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SUPP_1963_Senior Girl Scout Overview

SUPP_1963_Senior Girl Scout Overview

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Senior Girl Scout Handbook: Overview, 1963
Adult Enrichment Project

Motto, Slogan, Promise, Law, Eight Indispensables, Arts —
Project: Jewelry and Mosaics, Arts — Project: Mobiles, Community Action — Project: Your Community —
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Homemaker — Project: Textiles, Trailblazer — Project: Explorer.
Senior Girl Scout Handbook: Overview, 1963
Adult Enrichment Project

Motto, Slogan, Promise, Law, Eight Indispensables, Arts —
Project: Jewelry and Mosaics, Arts — Project: Mobiles, Community Action — Project: Your Community —
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Homemaker — Project: Textiles, Trailblazer — Project: Explorer.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Senior Girl Scout Handbook Overview
Be prepared.
Do a good turn daily.
On my honor, I will try:To do my duty to God and my country,To help other people at all times,To obey the Girl Scout Laws.
The Girl Scouts Law
1. A Girl Scout’s honor is to be trusted.2. A Girl Scout is loyal.3. A Girl Scout’s duty is to be useul and to help others.4. A Girl Scout is a riend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout.5. A Girl Scout is courteous.6. A Girl Scout is a riend to animals.7. A Girl Scout obeys orders.8. A Girl Scout is cheerul.9. A Girl Scout is thrity.10. A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.
The Eight Indispensables
At the hub o the big wheel are the Eight Indispensables. They lie at the heart o whateveractivities you and your troop choose. These Eight Indispensables are the essence o SeniorGirl Scouting. The uniqueness is not in any one element. All eight combine to give SeniorScouting its purpose and direction.
The promise and laws
hold first place in this list o Indispensables because every Scout is committed to this codewhich gives meaning to all activity.
Troop management 
is the practical training in the workings o democracy you get through everyday activitieso your troop and patrol.
 Active citizenship
reflects the Girl Scout belie that only by sharing our abilities in the home, the community,our country, and the world do we preserve and increase our great democratic heritage.
Voluntary service
is a basic principle o Girl Scouting stated in the Promise, slogan, and motto.
Health and safety 
are an integral part o Scouting since sound physical and mental health during youthis the surest oundation or happy, healthy adulthood.
Knowledge and skills
in the Arts, the Home, and the out-o-Doors help lead girls toward being active, intelligent,and capable adults.
International friendship
is an exciting dimension provided by the very nature and structure o the worldwideGirl Guide and Girl Scout movement.
Vocational exploration
is a vital part o your lie as you approach the years o decision, and an indispensable parto your activities.
Inventory of the Eight Indispensables
The promise and the laws
Have you, this year, re-examined each part o the Promise and each Lawor a more mature interpretation o what they mean to you now?Has any activity, service project, ceremony, or group gathering given you new insightinto the philosophy behind the Promise and Laws?Have your experiences in Scouting this past year increased your understandingo “personal integrity”?Have you been able to make some dif cult choices based on the Promise and Lawagainst the popular opinion o others?Have your experiences in Scouting this year given you any new ability to understandand appreciate others?Can you measure some progress in sel-control? Concern or others?Have you made a consistent daily eort to ollow the Girl Scout Promise and Lawsaccording to your most mature interpretations?
Troop management 
As an active member o your patrol and troop, have you carried your shareo the responsibility as well as the un and privileges?Have you helped establish and maintain democratic procedures?Have you given your patrol leader the support she needs in doing her job?Have you respected the opinions o other members o your patrol and troop,even though they disagreed with your own?Have you protected other people’s right to speak and express themselves as muchas your own?Have you respected the rights and privileges o the minority opinion in your patroland troop?Have you consistently tried to implement the work o the Court o Honor?Have you encouraged the leadership and special skills o other members o your patrol?
 Active citizenship
Have you conscientiously tried to make democracy work in your patrol and troop?Have you initiated an idea or action that benefits your troop, school, home,or community?Have you shared a talent or skill in unselfish service to your amily, school, community,or country?Have you done anything to understand better the basic undamental beliesand principles on which our country is ounded?Have you, on all occasions, shown respect or the patriotic traditions, customs,and symbols o our country?Have you encouraged other people in their attitudes and actions to respectand obey the laws o your community, state, nation?
Voluntary service
Have you taken personal responsibility or seeking out people’s need or helpand then finding ways and means to help?As a member o your patrol and troop, have you seen to it that service plays a majorpart in your program?Have you consistently tried to improve your skills and talents in order to use themeectively when needed?Are you content to perorm a service without the prospect o reward or recognition?Have you been able to inspire others to do service through your own deeds andattitudes?
Health and safety 
Have you had an annual health check-up?Have you taken responsibility or eating the essentials o a healthy diet every day?Have you resolved or yoursel a sensible daily schedule with a reasonable balanceo work and study, relaxation and play, rest and sleep?Have you taken a first aid course or saety instruction?Have you taken an active role in promoting good health and saety standardsor your community through a health and saety drive?Have you taken personal responsibility or helping educate younger children in goodhealth and saety practices?

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