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Published by api-3725973

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Published by: api-3725973 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

D\ue000i kh\ue001n s\u00f4 cho Hu\ue002

T\u00e1c gi\ue006: Nh\u00e3 Ca
T\u00e1c gi\ue006 ebook: C\ue007n V\ue008 \ue000\ue009
C\ue00ang t\u00e1c vi\u00ean:M\u00e8o Con

Ebook\ue00b\ue002\ue00cc post t\ue00di box VH-LS forum thegioiebook.com
T\ue00e NG\u00d4N: C\u00f3 ai\ue000\u00f3\ue000\u00e3 t\ue001ng n\u00f3i \u201ccho d\u00f9 cu\ue002c chi\ue003n c\u00f3 ch\u00ednh ngh\ue004a\ue000\ue003n

m\ue005y th\u00ec ng\ue006\ue007i ch\ue008u h\ue009u qu\ue00a l\ue00bn nh\ue005t kh\u00f4ng ph\ue00ai l\u00e0 c\u00e1c b\u00ean tham chi\ue003n m\u00e0 l\u00e0
ng\ue006\ue007i d\u00e2n\u201d,\ue000i\ue00cu\ue000\u00f3 kh\u00f4ng sai ch\u00fat n\u00e0o trong cu\ue002c chi\ue003n VN,t\u00f4i l\u00e0m ebook
n\u00e0y nh\ue006 1 l\ue007i\u201dc\ue00am\ue00dn nh\ue00eng ng\ue006\ue007i n\ue00fm xu\ue010ng\u201d(Tr\ue008nh C\u00f4ng S\ue00dn)\ue000\ue011 c\u00f3
cu\ue002c s\ue010ng thanh b\u00ecnh ng\u00e0y h\u00f4m nay.D\u00f9\ue000\u00e2y l\u00e0 s\u00e1ch vi\ue003t tr\ue006\ue00bc n\ue012m 1975 c\u00f3
nhi\ue00cu\ue000i\ue011m kh\u00f4ng ph\u00f9 h\ue013p v\ue00bi ng\u00e0y nay,nh\ue006ng s\ue014\ue000au kh\ue015 c\ue016a ng\ue006\ue007i d\u00e2n
m\ue00bi l\u00e0\ue000i\ue00cu b\ue017n c\ue018n bi\ue003t

Ch\ue002\ue004ng 1: Nh\ue00fng gi\ue010 \ue00b\ue011u ti\u00ean

Kh\u00f4ng bi\ue003t ti\ue003ng s\u00fang\ue000\ue018u ti\u00ean n\ue015 v\u00e0o gi\ue007 kh\ue019c n\u00e0o? Gi\ue00ea\ue000\u00eam, t\u00f4i\ue000\u00e3 cho\u00e0ng t\ue01anh d\ue009y v\u00ec
ti\ue003ng n\ue015 x\u00e9 to\ue017c c\ue00a nh\ue00eng gi\ue005c m\ue00d v\ue01bn.
V\ue001a k\ue008p l\ue012n xu\ue010ng kh\ue01ci t\ue005m ph\ue00an g\ue01d, tai t\u00f4i\ue000\u00e3 \u00f9\ue000i v\u00ec nh\ue00eng ti\ue003ng n\ue015 ran b\ue010n ph\u00eda.
Chuy\ue01en g\u00ec v\ue009y? Kh\u00f4ng bi\ue003t l\u00e0m th\ue003 n\u00e0o m\u00e0 t\u00f4i l\ue012n tr\u00f2n t\ue001 ph\u00f2ng ngo\u00e0i v\u00e0o ph\u00f2ng trong.
B\u00e0n tay ai k\u00e9o t\u00f4i gi\u00fai v\u00e0o gi\ue00ea ph\u00f2ng. T\u00f4i n\ue00fm\ue000\u00e8 l\u00ean da th\ue008t ai non m\u00e1t. M\ue002t ti\ue003ng k\u00eau
nh\ue01c t\ue019c ngh\ue01fn v\u00e0o \u00e2m thanh h\ue01dn\ue000\ue002n c\ue016a s\u00fang\ue000 \ue017n b\u00ean ngo\u00e0i. Khi t\u00f4i k\ue008p\ue000\ue008nh t\ue01anh l\ue017i
t\u00e2m th\ue018n th\u00ec\ue000!a ch\u00e1u nh\ue01c\ue000\u00e3 ng"i l\u00ean\ue000 \ue006\ue013c, n\ue00fm g#n g\u00e0ng trong l\u00f2ng t\u00f4i. "C\u00f2n\ue000!a m\u00f4
n\ue00ea? V\u00f4 h\ue003t\ue000i. V\u00f4 m\ue002t ch\ue01d.\u201d Ti\ue003ng m\u00e1 t\u00f4i th\u00ec th\u00e0o. Que di\u00eam t\ue019t ph\ue01bt nh\ue006ng c\u00f3 \u00e1nh n\ue003n
le l\u00f3i t\ue001 ph\u00f2ng ngo\u00e0i h\ue019t v\u00e0o. \u00d0!a em trai t\u00f4i tr\ue006\ue007n theo l\u00e0n \u00e1nh s\u00e1ng m\ue01cng\ue000\u00f3, n\u00f3 ng"i
\u00e1p v\u00e0o b\u00ean m\u00e1 t\u00f4i. \u201cL\u00e0m\ue00dn t\ue019t gi\u00f9m ng#n n\ue003n ngo\u00e0i b\u00e0n th\ue007\ue000i, t\ue019t lu\u00f4n c\ue00a l\ue006 tr\ue018m n\ue00ea.\u201d
\u00d4ng anh l\ue00bn c\ue016a t\u00f4i v\ue002i v\u00e3 l\u00e0m theo l\ue007i m\u00e1 t\u00f4i, r"i nh\ue00ay\ue000 \ue017i r\ue005t nhanh v\u00e0o ng"i d"n c\u00f9ng
m\ue002t\ue000\ue010ng. L\u00fac n\u00e0y t\u00f4i m\ue00bi c\ue00am th\ue005y ng\ue002t ng\ue017t\ue000\ue003n mu\ue010n t\ue019t th$ v\u00ec h\ue00di ng\ue006\ue007i, v\u00ec m\u00f9i tr\ue018m
h\ue006\ue00dng v\u00e0 m\u00f9i n\ue003n kh\u00e9t.
C\ue012n ph\u00f2ng qu\u00e1 ch\ue009t, l\ue017i b\ue008 c\u00e1i gi\ue006\ue007ng chi\ue003m m\ue005t m\ue002t n%a. Anh t\u00f4i ph\ue00ai l\ue012n xu\ue010ng g\ue018m
gi\ue006\ue007ng. Ng\ue006\ue007i n\u00e0y n\ue00fm g\u00e1c l\u00ean ng\ue006\ue007i kia. C\u00e1i b\u00f4\ue000\ue011 d\ue006\ue00bi ch\u00e2n gi\ue006\ue007ng, th\ue01anh tho\ue00ang b\ue008
va ch\ue017m, vang nh\ue00eng \u00e2m thanh r\ue015n r\ue00ang c\u00e0ng khua\ue000\ue002ng th\u00eam n\ue01di s\ue013 h\u00e3i c\ue016a m#i ng\ue006\ue007i.
N\ue00fm im\ue000\ue006\ue013c m\ue002t l\u00e1t, ho\u00e0n h"n l\ue017i, m#i ng\ue006\ue007i b\ue019t\ue000\ue018u nghe ng\u00f3ng. T\u00f4i d\u00e1n tai xu\ue010ng
n\ue00cn g\ue017ch. \u00d0!a ch\u00e1u g\u00e1i\ue000\u00e3 l\ue012n xu\ue010ng n\ue00fm c\ue017nh t\u00f4i, hai tay n\u00f3 \u00f4m\ue000 \ue018u, hai ch\u00e2n n\u00f3 l#t
v\u00e0o hai ch\u00e2n t\u00f4i. T\u00f4i h\ue01ci nh\ue01c:
"Tina n\ue00fm c\u00f3 ch\ue009t kh\u00f4ng?"
"Kh\u00f4ng, c\u00f4\ue00di. Tina s\ue013 qu\u00e1."

C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.


"\u00d0\ue001ng c\u00f3 kh\u00f3c.\u201d
T\u00f4i v\ue01d v\ue00c \ue000!a ch\u00e1u. Nh\ue006ng c\u00f9ng l\u00fac\ue000\u00f3 nh\ue00eng ti\ue003ng n\ue015 \u00ecnh \u00ecnh l\ue017i d\ue002i th\ue010c l\u00ean. \u00d0!a ch\u00e1u
b\ue01c tay, \u00f4m ch&t l\ue005y t\u00f4i, ng\ue006\ue007i n\u00f3 run c\ue018m c\ue009p. Tr\ue007i\ue00di, s\u00fang b\ue019n c\ue00a sau v\ue006\ue007n m\u00ecnh. T\u00f4i
nghe ti\ue003ng s\u00fang\ue000 \ue00fng sau v\ue006\ue007n th\ue009t trong, th\ue009t bu\ue010t. Th\ue00fng em gh\u00e9 v\u00e0o tai t\u00f4i:
"AK. Th\u00f4i, t\ue01bi n\u00f3 v\ue00c r"i."
T\u00f4i k\u00e9o n\u00f3:
"M\u00e0y n\ue00fm xu\ue010ng\ue000i."
"Kh\u00f4ng can chi m\u00f4 ch\ue008. \u00d0\ue011 em ng"i."
C\u00e1nh c%a s\ue015 b\ue01dng b\ue008 b\ue009t ra v\u00e0 c! th\ue003, hai c\u00e1nh c%a c! d\ue002i m$ ra,\ue000\u00f3ng\ue009p v\u00e0o theo nh\ue00eng
ti\ue003ng n\ue015 l\ue00bn. Ti\ue003ng\ue000\ue017n$ sau v\ue006\ue007n b\ue019n th\ue009t r\u00e1t. M\u00e1 t\u00f4i th\u00ec th\ue018m:
"\u00d0\u00e1nh t\ue00bi\ue000"n v\ue009n t\ue00ai."
"Kh\u00f4ng,\ue000"n tr\ue006\ue007ng bia."
"Kh\u00f4ng,\ue000\u00e1nh c\u00f9ng kh\ue019p. Con nghe ph\u00eda v\ue009n t\ue00ai, ph\u00eda tr\ue006\ue007ng bia, ph\u00eda ru\ue002ng, ph\u00eda sau

\ue000\ue006\ue007ng r\ue018y."

"Su't, im\ue000i cho v\ue00bi. Tr\ue007i\ue00di. Tr\ue007i\ue00di. Tr\ue007i\ue00di."
Ti\ue003ng tr\ue007i\ue00di\ue000\ue005t h(i b\ue01dng n\ue00fm ngay tr\u00ean ch\u00f3t l\ue006(i. B\ue018u tr\ue007i xo)t l%a s\u00e1ng tr\ue006ng,\ue000\ue005t rung
chuy\ue011n nh\ue006 \ue000\ue008a ch\ue005n. L\u00ean c\ue00dn r"i. T\u00f4i c*ng kh\u00f4ng th\ue011 n\ue00fm y\u00ean\ue000\ue011 nghe ti\ue003ng d\ue002i t!c c\ue00a
ng\ue014c\ue000\ue006\ue013c. T\u00f4i mu\ue010n ng"i nh\ue015m d\ue009y\ue000\ue011 nghe ng\u00f3ng, nh\ue006ng ch\ue01d n\ue00fm ch\ue009t kh\u00f4ng nh\u00fac
nh\u00edch\ue000\ue006\ue013c. \u00d0!a em h# l\u00fac n\u00e0y c*ng chen\ue000\ue006\ue013c m\ue002t ch\ue01d, hai ch\u00e2n n\u00f3 chu"i d\ue006\ue00bi gi\ue006\ue007ng,

\ue000\ue018u n\u00f3 th\u00f2 ra kh\ue01ci m\ue002t n%ac%a ph\u00f2ng. N\u00f3 l\ue017i b\ue009t di\u00eam, l\ue017i c\u00f3 ti\ue003ng la nh\ue01c: con kh\ue01a, t\ue019t

di\u00eam\ue000i. Ng#n di\u00eam t\ue019t ph\ue01bt. Nh\ue006ng trong b\u00f3ng t\ue010i, l\u00fac n\u00e0y t\u00f4i t\ue006$ng t\ue006\ue013ng ra\ue000\ue006\ue013c r"i.
T\u00f4i\ue000"ng\ue000i\ue01eu run v\ue00bi m\ue017 t\u00f4i, anh t\u00f4i, em g\u00e1i t\u00f4i. T\u00f4i\ue000"ng\ue000i\ue01eu co qu\ue019p, c\ue010\ue000\u00e8 n\u00e9n s\ue014 run
r+y, c\ue010 \ue006(n tung l\u00ean\ue000 \ue011 ti\ue003ng n\ue015 b\ue00bt d\ue002i ng\ue014c. \u00d0!a em h# t\u00f4i nghe ng\u00f3ng m\ue002t h"i r"i ng"i
d\ue009y, n\u00f3 b\u00f2 ra gian nh\u00e0 ngo\u00e0i, ch\u00fang t\u00f4i n\u00edn th$ ch\ue007 \ue000\ue013i. Ch\ue01a m\ue002t l\u00e1t sau, n\u00f3 b\u00f2 v\u00e0o n\u00f3i r\ue01a
tai t\ue001ng ng\ue006\ue007i:
"N\u00f3 $ \ue000\ue018y s\u00e2n v\ue006\ue007n nh\u00e0 m\u00ecnh."
L\ue017i nhi\ue00cu ti\ue003ng su't l#t ra kh\ue01ci c%a mi\ue01eng nh\ue006 m\ue002t h\ue00di hu\u00fdt gi\u00f3 nh\ue01c.
Anh t\u00f4i gi#ng h\ue00di gay g\ue019t:
"N\u00f3 b\ue019n nh\ue006 ph\u00e1o$ b\u00ean ngo\u00e0i, v\u00e0i ti\ue003ng\ue000\ue002ng nh\ue01c l\u00e0m sao nghe\ue000\ue006\ue013c."
R"i anh ti\ue003p:
"Qu\u00e1i g\u00ec, n\u00f3 v\ue00c\ue000\u00e1nh\ue000"n tr\ue006\ue007ng bia r"i. L\ue018n tr\ue006\ue00bc c*ng\ue000\u00e1nh su\ue010t m\ue002t\ue000\u00eam, s\u00e1ng ra l\u00e0 r\u00fat
T\u00f4i m\ue001ng th\ue018m. Ch\u00fang t\u00f4i ch\ue008u\ue000\ue014ng c\u00f3 l\ue01f \ue000\ue003n hai ti\ue003ng\ue000"ng h" r"i. T\u00f4i c\ue010 \ue000\ue006a c\ue015 tay
l\u00ean\ue000\ue011 nh\u00ecn m&t chi\ue003c\ue000"ng h", nh\ue006ng r\ue016i cho t\u00f4i, t\u00f4i mang\ue000"ng h" kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 kim d\ue017
quang. V\u00e0 ngo\u00e0i t\u00f4i ra ch,ng c\u00f3 ai k\ue008p th\u00ec gi\ue007 mang\ue000"ng h" h\ue003t. D\u00f9 sao ch\u00fang t\u00f4i c*ng
hy v#ng mong cho tr\ue007i s\u00e1ng. \u00d4ng anh t\u00f4i kh\u00f4ng bi\ue003t sao b\ue01dng tr$ ch!ng k\u00eau\ue000au b\ue01bng
b\ue005t th\u00ecnh l\u00ecnh. V\ue009y l\u00e0 chi\ue003c b\u00f4 l\ue017i c\u00f3 d\ue008p\ue000\ue006\ue013c d\u00f9ng t\ue00bi. Ch\u00fang t\u00f4i\ue000au kh\ue015 v\u00ec l\u00e1t l\u00e1t m\ue005y

\ue000!a nh\ue01c \ue000\u00f2i \ue000i ti\u00eau, \ue000i ti\ue011u. L\u00e1t l\u00e1t anh t\u00f4i l\ue017i k\u00eau \ue000au b\ue01bng, m\u00e0 c\u00e1i b\u00f4 th\u00ec qu\u00e1 nh\ue01c. M#i

ng\ue006\ue007i v\ue001a n\ue00fm v\ue001a run, v\ue001a c\ue010 gi\ue00e cho ch\u00e2n tay kh\ue01ci l\u00f3ng ng\u00f3ng. T\u00f4i c\ue010 ngh\ue004 \ue000\ue003n m\ue002t c\u00e1i g\u00ec\ue000\ue011 d\ue00fn c\ue00dn s\ue013 h\u00e3i, nh\ue006ng kh\u00f4ng, t\u00f4i kh\u00f4ng ngh\ue004 g\u00ec\ue000\ue006\ue013c h\ue003t. \u00d0\ue018u \u00f3c t\u00f4i vang d\ue002i ti\ue003ng s\u00fang. Tay ch\u00e2n t\u00f4i c! l\ue009t b\ue009t run r+y b\ue005t ch\ue005p c\ue00a s\ue014 t\ue014 ch\ue016 v\ue006\ue013t b\ue014c c\ue016a t\u00f4i. C\u00f3 nhi\ue00cu l\u00fac ngay c\ue00a ch\u00e2n tay, th\u00e2n th\ue011 m\u00ecnh c*ng kh\u00f4ng nghe l\ue007i m\u00ecnh n\ue00ea.

C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.


Nh\ue006ng r"i nh\ue007 s\ue014 ch\ue008u\ue000 \ue014ng quen d\ue018n, t\u00f4i b\u00ecnh t\ue004nh l\ue017i\ue000\ue006\ue013c v\u00e0 c\ue00dn run r+y bi\ue003n m\ue005t.
H\u00ecnh nh\ue006 ch\u00fang t\u00f4i\ue000\u00e3 ch\ue008u\ue000\ue014ng m\ue002t th\ue007i gian kh\u00e1 d\u00e0i v\u00e0 b\u00ecnh minh s\ue019p\ue000\ue003n. T\u00f4i nghe
ti\ue003ng r\ue01bc r\ue008ch trong chu"ng g\u00e0$\ue000\u00e0ng sau t\ue005m v\u00e1ch t\ue006\ue007ng l#t v\u00e0o nh\ue007 hai c\u00e1nh c%a s\ue015\ue000\u00e3
b\ue009t tung c\u00f9ng v\ue00bi ti\ue003ng s\u00fang\ue000\ue017n h\ue01dn lo\ue017n. Th\u00e1i, t\u00ean\ue000!a em h# t\u00f4i,\ue000\u00e3 b\u00ecnh t\ue004nh ng"i d\ue014a
v\u00e0o t\ue006\ue007ng, v\u00e0 ph\u00ec ph\u00e0 tr\u00ean m\u00f4i\ue000i\ue003u thu\ue010c l\u00e1 l\u00fac n\u00e0o. T\u00f4i l\ue018n tay, n\ue019m ch&t tay n\u00f3:
"Th\u00e1i, li\ue01eu c\u00f3 y\u00ean\ue000\ue006\ue013c kh\u00f4ng?"
"Em l\u00e0m r\ue012ng bi\ue003t\ue000\ue006\ue013c, c\u00e1i n\ue00b th\u00ec ch\ue008u..."
T\u00f4i l\ue017i h\ue01ci anh t\u00f4i, l\u00fac\ue000\u00f3\ue000\u00e3 n\ue00fm tr\u00ean gi\ue006\ue007ng v\u00ec kh\u00f4ng ch\ue008u n\ue015i s\ue014 chen l\ue005n d\ue006\ue00bi\ue000\ue005t:
"Anh, s\u00e1ng mai ch\ue019c y\u00ean h\u00e1 anh?\u201d
"L\u00e0m r\ue012ng bi\ue003t\ue000\ue006\ue013c, anh c*ng ch\ue008u."
T\u00f4i\ue000\u00e2m ra th\ue005t v#ng ngang. Nh\ue00eng \u00e1nh l%a x)t ngang d#c ph\u00eda ngo\u00e0i c%a s\ue015 kh\u00f4ng c\u00f2n
n\ue00ea, nh\ue006ng hai c\u00e1nh c%a v-n c\u00f2n b\ue008 d\ue002i b\ue009t ra b\ue009t v\u00e0o v\u00ec nh\ue00eng ti\ue003ng n\ue015 l\ue00bn. S\u00fang to,
s\u00fang nh\ue01c\ue000ang n\ue015 ran t\ue001 m&t qu\ue010c l\ue002, t\ue001 mi\ue01et ch\u00f9a, t\ue001 ph\u00eda sau\ue000\ue006\ue007ng r\ue018y. C\ue012n nh\u00e0 c\ue016a
ch\u00fang t\u00f4i n\ue00fm\ue000\ue00dn l., ch\ue008u\ue000\ue014ng b\ue010n m&t\ue000ang\ue000\u00e1nh nhau. Qu\ue010c l\ue002 v\u00e0 b\ue007 ru\ue002ng$ ngay
tr\ue006\ue00bc m&t,\ue000\ue006\ue007ng r\ue018y xe l%a$\ue000\u00e0ng sau l\ue006ng. Hai ph\u00eda hai b\u00ean, m\ue002t x\u00e9o v\ue00bi\ue000"n tr\ue006\ue007ng
bia, m\ue002t x\u00e9o v\ue00bi\ue000"n v\ue009n t\ue00ai An C\ue014u.
Kh\u00f4ng th\ue011 n\ue00fm y\u00ean\ue000\ue011 ch\ue007 t\ue00bi s\u00e1ng, t\u00f4i l\ue017i kh\ue00di chuy\ue01en:
"S\u00e1ng ng\u00e0y y\u00ean ch\ue019c ra\ue000 \ue006\ue007ng d/ s\ue013 l\ue019m!"
Th\u00e1i ph\u00e0 thu\ue010c tr\u00fang ngay v\u00e0o m&t t\u00f4i:
"Bu"n qu\u00e1, l\u00fac n\u00e0y c\u00f3 s\u00fang\ue000( s\ue013 h\ue00dn nhi\ue00cu. Bi\ue003t v\ue009y t\ue010i qua em l\u00ean\ue000\ue00dn v\ue008."
"Kh\u00f4ng bi\ue003t t\ue00bi s\u00e1ng\ue000\u00e3 y\u00ean\ue000 \ue006\ue013c ch\ue006a?\u201d
T\u00f4i h\ue01ci ho\u00e0i m\ue002t c\u00e2u nh\ue006 ng\ue006\ue007i ng\ue00b ng+n: Bi\ue003t\ue000\u00e2u. M\u00e0 y\u00ean ch!. S\u00e1ng ra m\u00e0 s\u00fang\ue000 \ue017n
kh\u00f4ng ng\ue001ng th\u00ec ch\ue003t h\ue003t.
"Tr\ue007i\ue00di,\ue000\ue001ng n\u00f3i, t\ue01bi n\u00f3 trong v\ue006\ue007n."
\u00d0!a em g\u00e1i c\ue016a t\u00f4i c\ue006\ue007i nh\ue01c:
"M\u00e1 s\ue013 chi m\u00e0 s\ue013 d\ue00e r!a. Ch\ue008 V\u00e2n, s\u00e1ng ra ch\ue008 v\ue00bi em\ue000i th\ue012m tr\ue009n\ue000\u00e1nh nghe. Coi ch\ue001ng
v\ue00c S\u00e0i G\u00f2n vi\ue003t m\ue002t ph\u00f3ng s\ue014 chi\ue003n tr\ue006\ue007ng\ue000\ue018u n\ue012m\ue000\ue018y gay c\ue005n."
"Gi(n chi m\u00e0 gi(n v\u00f4 h\ue009u t\ue003 \ue000\ue013i r!a. M\ue005y chuy\ue01en\ue000\u00f3\ue000\ue001ng c\u00f3 ham.\u201d
M\u00e1 t\u00f4i c\ue00fn nh\ue00fn. Nh\ue006ng ch\u00fang t\u00f4i\ue000\u00e3 b\ue00bt d\ue018n c\ue00dn s\ue013 h\u00e3i, b\ue019t\ue000\ue018u n\u00f3i chuy\ue01en\ue000\ue006\ue013c, m\u00e0
c\u00e2u chuy\ue01en c*ng b\ue00bt ng\ue00b ng+n. L\u00fac n\u00e0y ti\ue003ng s\u00fang$ trong v\ue006\ue007n\ue000\u00e3 d\ue008u d\ue018n, nh\ue006ng xung
quanh th\u00ec v-n c\u00f2n n\ue015 ran. T\u00f4i n\ue00fm m\u00e0 m\ue019t kh\u00f4ng r\ue007i kh\ue01ci c\u00e1nh c%a s\ue015 ph\u00eda tr\u00ean\ue000\ue018u\ue000!a
em g\u00e1i. T\u00f4i n\ue00fm ch\ue007, cho t\ue00bi khi b\ue018u tr\ue007i t\ue010i m\ue008t b\u00ean ngo\u00e0i kia b\ue008 h\u00fat b\ue00bt m\u00e0u\ue000en\ue000&c.
L\u00fac n\u00e0y t\u00f4i c\ue018n s\ue014 b\u00ecnh t\ue004nh, c\ue018n s!c m\ue017nh. T\u00f4i mong cho tr\ue007i s\u00e1ng th\u00ec tr\ue007i\ue000\u00e3 g\ue018n s\u00e1ng
r"i. M\ue005y chi\ue003c l\u00e1 c\u00e2y ph\ue005t ph\ue00d b\u00ean ngo\u00e0i c%a s\ue015\ue000\u00e3 hi\ue01en l\ue007 m\ue007, r"i r\u00f5 d\ue018n. M\ue005y\ue000 !a ch\u00e1u
t\u00f4i k\u00eau kh\u00e1t n\ue006\ue00bc. Ch\u00fang t\u00f4i ch\ue007 \ue000\ue013i cho ti\ue003ng s\u00fang b\ue00bt" \ue017t, Th\u00e1i m\ue00bi\ue000i ra ngo\u00e0i r\u00f3t m\ue002t
ly n\ue006\ue00bc cho hai\ue000!a nh\ue01c. Ti\ue003ng s\u00fang\ue000\u00e3 c\u00f3 v. th\ue006a h\ue00dn, b!c m\u00e0n\ue000\u00eam\ue000\u00e3 b\ue00bt m\ue019c k)t

\ue000\ue017n. Anh t\u00f4i hy v#ng h\ue00dn ai h\ue003t:

"Th\u00e1i, coi y\u00ean s\u00fang\ue000em xe Honda ra ngo\u00e0i, anh mu\ue010n l\u00ean T\ue001 \u00d0\u00e0m. Ch\ue019c ch\ue008 v\u00e0 m\ue005y\ue000!a
nh\ue01c s\ue013 gh\u00ea l\ue019m."
Gia\ue000\u00ecnh t\u00f4i l\u00fac n\u00e0y\ue000ang chia l\u00e0m hai. Ch\ue008 d\u00e2u t\u00f4i v\u00e0 m\ue005y\ue000!a nh\ue01c c\u00f2n$ nh\u00e0 tr\u00ean\ue000\ue018u
d\ue010c B\ue003n Ng\ue014. N\u00ean anh t\u00f4i l\u00e0 ng\ue006\ue007i lo l\ue019ng nh\ue005t. Nh\ue006ng ch\ue019c kh\u00f4ng sao. Mo\ue008 ng\ue006\ue007i t\ue014 an

\ue016i. \u00d0\ue003n s\u00e1ng l\u00e0 y\u00ean, v\ue009y s\u00e1ng r"i. M\u00f4i m\u00e1 t\u00f4i \ue000\u00e3b\ue00bt t\u00edm, tay ch\u00e2n b\u00e0 c*ng b\ue00bt run r+y.
Nh\ue006ng n\ue01di vui m\ue001ng c\ue016a ch\u00fang t\u00f4i kh\u00f4ng\ue000\ue006\ue013c l\u00e2u. \u00d0\u00fang l\u00fac t\u00f4i nghe ti\ue003ng g\u00e0 g\u00e1y n\ue00di

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