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Important Question 9th

Important Question 9th

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Published by hafiznaqash

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Published by: hafiznaqash on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Important Question & Answers for Class 9
(Board level)
Q 1: Who is reformer?Ans:
A reformer is one who brings about reforms in a society.
Q 2: What was the result of Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) teachings on thepeople of Arabia?Ans:
They became civilized people.
Q 3: What condition was imposed in by the prisoner of battle of badr?
Ans: They were asked to teach the Muslims children to get freedom.
Q 4: What was the condition of the women before Islam?
Ans: They were treated inhumanity most of the girls were burnt or buried alivein their childhood.
Q 5: What was the system introduced by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) to cheek injustice?
Ans: Judicial Procedure.
Q 6: What title was given to Hazrat Khalid Bin Walled (R.A) By the HolyProphet (P.B.U.H) and why?
Ans: The title of “Saifullah” was given due to his velour and bravery.
Q 7: Why and where did king send his son?
Ans: King sent his son to temple to get education under great master Pan Ku.
Q 8: Where did the master send the Prince?
Ans: The master sent him alone to mingle forest.
Q 9: Had the prince discerned every sound already?
Ans: No, he had not.
Q 10: What happened when the prince went back forest?
Ans: He started to discern faint sounds unlike those he had never heard before.
Q 11: What mean self employment?
Ans: It means to earn a living by working independently.
Q 12: How do rural women share the burden of their men?
Ans: On equal level, at home and in fields.
Q 13: Why should women work?
Ans: They should work for progress of nation and country.
Q 14: Why is the poet not afraid of darkness?
Ans: He believes that God is with him all the time.
Niks Science Academy & Advance Studies (Mandi Bahauddin)Contact: 0345-6790832, 0334-4933503, 0333-8013650
Q 15: Who rules the stars and sea?
Ans: God.
Q 16: Who makes the tree and grass grow?
Ans: God.
Q 17: How does the poet bow before God?
Ans: His bow’s before God on his knees.
Q 18: What do lambs and brides do when the evening sets in?
Ans: They all go to their shelter places to rest.
Q 19: When does each Chinese month start?
Ans: It start’s on the day of new moon.
Q 20: How many days are there in each lunar month?
Ans: 29 or 30 day’s.
Q 21: When does New Year start?
Ans: It always start’s between January twenty first and February 20
Q 22: For how long days do Chinese celebrate last?
Ans: For fifteen days.
Q 23: what is the favorite color of Chinese?
Ans: Red, it is for strength and velour.
Q 24: What was the park like in 1992?
Ans: Play ground.
Q 25: What is the name of the park?
Ans: Fatima Park.
Q 26: who was blamed for this negligence by the women?
Ans: Municipal authorities.
Q 27: What is meant by extra-curricular activities?
Ans: Which are outside the regular course of studies.
Q 28: What must one possess for on ideal and perfect life?
Ans: To have a sound mind in a sound body.
Q 29: What is proper end of games?
Ans: The proper end of games is bodily health and physical fitness.
Q 30: Who were the earliest people to introduce games?
Ans: Greeks.
Q 31: What do games teach us?
Ans: Games teach us tolerance, patience and other moral values.
Q 32: How many types of pollution are mentioned by lesson?
Ans: Water pollution, air pollution, land and noise pollution.
Q 33: How are tree and plant’s affected by pollution?
Ans: They are affected badly by water and land pollution.
Q 34: How can we save nature in its original form?
Ans: By keeping our atmosphere neat and clean.
Q 35: What are the insects that live and work together called?
Niks Science Academy & Advance Studies (Mandi Bahauddin)Contact: 0345-6790832, 0334-4933503, 0333-8013650

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