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GD-PI Experiences Devinder

GD-PI Experiences Devinder



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Published by api-3801376
An endeavorian's past experiences of various GDPI's. Check for various tips and institutes' expectations.
An endeavorian's past experiences of various GDPI's. Check for various tips and institutes' expectations.

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Published by: api-3801376 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CAT 2006: GD PI Experiences of Devinder

I feel its one thing to score well in the exam. It\u2019s quite another to get selected into a college. The second round of selection process includes group discussions, case studies, extempore, group tasks, personal interviews, group interviews, essay writing etc. depending on the college. It\u2019s when you appear for the second round that you realize how tough the competition really is.

To prepare for this would again be a different experience. Again Endeavor will make you work really hard. And you should. Follow what they tell you. We were made to work on presentations, read a lot of magazines, books and material to groom us. Even if you have a dozen calls, please don\u2019t think you will be able to convert it. I have had a friend who had 7 calls and was not able to convert any of them.

On the other hand we had people who had just one call and converted it. But for that you need to put in lots of effort. We certainly did. On Sundays we had panel GDs. So all in all it\u2019s a grind. But may be you can look at it as giving your best shot because this is going to make your career. Hence, no use being complacent. Go for it. And get into your dream institute

Here\u2019s some gyan on G.D/P.I. most of which I learned from the faculty and some from my experience.
\ue000Develop sound knowledge base : Read newspapers (For God\u2019s Sake, don\u2019t count Ahmedabad Times in it!), business

magazines, non-fiction books on business leaders, etc. I made the mistake of reading only after my exams were over. I would have been a lot better if I had kept in touch throughout the year. Something that I consider of prime importance is the editorial of the newspapers, esp. Economic Times. It is very helpful. And yes, for GCET people, if you are good at G.K. then those are cash marks. It gives you lots of confidence and its fun because you get marks without spending time on it. And that we are on the topic of knowledge, if your interview happens to be on the date of a festival or any such important day, please make sure you know the history or significance of the day. We had our star last year, Aniruddh who got calls from 5 IIM\u2019s. His IIM-Kozhikode interview was to be held on 14th February and sure enough, he read about the history of Valentine\u2019s Day. Though it\u2019s a different matter that he was not asked about it in the interview. But the day on which his IIM-Ahmedabad interview was to be held, happened to be Shivaratri. And he forgot tot read about it. and surprise surprise, he was asked about the significance of the festival in the interview! On the same lines, do prepare about holi, dhulleti etc. because they will be around the time your interviews happen. Another important question will be about the city to which you belong. For best information on that, read the telephone directory and search the city on wikipedia.org. (I did both of them, but here was only 1 problem. I read it after all my interviews were over!)

\ue000Please market yourself: This was one other mistake that I made. During the interview in SIBM they asked me, in

which countries did I play the tennis tournaments? I said that I played in US and the European tour in which I toured 4 countries. The positive answer would have been one in which I would have given and stressed the names of all the countries that I travelled to. No use being modest there. Its best to assume that the interviewer does not know anything about you. I made the same mistake for NMIMS interview. So at every opportunity you have to show that you are a deserving candidate by highlighting your strengths and achievements. Also have and show the passion that you really want to get into the college. That was another one of my weakness. I would be kind of relaxed and just be calm about it. It\u2019s always nice to be enthusiastic about it.

\ue000Channel your nervousness and excitement into positive energy : I have seen almost all the participants very excited

and eager to know what the panelists ask and how did their preceding fellow\u2019s interview go? I don\u2019t know how it helps. Even if it helps, it\u2019s only marginal. Obviously the panel members are smart enough not to ask you the same question. If you are well prepared, there\u2019s nothing that can trouble you. So why take the unnecessary trouble? Just relax and give your best.

\ue000Forms : Well there will be a variety of forms that you will have to fill up. Some of them will be descriptive. First thing to

do would be to buy the form early. Take adequate time for filling up the form. Some forms require you to think a lot before filling them. Like FMS asks you to write the statement of purpose and send it to them. It\u2019s extremely stressful to be worrying about whether you will be able to send the form on time or not. Save yourself from the stress. There will be lots of stressful moments in the interviews, I can assure you of that!

Also when you are filling up a descriptive form, please take out a blank copy and try to fill it in with a pencil so that everything fits in perfectly. Then do the same in the form. Make sure its neat and clean. The form is the first impression that you would be making on the interviewer. Make sure that the first impression is a good one.

Once you have filled up the form, it is advisable to take out a photocopy of every form. It\u2019s useful in case there is any problem of your form not having reached the destination. You will have the form number too which you would have to quote for further communication. So keep it handy.

\ue000Score well in the written test : Well this is obvious isn\u2019t it? To get a call, you need to score well. Well there are quite a

few institutes that give lot of weight age to written score. Like, NIRMA admission basis is 70% CAT score and the rest 30% to work-ex, GD and PI. UBS gives 85% weight age to CAT score. While NMIMS adds the GD/PI and work-ex marks to the written score. Hence if your score is great, you boost your chances of getting through.


I have tried to recollect all the questions that were asked in my interviews. I hope it will give you a fair idea of how an interview can be like. I would just like to clarify certain things about what I have written. I may have forgotten to mention certain questions, which I can\u2019t recall. Also the wordings might not be precise. But they convey the same implications. Also at some places the order of questions might be jumbled, though I have tried my best to recall it and present it as it happened.

At the same time by reading the detailed account, don\u2019t form an idea that such and such institute will ask you only these kinds of questions. Agreed they all have a certain style of conducting the process and certain things that they stress on and will quiz you on, but every interview is different. There are different panels in each institute and even in the same panel the types of questions differ. So don\u2019t expect anything. Just be fully prepared.

Just a few other things to take note off. I always entered the interview with files that contained newspaper clippings and certificates of my extra-curricular achievements (tennis) and co-curricular achievements. I wanted to make sure that they know about it. And I wanted them to talk about tennis. As you will see, that did not always happen!

I will give you a brief introduction of myself so that it gives a clear idea as to I was asked the questions that I was. I am a
B.Com graduate (2005) from HL College of commerce. I have also played tennis at international level.
\ue001Denotes the questions asked by the panelists and
\ue002Denotes my response/my narration of what I felt/said.

10 participants, 3 panel members. Semi-circle arrangement. We had to introduce ourselves first. Everyone was given 1 minute
to state their opinion/point of view on the topic and then it was open for discussion.
TOPIC: Population explosion: is it helpful or harmful?

There were two friends of mine in the GD. One of them took the topic out of context. I didn\u2019t stop him because he was a friend. (I guess it hurt everyone\u2019s chances.) And immediately the panelists ended the GD. (It hardly lasted 3-4 minutes). They asked at random 2 or 3 people to speak who hadn\u2019t spoken. When they were about to end, I remembered CM sir\u2019s advice and just told the panelist that I would like to add a point there and just put some statistics, which I was aware of. It helped.

3 panelists. All different from the GD. I enter with my files. They don\u2019t even notice it.

\ue001So you have done your B.Com. Can you tell me what is inventory?
\ue001What is dead stock?
\ue001What are current assets?
\ue001Do you know how many Indian companies are there in the Fortune 500 list?
\ue001Can you name them? Which is the highest ranked company?
\ue001Can you name a person from your religion that is at the highest post in India?

\ue002I answer its Manmohan Singh.
\ue001Do you think he is the highest office holder in India?
\ue002I get confused now.
\ue001Seeing me confused, the other panelist asks me: who is the first citizen of India?
\ue002I answer it\u2019s the President.
\ue001Now can you tell me is there anyone from your religion who has been at the highest post?
\ue002I said I am not sure. They are laughing now and having fun because I said Manmohan Singh. I tell them that I heard
the question as who \u201cis\u201d holding the post, hence I answered Manmohan Singh.
\ue001They tell me that do you think we were not aware of the question we asked.
\ue002I smiled and did not say anything further.
(This is all I can recollect. There might have been 2-3 other questions.)

We first entered the hall. We were supposed to hand over copies of 10th and 12th mark sheets. I forgot to bring copies of 12th mark sheet. I kind of panicked a bit. They arranged to get it photo copied. The students managed the whole selection process. It was really very well done. They showed us a presentation of SIBM- it was really very inspiring. And then the process began.

We were given 10 minutes to write the essay. They specified that length was not important, but content was. The topic was:
What is supreme in a democracy: judiciary or parliament.

Then we were taken to the waiting room to keep our bags there. Then we headed straight for our case study. We were advised by the group-in-charge not to make it a fish market and if you do make it a fish market, then one panel member will interrupt. Don\u2019t let that happen, he said. Well, that\u2019s exactly what happened!

15 participants. Rectangular arrangement. 2 panel members. There was a lot of distance between the 2 sides. The
figure below shows the arrangement.

the case was kind of difficult. Too easy in the beginning, but no one could think differently. It was a complete fish market. The panelist interrupted and started discussing the case with us. We were to be given 15-20 minutes to discuss the case. We were stopped in about 7 minutes.

Then we were taken to have some snacks and everyone of our group got a chance to meet others and we began to relax. Then we proceeded to the waiting room. We had a student as a group in charge. He/she would talk to us about their experience in SIBM and would guide us as to how to go about the rest of the process.

Again the students were talking to us and making us feel relaxed. They were a few who had faced the same panel the
previous year and told us as to what kind of questions they were asked.
I was called for my interview. I entered with my 3 files and kept it on their desk. 3 panelists.
\ue001What do these files contain? (1 browses through my file and kind of highlights my achievements)
\ue001So you think you are an Eklavya? (I had received the Eklavya award and hence this question. I was taken aback with this
surprising question.)

\ue001Which all countries have you played tournaments?
\ue001How have you managed to score well in spite of playing tennis?
\ue001We already know you have achieved a lot in your tennis field. What are your USPs other than tennis?
\ue001Why do you want to do an MBA?

\ue002I tell them that I plan to open a tennis academy.

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