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SUPP_1963_Junior Girl Scout Badge Sampler

SUPP_1963_Junior Girl Scout Badge Sampler

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Junior Girl Scout Handbook: Badge Sampler, 1963
Adult Enrichment Project

Backyard Fun, Dabbler, Folklore, Gypsy, My Trefoil,
Pen Pal, Songster, World Games.
Junior Girl Scout Handbook: Badge Sampler, 1963
Adult Enrichment Project

Backyard Fun, Dabbler, Folklore, Gypsy, My Trefoil,
Pen Pal, Songster, World Games.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Junior Girl Scout Handbook Badge Sampler 
Backyard Fun
Purpose: To learn and practice the things you need or outingsin yards and parks.
1. Help your amily, patrol, or other group plan and carry outthree outings. Help prepare two diferent sites. Use amily,troop, or public equipment such as outdoor stoves, picnictables, fireplaces.2. Plan one meal or snack that needs no cooking, one that letseach person cook, one that you cook or a group. Help plan,buy, pack, carry, prepare, and serve the ood. Help clean up.3. Make a piece o equipment such as a sit-upon, vagabond stove, emergency uel, litterbagor amily car, or toasting ork.4. Show you can make a fire, use it, put it out, and leave fire site in good condition.5. Help plan, assemble, and pack equipment or a first aid kit.6. Come to each o the outings in No. 1, dressed or the expected weather and or activitiesplanned.7. Get acquainted with six natural things—tree, insect, animal, flower—you find on youroutings. Do an outdoor good turn that will attract and protect birds or animals or will helpplants or trees grow.8. Make a lea print, track cast, sketch or photograph o something you find outdoors.9. Include games, songs, campfires in your outings.10. List the things you have learned to do or this badge that will be useul to you when yougo on your next outing.My signature _____Leader’s signature _____Date badge completed _____
Purpose: To make diferent kinds o arts with your hands.
1. Paint a picture illustrating a avorite story, song or poem.ORPaint something you like to do.ORPaint a picture o one o your riends.2. Make a small bowl or figure out o clay.3. Invent a design and use it to make a stencil, woodblock, or linoleum block.ORMake a transer print or monoprint.4. Make a hand puppet o a character rom a avorite story. Put on a skit using puppets.5. Carve a toy, animal, or decoration in wood.6. Make a small basket out o grass, pine needles, corn husks, or other basket materialyou find.7. Weave something simple on a cardboard loom or some other loom you like.8. Make a picture on heavy cloth using yarn or embroidery stitches, pieces o material,trimmings.9. Make a collage, mobile, or paper sculpture.My signature _____Leader’s signature _____Date badge completed _____
Purpose: To learn about American olk music, olk tales, and hand arts and how they tell some o our country’s history.
1. Find out about the history o your community—how thingshappened, its legends and stories, early arts, songs or danceso early settlers. Tell or write a story about this history.2. With your troop or patrol, work out a play or puppet showbased on one o the legends. Include simple costumes, scenery,music, and dances.3. Act out one o the olk songs.ORLearn one o the olk dances and teach it to others.4. Find out all you can about arts practiced in your part o the country. Make up a notebookor file about works o early cratsmen and toys made by the people in early settlements.Using ideas rom these early arts, create your own design using paint, metal, clay, wood,weaving, or embroidery.
5. Find out what are the chie characteristics o olk art in one o the ollowing: New England,Pennsylvania, the Northwest, the South, the Midwest, the Southwest. Collect pictures ormake sketches that show this.6. With your troop or patrol choose a story, legend, song, or poem that tells about the earlydays o our country. Plan a book together. Each one letter and illustrate some o the pages.Share this book with other troops or present it to shut-ins.My signature _____Leader’s signature _____Date badge completed _____
Purpose: To be able to plan and go on an all-day hike.
1. Help your patrol, troop, or camp unit plan and go on twoall-day hikes. Plan where to go, what to wear and take.Get necessary permissions.2. Know how to walk and res correctly, how to walk in agroup on street, highway, or country road.3. Use good outdoor manners: On the way. At hike site.On trails. Do an outdoor good turn on each hike.4. Plan and carry your lunch or one hike and cook part o it yoursel. On the other hike cooksomething or a group.5. Help make and use: Fireplace. Woodpile. Fire.6. Dress or expected weather and activities. Have rope, eating utensils, and bandana.7. Learn one new campcrat skill: How to tie knots, handle a knie, use a compass, or layand ollow a trail.8. Be able to teach a game and play on the way. Know a hiking song.9. Help keep troop first aid kit ready to use. Know what to do i you cut or burn yoursel.10. Watch a sunset, look wide around a hilltop, or discover something interesting in nature.Find a poem or a story about the out-o-doors or about the way it makes you eel to sharewith your patrol.11. Ater each hike, talk over the hike and what you need to learn or practice beore yournext outing.My signature _____Leader’s signature _____Date badge completed _____

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