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The Khilafat Movement

The Khilafat Movement

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Published by Shahroze Ahmed
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Published by: Shahroze Ahmed on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History Notes
Khilafat Movement
Q1. Why was the Khilafat Movement founded? (7)Ans. With the Turkish Empire being defeated at the end of World War I, Muslims all over theworld were concerned with how Turkey would be treated. The main reason for this concernwas that Turkey was the home of Khilafat. The Khalifa had a great symbolic value for Muslims.After the war the British decided to punish Turkey. Hence, they decided to abolish the systemof Caliphate.The Muslims of India were shocked at this decision. They, in protest, immediately started theKhilafat Movement for the protection of the system of Caliphate and prevent the Caliph frombeing disposed off. The Khilafat movement also aimed to protect Muslims holy cities likeMakkah, Madinah and Jerusalem from being overruled by the European Nations as these citieshad a great significance for the Muslims. The movement was also to protect Turkish boundariesas the Largest Muslims Empire and prevent it from being broken down into a nation by theEuropean Nations.Q2. Why did Non-Muslims support the Khilafat Movement? (4)Ans. Although the Hindus were not at all concerned with the fate of the Khalifa, they tooextended their support for the Khilafat Movement. Hindu leaders like M.K Gandhi openlydeclared their support. The main reason for this was that the Congress wanted to use Muslimsagitation as an excuse to attain self-rule. They wanted to show that Hindu-Muslims Unity wasbeneficial and threatening for the British. Moreover, the Congress wanted to pressurize theBritish to make further concessions.Q3. What was the non-cooperation movement? (4)Ans. The Non-cooperation movement was a protest movement led by M.K Gandhi, a HinduLeader. In it, British goods were boycotted, schools and colleges were emptied, lawyers refusedto appear in British courts and there were disturbance in army units.Q4. Why was the Hijrat Movement? (4)Ans. In 1920, Abul Kalam Azad and Maulana Abdul Bari gave a call to Indian Muslims to leavethe British Raj as the land was now not safe for living and asked them migrate to Afghanistan.This migration of about 20000 Muslims to Afghanistan is known as the Hijrat Movement.Though this migration was poorly planned, it demonstrated the depth of feeling amongstMuslims and showed that they were willing to leave their homes and possessions to escapeBritish Rule.Q5. Why did the Hijrat Movement fail? (4)

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