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Discoverer 1

Discoverer 1

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Published by: api-3799636 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting Started with
Oracle Discoverer
Tip: Print this page.
The total estimated time you need to complete lesson 1 is 30 minutes.
Overview of Lesson 1

The tutorial uses a small database that contains information about a
fictitious chain of video stores. The database contains data about the
chain's sales, inventory, and stores. You will use this database to get
data about the chain of video stores, to analyze the data, and to share
the data in the form of Excel spreadsheets and HTML pages.

Note: In order to connect to the video store database, your
Discoverer administrator must provide you with the correct
login name, password, and database name.

In Lesson 1, you will look at the Discoverer work area and learn the
names of Discoverer components that you see on screen, and learn
how to use them. To do this, you will connect to the video store
database. In the video store database, you will find the sample
Workbook that you will use with this tutorial, and you will move
through its Worksheets. You will also learn how to find more
information about Discoverer in its online Help system.

Looking at the work area

When you get data from the database, Discoverer shows it to you as a
Discoverer Workbook like the one shown below. Compare the list of
terms below with the Workbook. These terms are used throughout the
tutorial, the online Help system, and in the Workbook Wizard.

Workbooks. Look at the top of the Video Stores AnalysisWorkbo ok.

Do you see the words "Oracle Discoverer - [Video Stores Analysis]"?
The name of the Workbook you are using appears at the top of the
Workbook in brackets, in this case [Video Stores Analysis]. When you
change to another Workbook, its name appears in brackets so that you
can keep track of which Workbook you are using. AWorkbook is a
collection of Worksheets.

Worksheets. Look at the bottom of the Video Stores Analysis

Workbook. Do you see two tabs that are labeled "Tabular Layout" and
"Crosstab Layout"? Each tab is a separate Worksheet. Both Worksheets
contain data about the video stores, but each Worksheet is organized

differently.Worksheets contain the data you want and allow you to
analyze and share it.
Queries. Every time you open a Workbook or create a new one,

Discoverer sends a query to your company's database. Aquery is a
question that Discoverer asks the database in order to get the data you
want; for example, "what are the total sales for stores in the Eastern
region in the last quarter?" Queries are written in SQL, a language that
databases understand. You do not need to understand SQL to
communicate with the database. Discoverer writes the SQL for you.

Items. Look in the main section of the Worksheet. Notice that data is

organized in rows and columns similar to a spreadsheet. The rows and
columns contain the data that answers the query Discoverer asked the
database. Do you see the column headings "Region", "Department",
and "Profit SUM"? In a Worksheet, column and row headings identify
Items. AnItem contains a set of data that is stored in your company's
database; for example, the Item "Region" contains all the regions that
have video stores. In Lesson 2, you will create your own Workbook, and
you must select Items from the database.

Page Items. Look above the column headings at the area named Page

Items. Do you see the words "Year: 2000"? This database contains data
for three years: 1998, 1999, and 2000. This page only shows data for
2000. When a column heading appears above all the other Items, it is
called a Page Item. By selecting different Page Items from the Page
Item drop-down list, you are actually switching pages within that
Worksheet. In Lesson 3, you will use Page Items to switch between
pages within a Worksheet.

Launching Discoverer and connecting to the Video Store
Tutorial database

The Discoverer administrator at your company provides you with the
information you need to connect to your company's database. The
Discoverer administrator should provide you with the URL, or Web
address, for connecting to Discoverer. The administrator should also
provide you with a user name, password, and the name of the
database. You need this information before you can connect to the
database and before you can use Discoverer. Your administrator may
give you a different password and database name specifically for the
video store database. If so, use the video store's connection
information in the instructions below.

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