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Hayaat Al Muslimeen

Hayaat Al Muslimeen

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Published by: api-3799140 on Oct 17, 2008
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Hayaat al-Muslimeen
Rasulullah ( saws ) said:

"Verily, Allah will send for this Ummah at the beginning of every century a person who will renew (reform and renovate) for it the Deen. "

Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullahi

alayh) was one such Mujaddid (Reformer) as is mentioned in the
hadith of Rasulullah (saws ).
The condition of the Ummah at all levels and in all spheres of life is

dismal and deplorable. The Ummah is grounded in the quagmire of
decadence. It's state of dishonourable existence is indeed heart-rending to those who
understand the value of Islam and the true position of the followers of Islam. The way of
life of the Ummah in present times and the Islam handed down by Muhammadur
Rasulullah ( saws ) fourteen centuries ago are entities widely divergent and pole apart.
There is extremely little affinity between the present Ummah and the Islam of the
Sahaabah of Rasulullah ( saws ). Spiritually, morally, culturally, socially and politically,
the Muslim Nation has fallen to the lowest ebb. The Muslim Nation is bankrupt in all
spheres of its life in relation to Islam.

The pitiable condition of the Nation of Islam besides its stagnation in the morass of
corruption and degeneration in which it flounders, is its steady sinking into greater
destruction. The Ummah is smitten with some incapacitating disease which had destroyed
its moral and spiritual fibre, which had sapped its lifeblood and which has made Muslims
the slaves of the kuffaar. The disease has brought the Ummah crashing from its position
of grandeur and glory which once was its capital.

The former grandeur of the Ummah was raised on the foundations of the highest kind of
spirituality and morality. This spirituality and morality which constituted the springboard
from which the Ummah of Islam took off in its flight of glory to attain the loftiest
pedestals and pinnacles of grandeur and power, was the Rope of Allah -- that Hablullaah
stated in the following aayat of the Qur'aan Shareef:

"And hold on firmly all of you onto the Rope of Allah and do not split up (among
yourselves). "

Since the Ummah, in the truest sense of the command, in its early stages gripped this
Hablullaah with might and power, it took hold of the powerful and unbreakable Divine
Bond stated in the following aayat:

Source: http://books.themajlis.net/book/print/419
"Verify, they grabbed hold of a powerful handle; there is no break for it. "

But, alas! The disease has ruined the Ummah. The Ummah is lying sprawled and
prostrate, not in Sujood, but on it's Face at the feet of the kuffaar to be buffeted and
manipulated in the conspiracy to fulfil the desires of the kuffaar. No longer is the Ummah
holding on to the Rope of Allah.

In Hayaatul Muslimeen or the Life of the Muslims, Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat diagnosis
the disease of the Ummah and provides the prescription and the remedy for the sure cure
of the Ummah. The prescription is the result of the diagnosis of one who has been sent by
Allah Ta'ala for this purpose. The remedy offered is not a personal concept, not some
new-fangled product of the human mind gone astray. It is the remedy given by Rasulullah
(saws). It is then this divine prescription which the great Mujaddid offers.

Since the disease has gripped and blinded the Ummah at all levels, this prescription
offered in Hayaatul Muslimeen is for the entire Ummah. It is in fact the true and only
panacea for the ills of the Ummah. It is the one and only alchemy of happiness and
success for this Ummah which although following the norms and cultures of the kuffaar,
still positively asserts its allegiance to Allah Azza Wa Jal. Since Hayaatul Muslimeen is
written for all Muslims, Hadhrat Hakimul Ummah had endeavoured to keep it as simple
as possible so that the Muslim masses may easily comprehend. Simplicity is the thread
which runs throughout the book. Infact, the greater portion of the book consists of
Qur'aan and Hadith narrations, for it is the Qur'aan and Hadith which were the
foundations on which the superstructure of Islam and the Ummah's glory were erected by
the Sahaabah ( ra ).

The remedy offered by Mujaddid Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat (rahmatullahi alayh) is
simple, divine, the one and only cure, the certain cure for the Ummah if only the Ummah
can rise to the occasion and accept the remedy!

P. O. Box 3393, Port Elizabeth, 6056.
South Africa.
All praise is due to Allah Who has revealed in His Kitab:
(What!) Is he who was dead, then we gave him life and created for him a light
with which he walks among people, the same as one who dwells in darkness,
unable to emerge from it?\ufffd
Source: http://books.themajlis.net/book/print/419
Salaam and Durood upon His Rasool whom He ennobled with His Kalam (Speech
-- the Qur'aan). And, Allah Ta'ala says:
"Similarly have we revealed to you (Muhammad) a Rooh (i.e. Wahi) of Our
He (Muhammad) called his Ummah to the munificent thawaab of it (Wahi). Allah
Ta'ala says:
''O people of Imaan! Answer Allah and the Rasool when they call you towards
that which will enliven you."
Muhammad (saws) steered the Ummah towards the lofty and glorious heights of
Wahi. Allah Ta'ala says:
"They (the true Believers) -- Allah has established Imaan in their hearts and has
aided them with a Rooh (spiritual power) from Him."
Verily, Allah Ta'ala says:

''Whoever practices righteousness be it male or female, and he (or she) is a
Mu'min, most assuredly We shall grant him (or her) a prosperous worldly life and
(in the Aakhirah) We shall reward them for the virtuous deeds they practised."

And, Allah Ta'ala says:

"Whoever turns away from My Remembrance, verily for him is adversity (even
before Qiyaamah, i.e. in the grave) and We will resurrect him blind on the Day of
Qiyaamah. "

Regarding the people of Jahannum, Allah Ta'ala says:
"Neither will they die therein nor will they be alive. "
Thus the life in the Fire will be a life of misery in which there will be no comfort
and prosperity. Although that life will not be death, it will also not be life.

On the basis of these Qur'aanic aayaat and numerous others, the authoritative
(Muhaqqiqeen) Mufassireen have asserted that true spiritual life and the life of the
Hereafter as well as the worldly life are rights which belong exclusively to the
obedient servants of Allah Ta'ala. This conclusion is manifest from the many
Qur'aanic verses. Inspite of the clarity of this issue our Muslim brethren have
become grossly forgetful of it and behave as if they have never heard of the basis
and proofs of this claim of the Mufassireen. Their indifference is so stark that one
gains the impression that this matter and its proofs never even crossed their

Source: http://books.themajlis.net/book/print/419

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