traits for Command The Overlords get access to the“Minions of Evil!” Traits for Command
: Wealth; A player with high Command
is so charismatic he doesn’t even NEED wealth to bring hissoldiers to the table ready and rearing to go. In fact they are more loyal as their leader is more “down
earth” (or more likely to personally crack the whip as slave
-masters are expensive in this day and age.)
: The wealth of a Guardian’s order or Overlords domain. This ranges from gold to slaves, wood to
stone etc. It is literally the material resources said individual has at their disposal.
The Guardians get access to the “Contributions of the Just” Traits for Wealth The Overlords get access tothe “Spoils of Conquest” Traits for Wealth
: Command; A player with high Wealth is so wealthy his resources seem near limitless, but at thesame time he is so greedy or paranoid that he neither trusts in others nor do they trust in him. As such hisCharisma and Command capacity is vastly reduced. (Even Good get greedy.)
: The Influence of the Guardian or Overlord means they have eyes and ears everywhere. Smallcults or covens, followers that while not willing to follow them into battle can tell them where the enemywill be, or open a city gate at an opportune time.
The Guardians get access to the “Toil of the Faithful” Traits for Influence The Overlords get access t
o the
“Watchers in the Dark” Traits for Influence
: Dedication; An overlord or guardian with significant influence is unlikely to be willing to give upon their power and gains just because those are their beliefs and morals. They are perfectly happy toconcede on them to pull their own necks from beneath the chopping block.

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