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"I'm afraid it's broken. But you still have it." She smiled. She had
Jane Brown had just come from her first death. It had taken place in
The plain truth is that Twenty-two was looking for Jane Brown. Since
Jane Brown was in H ward
At just about that point Jane Brown turned and saw him. And although
The Probationer looked around. There was no one in sight
The First Assistant poured in more hot water
But it is the Staff which is always unmistakable. It comes along the
Then she took another look at the bed and she saw--Johnny Fraser
The Senior Surgical Interne was interested
The Senior Surgical Interne did a dressing in the ward that morning
"But not too intelligent!" said the Probationer. "I see."
That night the Senior Surgical Interne went in to play cribbage with
The S.S.I. sauntered out. He had thought he saw the Probationer from
Jane Brown felt that something was wrong. Doctor Willie came in once
He was very explicit with Jane Brown
She made up her mind to speak to Doctor Willie
The First Assistant called to the Probationer that night as she went
That afternoon Jane Brown broke another rule. She went to Twenty-two
Jane Brown went into the building. There was just one thing clear in
The Senior Surgical Interne came in just then. Refusing to marry him
It was the first time that Twenty-two had known her name was Nellie
That was the last day of Jane Brown's probation. On the next day she
The First Assistant avoided her eyes
An hour later Doctor Willie came in. He had brought some flowers for
To the eternal credit of the Staff Jane Brown's part in that painful
Which he did. But Jane Brown was not there
There was a wistful note in her voice. She liked him. He had been an
He was horribly excited. He had never been so nervous before. He had
"I intend to make all the racket I can until I get some attention."
"Well!" said Jane. "Are you going to stand for it?"
"Aren't you afraid to leave him?" queried Jane. "Won't he run off?"
"Please try to rest. Perhaps if I get your beef juice---"
"Where's that wrapper thing you've been wearing at night?" The Nurse
"It's like this. I've got a little property--not much; a little." He
Poor Junior Nurse!
"Well?" demanded Billy Grant. "How long have I? Until morning?"
"I wonder--whether I dare to say something to you." Silence from the
"Every atom of him is going to crave it. He's wanting it now. He has
The Nurse went back into the room and found Billy Grant sitting in a
"I'm sorry. And I'm afraid this is a place where I cannot help."
The Staff Doctor was no fool and he had heard about the orchids
"Jenks!" called Billy Grant
Billy Grant debated. The Nurse was turning at the gate
Now the next twenty-four hours puzzled the Nurse. When Billy Grant's
That day Billy Grant took only one cold plunge. As the hours wore on
"What is wrong with me?" she demanded. "You look so queer! Is my cap
The H.N. stopped and raised a reproving forefinger
And so the Dummy's Avenue Girl met her turn and rode down the street
"Look at the Dummy!" she said. "He's crying."
Across the ward Old Maggie had donned her ragged slippers and a blue
The Senior was watching. Old Maggie put on an air of benevolence and
The _interne_ considered
"Friends? Where would I get friends of that sort?"
The Avenue Girl shut her eyes as she did when the dressing hurt her
The Probationer was not sure. She liked doing things in the open and
The Probationer looked at the Avenue Girl's face
"What day is it?" the Avenue Girl asked once
"The Dummy! But what on earth---"
"No. May I come in? I want to see your mistress."
"I am sorry about the parrot. I--perhaps I could buy him from you."
"Gimme a bottle of beer!" it said. "Nice cold beer! Cold beer!"
"I believe it is very unusual. I wonder"--the Probationer poised the
"How's the Avenue?" asked Old Maggie
With Rose's departure silence fell behind the screen. The girl broke
"I--I guess I've been pretty far away."
The _interne_ was pacing the roof anxiously. Golden sunset had faded
"E.J." was the Junior Medical
"He has a beautiful voice." The Nurse's eyes were shining
"Lieutenant Hamilton. He's rather nice. Don't you think so?"
"He'll do to play with on the trip. You'll soon lose him in London."
It was the next night that Lethway kissed her. He had left her alone
"It's bad enough. My brother has been wounded. I am going to him."
During tea Cecil caught her eyes on him more than once. He had taken
"I've smoked a cigarette now and then. If you think it is wrong I'll
That is the way things stood when they reached the Mersey. Cecil was
"I'm doing just what I did in New York."
The boy was impassive. He was living in the past. One day he recited
"I'll probably end there. And I don't much care."
But Edith was not listening. She was standing in front of her opened
"Poor boy! Poor little one!" she said. And her voice was husky
Then she met Lethway. They walked through the park. When he left her
"In the bed where I was put till last night. This morning early---"
Senior Second's when the Chief and he had shaken hands
"None of your blamed business!" replied the Red Un
The Red Un knew quite well. The Chief and the two Seconds were still
It was uncanny. It was worse than that--it was damnable! Did not the
"That for mine!" said the Red Un in one of his rare enthusiasms
Mrs. Schmidt was a stewardess. The Red Un stepped forward
There was gossip in the engineers' mess those next days: the Old Man
The Senior Second stood out for the Chief
"Can you beat it?" demanded the Junior sulkily. "The old fox!"
"Wha' ish it?" demanded the Red Un in sleepy soprano. And then "Wha'
The Senior Second held out a gold sovereign on his palm
Not until long after could the Red Un recall without shame his share
Her voice fell rather flat. The Chief could not think of anything to
"You skunks!" he blubbered. "You crazy cowards! Come back and help!"
"You come on!" he gasped. "The whole thing'll go in a minute. She'll
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Love Stories

Love Stories

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Published by: Matilda Yuksel on Oct 24, 2011
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