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Borland c Plus Plus in 14days

Borland c Plus Plus in 14days

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Published by: api-3800490 on Oct 17, 2008
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Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table of Contents
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Visual Basic 6 Black Book
(Publisher: The Coriolis Group)

Author(s): Steven Holzner
ISBN: 1576102831
Publication Date: 08/01/98

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About the Author

Chapter 1\u2014Visual Basic Overview

Creating A Project In Visual Basic
The Parts Of A Visual Basic Project
Project Scope
Projects On Disk
Using The Visual Basic Application Wizard
Visual Basic Programming Conventions
Code Commenting Conventions
Best Coding Practices In Visual Basic
Getting Down To The Details

Chapter 2\u2014The Visual Basic Development Environment
In Depth
Overview Of The Integrated Development Environment
Immediate Solutions
file:///E|/Program%20Files/KaZaA/My%20Shared...ual%20Basic%20-%20%20Black%20Book/ewtoc.html (1 of 24) [7/31/2001 8:56:15 AM]
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Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table of Contents

Selecting IDE Colors, Fonts, And Font Sizes
Aligning, Sizing, And Spacing Multiple Controls
Setting A Startup Form Or Procedure
Using Visual Basic Predefined Forms, Menus, And Projects
Setting A Project\u2019s Version Information
Setting An EXE File\u2019s Name And Icon
Displaying The Debug, Edit, And Form Editor Toolbars
Turning Bounds Checking On Or Off
Checking For Pentium Errors
Managing Add-Ins
Adding ActiveX Controls And Insertable Objects To Projects
Customizing Menus And Toolbars
Setting Forms\u2019 Initial Positions
Enabling Or Disabling Quick Info, Auto List Members, Data
Tips, And Syntax Checking
Displaying Or Hiding IDE Windows
Searching An Entire Project For Specific Text Or A
Variable\u2019s Definition
Optimizing For Fast Code, Small Code, Or A Particular
Adding And Removing Forms, Modules, And Class Modules
Using Bookmarks
Using The Object Browser

Chapter 3\u2014The Visual Basic Language
In Depth
How Does Visual Basic Code Look?

Immediate Solutions
Declaring Constants
Declaring Variables
Selecting Variable Types
Converting Between Data Types
Setting Variable Scope
Verifying Data Types
Declaring Arrays And Dynamic Arrays
Declaring Subroutines
Declaring Functions
Preserving Variables\u2019 Values Between Calls To Their
Handling Strings
Converting Strings To Numbers And Back Again
Handling Operators And Operator Precedence

file:///E|/Program%20Files/KaZaA/My%20Shared...ual%20Basic%20-%20%20Black%20Book/ewtoc.html (2 of 24) [7/31/2001 8:56:15 AM]
Visual Basic 6 Black Book:Table of Contents

Using If\u2026Else Statements
Using Select Case
Making Selections With Switch() And Choose()
Using Collections
Sending Keystrokes To Other Programs
Handling Higher Math
Handling Dates And Times
Handling Financial Data
Ending A Program At Any Time

Chapter 4\u2014Managing Forms In Visual Basic

In Depth
The Parts Of A Form
The Parts Of An MDI Form

Immediate Solutions
Setting Title Bar Text
Adding/Removing Min/Max Buttons And Setting A Window\u2019s
Adding Toolbars To Forms
Adding Status Bars To Forms
Referring To The Current Form
Redrawing Form Contents
Setting Control Tab Order
Moving And Sizing Controls From Code
Showing And Hiding Controls In A Form
Measurements In Forms
Working With Multiple Forms
Loading, Showing, And Hiding Forms
Setting The Startup Form
Creating Forms In Code
Using The Multiple Document Interface
Arranging MDI Child Windows
Opening New MDI Child Windows
Arrays Of Forms
Coordinating Data Between MDI Child Forms (Document
Creating Dialog Boxes
All About Message Boxes And Input Boxes
Passing Forms To Procedures
Minimizing/Maximizing And Enabling/Disabling Forms
From Code

file:///E|/Program%20Files/KaZaA/My%20Shared...ual%20Basic%20-%20%20Black%20Book/ewtoc.html (3 of 24) [7/31/2001 8:56:15 AM]

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