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SUPP GS Ceremonies

SUPP GS Ceremonies

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Girl Scout Ceremonies
Adult Enrichment Project

Sampler of ceremonies for a variety of occasions.
Girl Scout Ceremonies
Adult Enrichment Project

Sampler of ceremonies for a variety of occasions.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Girl Scout Ceremonies
There is an endless supply o ceremonies available. Some you can purchase rom GSUSA,but you can find many more shared on the Web.The attached pages are a small sampling o what I ound. This includes a variety o diferenttypes o ceremonies, including:• Opening / closing• Campfire• Bridging• Court o AwardsCeremonies are laid out so that you can print sheets to use with your girls with onlythe ceremony you’re looking at doing.Feel ree to use this as a starting point to create your own unique ceremony resource.NOTE: A planning sheet or Scouts’ Owns is provided on the last page.
America: Candlelight Scouts’ Own
Narrator: It was a colonial custom to place a lightedcandle in the window to guide loved ones home.Today, let us revive the custom and place in thewindows o our hearts a candle to guide ourown thinking in understanding the manybounties that have been given to us in thiscountry. As we recall some o these bounties,we will add ten candles to brighten thebeacon and help us impress upon our heartsthe trust that is placed upon us.#1: I light this candle or the community we live inand or the power we have o striving to make itbetter or all o us.#2: I light this candle or the homes in ourcommunity, or the homes lived in, loved, andor the unaraid afection o amilies or eachother and their children.#3: I light this candle or the open doors o schools,or the teachers and volunteers in them, skilled,devoted, kindly and or the ree inner growththat we find there.#4: I light this candle or the open doors o ourhouses o prayer, and the reedom oworship or all who may stand with an uplitingsong in their hearts.#5: I light this candle or our Girl Scouts, otheryouth and community groups, and or theirservice to our community and to the welareo all.#6: I light this candle or the good earth, and or theworking hands o ree women and men whosow, cultivate, and keep the harvest we enjoy.#7: I light this candle or long rows o reely chosenbooks, old and new in libraries everywhere withthe hope that their words o wisdom, courage,and delight may be more widely used.#8: I light this candle or the right to ree discussion,the right to say what we as loyal Americansbelieve at our meetings, in our stores, innewspapers, on our streets, in our school, in ouro ces and wherever else we may gather, solong as our worlds do not endanger the welareo our community and our nation.#9: I light this candle or hope, a hope that time willcome when the American dream o respect and justice or all people o the world will cometrue, when we will not hurt one another by wordor deed because o what diferences we have.#10: I light this candle or hope, a hope that one dayevery child, woman, and man in American andthe world will have enough ood, clothing,shelter, and opportunity or creative growthand the hope that all may have the right toollow her own desire.Narrator: These candles symbolize the many bountiesthat have been given to us. There are two wayso spreading light – to be the candle or themirror that reflects it. Let us make our candlesa lighthouse on the hill, a beacon to guide usin appreciation.As we reflect on these symbols, let usall stand and recite our promise ollowedby singing_________________ .
(America, God Bless America, The National Anthem, or Lift Every Voice and Sing.)
 Anita Alcatara, Girl Scouts of Chicago American Bi-Centennial Celebration
Ashes: A Girl Scout Tradition
Lord Baden-Powell would always take a small amounto ashes rom the campfire and spread these ashes intothe next campfire. . . the main purpose o these ashes isto bring to all scouts the international aspect o the worldbrotherhood o Scouting.Provide small bottles or ask participants to bring labeledcontainers to take ashes rom your shared campfire withthem or other fires.Recite: We carry our riendships with us in these ashesrom other campfires with comrades in otherlands. May the joining o the past fires with theleaping flames o this campfire, symbolize oncemore the unbroken chain that binds scouts andguides o all nations together.With the greetings rom our sisters around theworld, I will add these ashes, and the ellowshiptherein, to our campfire.Will anyone with campfire ashes please comeorward and join me.The ashes I spread into this campfire carrymemories o past campfires dating back tochildhood memories — o a campfire long ago. Icharge these memories to you and your uturecampfires.

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