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SUPP 1983 Daisy Leader Handbook

SUPP 1983 Daisy Leader Handbook

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Daisy Leader Handbook Sampler: 1983
Adult Enrichment Project

Daisy Girl Scout Leaders’ Guide: Promise, Law, Daisy Girl Scout Circle, Service for Daisy Girl Scouts,
The World of Well-Being, The World of People, The World of Today and Tomorrow, The World of the Arts,
The World of the Out-of-Doors.
Daisy Leader Handbook Sampler: 1983
Adult Enrichment Project

Daisy Girl Scout Leaders’ Guide: Promise, Law, Daisy Girl Scout Circle, Service for Daisy Girl Scouts,
The World of Well-Being, The World of People, The World of Today and Tomorrow, The World of the Arts,
The World of the Out-of-Doors.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daisy Girl Scouts Leaders’ Guide
The Promise
On my honor, I will try:To serve God and my country,To help people at all times,And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
The Law
I will do my bestto be honestto be airto help where I am neededto be cheerulto be riendly and considerateto be a sister to every Girl Scoutto respect authorityto use resources wiselyto protect and improve the world around meto show respect or mysel and others through my words and actions
Daisy Girl Scouts
age 5-6ORKindergarten or grade 1
The Daisy Girl Scout Circle
The Daisy Girl Scout’s introduction to troop government comes in the Daisy Girl Scout circle.This is where she learns the ormal group decision-making process that is such as importantpart o Girl Scouting. In the circle, you play an active role in stimulating discussion and helpingplan activities. It meets once a month, or less requently, to plan or uture activities and solveproblems.The circle should not be longer than 15 minutes and should not take the place o, or beconused with, the sharing time that happens at every meeting.Sharing time should be initiated by the girls themselves while you only ofer guidance. TheDaisy Girl Scout circle, on the other hand, should be initiated and directed by you. In bothinstances, the girls should be permitted to express their views without censure. Girls can bemade aware o the diference between sharing time and a Daisy Girl Scout circle. Once theyunderstand, they can confine their discussion in a circle to the business at hand.
Service for Daisy Girl Scouts
Service is such an important part o Girl Scouting that i cannot be overlooked or Daisy GirlScouts. Service is synonymous with riendship and can occur at every meeting in small ways.Larger service projects can be carried out in partnership with Brownie Girl Scout troops.Service projects or Daisy Girl Scouts should be designed with the ollowing suggestionsin mind.Projects should be reasonable and provide an experience that is meaningul to the girl.For example, she could go with a amily member or older riend to visit someone who isshut-in and listen to and share avorite stories. Or she could help take care o a pet orsomeone in her amily.Projects should be o short duration. For example, the entire troop could clean up their troopmeeting place one Saturday morning.Projects should encourage learning more about Girl Scouting and bridging. For example, thegirls could join with a Brownie troop to plant flowers or a neighbor or a community center.Projects should occur as part o the ongoing troop activities. For example, service in GirlScouting includes showing kindness during activities, sharing, and playing airly. Girls shouldbe encouraged to be helpul at home and at school as part o their Girl Scout experience.
The World of Well-Being
Physical and emotional fitness, nutrition, health, and saety are combined in the World oWell-Being. Learning in this world can help prepare the Daisy Girl Scout or working andplaying saely.Running games are popular with this age group, as are observation activities. Daisy Girl Scoutsare aware o their community and interested in learning about neighborhood helpers. Visits tofirehouses, police stations, and health care acilities help girls orm a concrete picture o themany individuals and services need to keep a community operating smoothly.
Tasting and cooking activities are always un. It is good to include amiliar and unamiliar oodsin any sampling parties, but be prepared or the girls to have very strong opinions about whattastes good or bad.Good habits begin early in lie. Many health problems can be prevented by ollowing a regimenbased on the best current health knowledge in areas o exercise, rest, nutrition, and cleanliness.Daisy Girl Scouting is a good time to start lielong good health habits.
The World of People
Through activities in the World o People, Daisy Girl Scouts explore many o the cultures inour world amily. This knowledge will help orm a oundation o respect or diversities andsimilarities and or the contributions o a variety o people and cultures. By the time girls reachthe age to enter their first troop,they will be aware o many diferences and similarities amongpeople. They may have already ormed opinions and may display eelings about cultures andpeople. Some children may need gentle encouragement to be accepting o girls and adultsrom diverse groups. Your role is to encourage the respect or diversity that is such animportant part o Girl Scouting.In any activity, you will wan tot encourage girls to:be open-mindednotice the qualities people have in common, while remembering diferencesunderstand that, while many values are universal, diferent racial, religious, and culturalgroups value diferent thingsAny World o People activity should begin with a very short discussion o the experiences girlshave had relating to that activity.Example: When beginning a holiday celebration, ocus on ways holidays are celebrated in eachgirl’s amily. Encourage the girls to share unique aspects o their culture with the group. Also,parents and amily members can be valuable resources in any discussion o heritage or tradi-tions.One o the goals o Girl Scouting is to help every girl eel she is unique and understand thateveryone is diferent and thereore special. World o People activities, and the sensitive caringway in which they are presented, will enhance the Daisy Girl Scout’s sel-esteem.
The World of Today and Tomorrow
Children love to learn about what makes things work and why and how they work. They arecapable o being good observers and experimenters. Some may show the patience andinterest o a Pasteur trying things over and over again as i to prove that what they see is real.Their world is one o constant discovery as they try out new things or themselves.As a leader, you will be able to provide the girls with the opportunities or discovery whileletting them seek the answers or themselves. Making discoveries and learning aboutthemselves and their world is exciting or Daisy Girl Scouts as they experience the Worldo Today and Tomorrow.

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