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Sanjeev Snacks

Sanjeev Snacks



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Published by api-3723176

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Published by: api-3723176 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Snacks - Contents 
Item DescriptionMirchi Vada
 Tongue tingling batter-fried stuffed greenchilies.
Hara BharaKabab
 An appetizing vegetarian patties.
Hazarvi Kabab
 Succulent chicken breasts marinated in a creamy cheese base and cooked in a tandoor.
 Light and fluffy steamed cubes of ground rice lentils, seasoned with mustard seeds and redchili.
Stuffed AlooTikki
 Delightful stuffed mashed potato cakes.
Medu Vada
 Doughnut shaped savouries of blackgram mixed with green chilies, cumin and coconut.
Onion Bhajia
 Deep fried sliced onion in gramflour batter.
Seekh Kabab
 Succulent minced meat kababs flavoured with meat and spices.
Rice Pakora
 Rice fritters made in a batter of Bengal gram.
Mutton Tikka
 Marinated mutton pieces cooked in Tandoor.
 Crunchy Cutlets
 Crisp cutlets prepared with potato and sprouted moong.
Corny Potatoes
 Mouthwatering preparation of potato jackets stuffed with corn and baked in the oven toppedwith cheese.
Peanut andChana Dal Tikke
 Mouth watering Tikkis made using peanuts and Bengal gram. A Sanjeev Kapoor original.
Fried Fish
 Boneless fish fillets coated with a blend of Indian spices and then deep fried to perfection.
Bhel Puri
 An extremely popular preparation of puffed rice and "sev" with various chutneys.
 Stuffed prism shaped savories.
Haryali PaneerTikka
 Paneer marinated in Coriander chutney and yoghurt, skewered and baked in an oven ortandoor.
Chicken Tikka
 Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and a blend of spices, skewered and cooked in an ovenor tandoor - A favourite the world over!
 A sweet and tangy steamed preparation of Colocassia leaves - A typical Gujarati dish.
 Made from buttermilk and gram flour - these rolls are a Gujarati speciality!
Paneer Pakora
 Paneer pieces dipped in masala and gram flour batter and deep fried in oil.
Sabudana Wada
 A typical South-Indain snack made of sabudana, potatoes and green chilies.
Dal Bhajiya
 A mxiture of moong dal balls with aromatic spices and deep fried in oil.
Pani Puri
 Puffed Puris with sprouted green gram dal and filled with sweet and spicy water, also knownas 'Gol Gappas'
Bhakar Wadi
 A famous spicy Maharshtrian snack made of gram flour.
Rava Idli
 Semolina based puffed Indian pancakes.
 Fried fish chops. A scrumptious starter.
Shami Kabab
 Minced meat balls, flattened and shallow fried.A speciality in Nawabi cuisine.
Moong Kachori
 Stuffed with split green dal and has a hard covering from outside.To be had with tamarindchutney.
Matar Cutlet
 A winter delight. Cutlets made of potato and peas.
Galouti Kabab
 Simply a remarkable royal kabab with flavours of mace and cardamom.
Malai Seekh
 This succulent kabab makes an excellent cocktail snack.
Mutton Kabab
 Succulent mutton pieces roasted over hot charcoal.
 Dry crispy rotis that remain fresh for many days.
Prawn Pakora
 A delicious snack made with prawns dipped in gram flour paste and deep fried.
 A famous Punjabi snack made of refined flour and deep fried in ghee.
 A munchy snack that consist of deep fried beaten rice, flavoured with an array of spices.
 A typical Bengali snack, made of flour and kala- jeera.
Prawn Balls
 A mixture of prawns, sauces, spices etc rolled into balls and deep fried.
Bread Upma
 A tasty breakfast dish made of bread slices and spices.
Rice Crispies
 A Mangalorean snack made of rice, nuts & red chilies.
 A very tasty, mouthwatering savoury made of gram flour.
 A spiral shaped Maharashtrain savoury made of gram flour, rice flour & chili powder.
Namak Pare
 A Punjabi savoury made of maida & rava.
Chana Vada
 A type of vada made of chana dal, onion, chilies and deep fried in oil.
Item DescriptionCrispy ChickenTidbits
 Baked Chicken pieces coated with bread crumbs.
Nawabi Murgh
 A creamy chicken kabab flavoured with mace.
Shahi MurghKabab
 Tender chicken breasts stuffed with cumin flavoured paneer.
Murgh Malai
 A creamy kabab with a cheese flavour.
Kastoori Kabab
 An egg coated variation of the chicken tikka
Batata Poha
 A delightful preparation from Western India. Prepared with pressed rice, potatoes andonions.
Ragda Pattice
 A popular meal in the west -Potato pancakes served with vatana (a lentil preparation).
Pav Bhaji
 A very popular combination of Indian bread and mashed vegetables cooked in a blend of 12spices.
 Crispy rice and dal pancakes topped with onions and tomatoes. A breakfast favourite.
Dahi Vada
 Savouries made from lentils, served with Yogurt and exotic chutneys - Simply mouth-watering!!
Cheese Omlette
 Easy to make omlette with a variation of cheese.
Nadur Monji
 A crispy deep-fried snack made of lotus roots coated with spiced rice flour batter.
Mushroom Bhajia
 A variation of the usual bhajia made with mushrooms & gram flour.
 Whole wheat flour savouries with a sweet taste.
 Very popular Indian Cookie made of refined flour.
Salami Rolls
 Chilled salami slices stuffed with cheese, cream, onion, capsicum, salt & pepper.
 Deep fried balls made of urad dal, coconut pieces and masalas.
 Add some mushrooms to your eggs and you get a mushroom omlette.
Masala Idli
 A famous South snack with a slight variation of spices to normal idli.
Potato Kabab
 Potato kabas stuffed with green chutney, coated with bread crumbs & deep fried.
Khaman Dhokla
 A fermented sweet-sour Gujarati snack made of two types of dals & rice.
 Cauliflower florets coated in gram flour batter and deep fried in oil.
 A gram flour preparation used as a garnish or an all time snack.
Cire Narkol
 A dish made of fried poha, sugar & grated coconut.
Alur Bora
 Easy to make Bengali style potato cutlet
Rice FlourPancakes
 Crispy pancakes made of rice batter - a perfect breakfast dish.
Paneer Cutlet
 Paneer and boiled potatoes balls coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried.
Sausage &Cheese Balls
 A scrumptious baked snack made of a mixture of sausage, flour & cheese.
Neer Dosa
 A simple dosa that does not need any fermentation & can be used as soon as the rice isground.
Rava Dosa
 A dosa with a difference, made of rava, rice flour, ginger, garlic etc.
Set Dosa
 This is a thicker version of the dosa made of a mixture of rice & dal.
Sooji Upma
 A tasty breakfast delicacy - a real stomach filler made of rava.
Cheddar CheeseSpread
 A paste made of cheddar cheese, mustard powder, beer & seasoned with pepper & salt.
Pani Puri
 A puffed puri used in a pani puri recipe
Scrambled Eggs
 A fast to make breakfast dish made of eggs, onions, chilies etc.
Tuna Sandwich
 Toasted slices of bread with tuna & mayonnaise filling.
Methi Dosa
 A variation of the dosa with fenugreek seeds added to the regular rice batter.
Prawns Puffs
 Boiled flour coating stuffed with prawn filling, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried in oil.
Mogli Chop
 Marinated mutton chops deep fried in oil.
Chingri Cutlet
 Marinated jumbo prawns, coated with breads crumbs and deep fried in oil.
Batata Vada
 A very popular anytime snack made of spiced potato stuffing coated with gram flour batterand deep fried.
Ham SaladSandwich
 Sliced bread filled with stuffing and shallow fried in butter.
Cheese BaconSandwich
 Baked bread slices with bacon & cheese stuffing.
Cheesy ChickenLiver Spread
 A tasty spread for bread or bicuits made of chicken liver, cheese etc
Item DescriptionMutton Spreadon Biscuits
 A lovely topping for biscuit canopies, made of mutton with boiled eggs, mustard powder etc.
Potato & CheeseCrispies
 A crunchy deep fried snack made of potatoes, cheese and masala filling.
Bread Pakodas
 Bread slices dipped in spicy gram flour batter and deep fried.
Masala Dosa
 A popular South-Indian snack made of potato vegetable filling in a large pancake made ofrice & urad dal
Fried Seekh Boti
 Marinated Mutton and potato cubes skewered, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried

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