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Cac Tran Khong Chien Tren Bau Troi Vietnam

Cac Tran Khong Chien Tren Bau Troi Vietnam

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Published by api-3725973

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Published by: api-3725973 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

C\u00c1C CU\ue000C KH\u00d4NG CHI\ue001N TR\u00caN B\ue002U TR\ue003I VI\ue004T NAM
Ngu\ue001n: 4rum TTVNOL.com.Thanks ace!
T\u00e1c gi\ue002 ebook: C\ue003n V\ue004 \ue000\ue005

L\ue001i m\ue002 \ue003\ue004u: Trong cu\ue005c chi\ue006n tranh ch\ue007ng M\ue008,ng\ue009\ue001i l\u00ednh kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n\ue003\u00f3ng
g\u00f3p 1 ph\ue004n kh\u00f4ng nh\ue00a trong chi\ue006n th\ue00bng oanh li\ue00ct,t\ue00do n\u00ean nh\ue00eng chi\ue006n c\u00f4ng
huy\ue00fn tho\ue00di,m\u00e0 c\ue010 th\ue006 gi\ue011i ph\ue010i kinh ng\ue00dc,c\u00f3 th\ue012 n\u00f3i kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n VN\ue003\u00e3 vi\ue006t
n\u00ean 1 cu\ue007n binh ph\u00e1p kh\u00f4ng chi\ue006n c\ue010 th\ue006 gi\ue011i ph\ue010i h\ue013c h\ue00ai\u2026Nh\ue00eng ng\ue009\ue001i l\u00ednh
d\u00e0nh h\ue006t t\u00ecnh y\u00eau t\ue014 qu\ue007c l\u00f2ng d\ue015ng c\ue010m\ue003 \ue012 quy\ue006t chi\ue006n v\ue011i k\ue016 th\u00f9 hung
b\ue00do.Cu\ue007n ebook nh\ue00a n\u00e0y s\ue017 n\u00f3i v\ue00f h\ue013,nh\ue00eng tr\ue018n\ue003\u00e1nh m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng m\ue019y ng\ue009\ue001i
bi\ue006t,nh\ue00eng chi\ue006n MIG th\ue004n k\u00ec, C\u00c1NH \u00c9N NH\ue01a B\u00c1O HI\ue000U C\ue01b M\u00d9A
XU\u00c2N(C\ue018n v\ue00c \ue003\ue00a).

Chi\ue000nthu\ue001t m\ue002i c\ue003a Mig.
Th\ue004iti\ue000tth\u00e1ng 8/1967th\ue001tt\ue005t, n\u00ean KQ v\u00e0 HQti\ue000pt\ue006c c\u00e1c cu\ue007c kh\u00f4ng k\u00edch quy\ue000t li\ue008t. Ph\ue009n l\ue002n
n\ue00a l\ue00bct\ue001ptrung v\u00e0o Route Package VI ch\ue005ng l\ue00ci c\u00e1c\ue00d\ue00e \ue004ng li\u00ean l\ue00cc, \ue00d\ue00fc bi\ue008t l\u00e0 2\ue00d\ue00e \ue004ng xe l\ue010a ch\ue00cy
\ue00d\u00f4ng b\ue011c v\u00e0 \ue00d\u00f4ngt\u00e2yt\ue012 H\u00e0 n\ue007i sang TQ v\u00e0 h\ue008th\ue005ng v\ue001nt\ue013it\ue012 H\u00e0 n\ue007i \ue00d\ue000nc\ue013ng H\ue013i ph\u00f2ng.
Mig kh\u00f4ng ho\ue00ct \ue00d\ue007ng m\ue00cnh k\ue014t\ue012th\u00e1ng 6, v\u00e0 cho\ue00d\ue000n l\u00fac\ue00d\u00f3 c\u00e1c\ue00d\ue015n v\ue016 kh\u00f4ngth\ue017y c\u00f3 d\ue017u hi\ue008u
n\u00e0o c\ue003a chi\ue000nthu\ue001t m\ue002i. Nh\ue00eng,th\ue001t kh\u00f4ng may, h\ue018\ue00d\u00e3 nh\ue009m.

Ng\u00e0y 23th\u00e1ng 8, 1967, m\ue007t l\ue00bc l\ue00e\ue019ng l\ue002n g\ue01am 9 phi\ue00d\ue007i 105 v\u00e0 4 phi\ue00d\ue007i F4 (1 ch\ue005ng Mig
(MigCap) v\u00e0 3 c\ue00e\ue004ng k\u00edch)t\ue017n c\u00f4ng ga Vinh Y\u00ean. F105t\ue017n c\u00f4ngtr\ue00e\ue002c, c\u00f3 F4 MigCap\ue01btr\u00e1i sau
v\u00e0 3 bi\u00ean\ue00d\ue007i F4 n\u00e9m bom baytheo\ue00d\ue007i h\u00ecnh ch\ue01c V ngay\ue00d\ue01dng sau. TH\ue004iti\ue000tt\ue005t, tr\ue009n m\u00e2y 25,000

feet( ov er c ast).

L\ue00bc l\ue00e\ue019ngt\ue017n c\u00f4ng kh\u00f4ng bi\ue000t \ue00d\u00e3 c\u00f3 2 Mig21 xu\ue017t ph\u00e1t t\ue012 Ph\u00fac Y\u00ean, bayth\ue017p ch\ue00fn\ue00d\u00e1nh. Mig
bay g\ue009n m\ue00ft \ue00d\ue017t (stay inthe ground cluster[1])\ue00d\ue014tr\u00e1nh b\ue016 rada m\u00e1y bay M\ue01e ph\u00e1t hi\ue008n, nh\ue00engt \u00edn
hi\ue008utransponder c\ue003a n\u00f3\ue00d\u00e3 b\ue016thi\ue000t b\ue016 QRC-248tr\u00ean m\ue007t chi\ue000c EC-121\ue00dang bay v\u00f2ng nh\ue001n

\ue00d\ue00e\ue019c. CHi\ue000c EC-121th\u00f4ng b\u00e1o v\ue016 tr\u00edc\ue003a Mig, nh\ue00eng \ue00d\ue015nv\ue016h\ue00atr\ue019 kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 ph\ue013n \ue01fng.
Khi d!n\ue00d\ue00e\ue004ng m\ue00ft \ue00d\ue017tth\ue017y MIg\ue00d\u00e3\ue01b b\u00ean s\ue00e\ue004n c\ue003a\ue00d\ue007i h\u00ecnh n\u00e9m bom, v\u00e0 ngo\u00e0it\ue009m c\ue003a F4
MigCap, h\ue018 ra l\ue008nh Mig v\ue018t l\u00ean 28,000feet (kqndvn ~ 9,000m), \ue00d\ue00ea Mig v\ue00e\ue019ttr\u00eantr\ue009n m\u00e2y v\u00e0\ue01b
s\ue00e\ue004n c\ue003a m\ue007ttrong c\u00e1c phi\ue00d\ue007i n\u00e9m bom,trong khi v!n kh\u00f4ng b\ue016 rada c\ue003a F4 ph\u00e1t hi\ue008n. Mig21
ti\ue000p c\ue001n l\ue00bc l\ue00e\ue019ng,v \u00e0 theo l\ue008nh c\ue003a d!n\ue00d\ue00e \ue004ng m\ue00ft\ue00d\ue017t, h\ue018\ue00d\u00e2m xuy\u00ean tr\ue009n m\u00e2y v\ue002i t\ue005c \ue00d\ue007c\ue00bc
nhanh v\u00e0o phi\ue00d\ue007i Ford, m\ue007ttrong 3 phi\ue00d\ue007i F4 n\u00e9m bom bay ph\u00eda sau\ue00d\ue007i h\u00ecnh ch\u00ednh. Migt\ue017n

c\u00f4ng b\ue01dngt\u00ean l\ue010a Atoll; C\ue013nh b\u00e1o\ue00d\ue009uti\u00ean m\u00e0 F-4 nh\ue001n\ue00d\ue00e \ue019c l\u00e0 khi s\ue005 3th\ue017y m\ue007t t\u00ean l\ue010a b\ue011ntr\u00fang s\ue005 4, bi\ue000n n\u00f3th\u00e0nh m\ue007t qu\ue013 c\ue009u l\ue010a. C\u00f9ng l\u00fac\ue00d\u00f3, s\ue005 2th\ue017y m\ue007tt\u00ean l\ue010a Atoll bay s\ue00e\ue019t b\u00ean c\ue00cnh v\u00e0 ph\u00e1 hu" s\ue005 1.

C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

Mig baytho\u00e1t kh\u00f4ng b\ue016t#nth\ue00e\ue015ng (unscathed).
Nh\ue00engtr\ue001n\ue00d\u00e1nh v!n ch\ue00ea h\ue000t; tr\u00ean khu v\ue00bc m\ue006cti\u00eau, th\u00eam nhi$u Mig21 v\u00e0 Mig17t\ue017n c\u00f4ng v\ue002i
chi\ue000nthu\ue001t conventional. M\ue007t F-4 ph\u00f3ngt\u00ean l\ue010a Aim-7 v\u00e0o m\ue007t F4 kh\u00e1c m\u00e0 n\u00f3 nh\ue001n l\ue009m l\u00e0 qu\u00e2n
\ue00d\ue016ch, nh\ue00eng \ue00d\u00e3k\ue016pt\ue011t rada (break lock) tr\ue00e\ue002c khit\u00ean l\ue010atr\u00fang m\ue006cti\u00eau. M\ue007tF4 n\ue01cab\ue016 cao x\ue00c
b\ue011n r\ue015i. S\ue005 3 c\ue003a bi\u00ean\ue00d\ue007i Ford h\ue000t d\ue009u khi ch\ue00ea b\ue011t k\ue016p m\u00e1y bayti\ue000p d\ue009u, khi\ue000nt#ng s\ue005 m\u00e1y bay
b\ue016 m\ue017t l\u00e0 4 chi\ue000c, 3trong s\ue005\ue00d\u00f3thu\ue007c bi\u00ean\ue00d\ue007i Ford. T# bay c\ue003a Ford 3\ue00d\ue00e \ue019c\ue00d\u00f3n v$; \u00edt nh\ue017t 3 d\u00f9
\ue00d\u00e3 \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c nh\u00ecnth\ue017y bung rat\ue012S\ue005 1 v\u00e0 s\ue0054, nh\ue00eng kh\u00f4ng aitrong c\u00e1ct#bay \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c c\ue01futho\u00e1t.

Cu\ue007ct\ue017n c\u00f4ng ch\ue000t ch\u00f3c n\u00e0y c\ue003a Mig21 l\ue00ci c\u00e0ng g\u00e2y b\ue005i r\ue005i khi sau\ue00d\u00f3 c\u00e1c phi c\u00f4ng bi\ue000t \ue00du\ue019c b\ue007 ph\ue001n qu\u00e2n b\u00e1o M\ue01e\ue00d\u00e3 quan s\u00e1t \ue00d\ue00e \ue019c Mig luy\ue008nt\ue001p chi\ue000nthu\ue001t n\u00e0yt\ue012 10 ng\u00e0ytr\ue00e\ue002c\ue00d\u00f3, nh\ue00eng ch%ng ai b\u00e1o l\ue00ci cho c\u00e1c phi\ue00d\ue007i. H\ue018 c\u00f2n lo \u00e2u h\ue015n n\ue01ca khi bi\ue000t r\ue01dng\ue00d\u00f3 ch& l\u00e0 kh\ue01bi\ue00d\ue009u c\ue003a s\ue00b

thay\ue00d#i c'n b\ue013n chi\ue000n thu\ue001t c\ue003a Mig 21 KQ B\ue011c Vi\ue008t.
C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

( b\u00ean HK100 \ue00d\u00e3 c\u00f3 l\ue009n n\u00f3i v$ c\u00e1i n\u00e0y r\ue01ai. Cu\ue007c kh\u00f4ng chi\ue000ntr\u00ean kh\u00f4ng \ue01bT ri$u Ti\u00ean di)n ra r\ue017t
kh\ue005c li\ue008t. Ban\ue00d\ue009u, M\ue01e v\u00e0\ue00d\ue01ang minhtuy\u00ean b\ue005 h\ue00c \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c 10/1 m\u00e1y bay B\ue011c TT v\u00e0 TQ. Sau\ue00d\u00f3,
Li\u00ean X\u00f4th\u00e0nh l\ue001p m\ue007t \ue00d\ue015n v\ue016 \ue00d\ue00fc bi\ue008ttham chi\ue000ntr\ue00bcti\ue000p, c\u00e1c phi c\u00f4ng b\ue011t bu\ue007c n\u00f3iti\ue000ng TT
hay TQ. T" l\ue008 \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c m\ue017t c\ue003a\ue00d\ue015n v\ue016 n\u00e0y l\u00ean\ue00d\ue000n g\ue009n 10/1. T" l\ue008 n\u00e0yth\ue00bct\ue000 c\u00f2n cao h\ue015n n\ue01ca, v\u00ec
\ue00d\u00e2y l\u00e0 c\u00e1c con s\ue005 \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c hai b\u00ean c\u00f4ng nh\ue001n khi Li\u00ean X\u00f4 gi\ue013im\ue001tt\u00e0i li\ue008u. Th\ue00bct\ue000 cao h\ue015nv\u00ec M\ue01ec h&

c\u00f4ng nh\ue00cn m\u00e1y bay bm\ue017t do kh\u00f4ng chi\ue000n khi m\u00e1y bay r\ue015it\ue00citr\ue001n, c\u00f2n n\ue000u m\u00e1y bay l\u00ea l\ue000t ra kh*i
kh\u00f4ng giantr\ue001n\ue00d\u00e1nhth\u00ec M\ue01e t\u00ednh l\u00e0tai n\ue00cn. Do\ue00d\u00f3, c\u00f3 s\ue00b ch\u00eanh l\ue008ch con s\ue005 m\u00e1y bay M\ue01e b\ue016
m\u00e1y bay Li\u00ean X\u00f4 h\ue00c. kho\u00e0ng g\ue009n 1200\ue00d\ue000n 1400 m\u00e1y bay M\ue01e v\u00e0\ue00d\ue01ang minh m\ue017t, Li\u00ean X\u00f4 m\ue017y v\u00e0i
ch\ue006c c\u00e1i. Sau chi\ue000ntranh, c\u00f3 nh\ue01fng phi c\u00f4ng h\ue00c 24 chi\ue000c, c\u00f3 nh\ue01fng\ue00d\ue015n v\ue016 m\u00e0 h\ue009u h\ue000t phi c\u00f4ngtr\ue01b

th\u00e0nh ace.T r\ue00e\ue002 c\ue00d\u00e2y,k hi t\u00e0i li\ue008u m\ue001tv$ t"l\ue008 th\ue011ng kh\ue003ng khi\u00eap c\ue003a ph\u00eda Li\u00ean X\u00f4 ch\ue00ea gi\ue013i m\ue001t,

ng\ue00e\ue004ita c+ng r\ue017t kh\u00f4n ngoan khi n\u00f3i v$ kh\u00f4ng chi\ue000n\ue01b chi\ue000ntranh n\u00e0y, nh\ue01cng box ch\u00fangta kh\u00f4ng
ph\ue013i ai c+ng c\u00f3tr\u00ecnh\ue00d\ue007 v'n h\u00f3a nh\ue00et\u00e1c gi\ue013, do Li\u00ean X\u00f4 v\ue012a ra kh*i chi\ue000ntranh, phi c\u00f4ng
c\u00f3tr\u00ecnh\ue00d\ue007 cao r\ue017t nhi$u,t\ue00e\ue002ng ch& huy kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n c+ng gi*i, kh\u00f4ngth\ue014 c\u00f3tr\ue001n kh\u00f4ng chi\ue000n b\ue00ci

nh\ue00e v\ue001y.
T" l\ue008th\ue011ng cao c\ue003a Li\u00ean X\u00f4\ue00d\ue00e\ue019c M\ue01e v\u00e0\ue00d\ue01ang minh cho l\u00e0:
1, Li\u00ean X\u00f4 d\u00f9ng m\u00e0y bayti\u00eam k\u00edch\ue00d\u00e1nh m\u00e1y bay n\u00e9m bom.
2, Li\u00ean X\u00f4th\u00e0nh l\ue001p m\ue007t \ue00d\ue015n v\ue016 nhi$u phi c\u00f4ng anh h\u00f9ng gi\ue009u kinh nghi\u00eam chi\ue000n\ue00d\ue017u.
Tuythi\ue000ut\u00e0i li\ue008u v\u00e0 c\u00f9ng Li\u00ean X\u00f4 gi\ue01ctuy\ue008t m\ue001t tr\ue001n n\u00e0y, tr\u00e1nh\ue00d\ue014 b\ue018n x\ue017u s\ue010 d\ue006ng\ue00d\ue014tuy\u00ean
truy$n ww3, nh\ue00eng nhi$u phi c\u00f4ng M\ue01e l\u00fac\ue00d\u00f3 h\ue018 chi\ue000n\ue00d\ue017u v\ue002i phi c\u00f4ng Nga, do c\u00e1c phi c\u00f4ng
Nga kh\u00f4ngth\ue00coti\ue000n n\ue00e\ue002c ngo\u00e0i v\u00e0 n\u00f3i b\ue01dngti\ue000ng m, \ue00d-.
Nh\ue00e v\ue001y, box c+ng\ue00d\u00e3 n\u00f3i\ue00d\ue000n v\u00e0t\u00e0i li\ue008u n\ue00e\ue002c ngo\u00e0i c+ng nhi$u, vi\ue008c"F-86 c\ue003a M\ue01e\ue00d\u00e3 h\ue00c Mig-15
ph\ue009n l\ue002n do phi c\u00f4ng Nga l\u00e1i v\ue002it& l\ue008ti\u00eau di\ue008t 10:1" l\u00e0 vi\ue008c l\u00e0m c\ue005 \u00fd, r-ti$n. Th\ue00bct\ue000\ue00d\u00e2y l\u00e0 chi\ue000n
tranh th\ue011ng l\ue019i huy ho\u00e0ng nh\ue017t c\ue003a kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n Soviet. C+ng do qu\u00e1 cay c\u00fa v$ th\ue017t b\ue00ci n\u00e0y,
nh\ue01cngt\u00e0i li\ue008u mang n\ue00fngt\u00ednh qu\ue013ng c\u00e1o kh\u00f4ng h$ ng\ue00e\ue019ng m\ue01an b\u00f4i b\u00e1c b\u00f3p m\u00e9o n\u00f3.

T\u00e0i li\ue008u n\u00e0y d\u00f9 do ch\u00ednh ng\ue00e\ue004i T\u00e2y ph\ue00e\ue015ng vi\ue000t nh\ue00eng h\ue018 l\ue00ci\ue00d$ cao kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n vi\ue008t nam. N\u00f3i
ch\u00ednh x\u00e1c l\u00e0\ue00d$ cao phi c\u00f4ng v\u00e0 ch& huy VN. H\ue018 cho r\ue01dng Kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n VN b\u00e9 t\u00ed t,o, v+ kh\u00ed l\ue00cc h\ue001u
c\ue003a Nga. Nh\ue00eng v.nt \u00ecm\ue00d\ue00e \ue019c c\u00e1ch\ue00d\u00e1nh v\u00e0 h\ue00c \ue00d\ue00e\ue019c qu\u00e2n\ue00d\ue007i\ue00d\u00f4ng h\ue015n, hi\ue008n\ue00d\ue00ci h\ue015n v\u00e0

\ue00d\ue00e\ue019c hu\ue017n luy\ue008nk\ue01e.T\u00e0i li\ue008u nh\ue00ev\ue001yt\ue00ci sao kh\u00f4ng \ue00d'ng ? n\ue000u b\ue013ov+ kh\u00ed Nga l\u00e0 v\u00f4 \ue00d\ue016chth\ue003,l\u00e0 \ue00ditr\ue00e\ue002cth\ue004i \ue00d\ue00ci, l\u00e0 \ue00d&nh cao c\ue003a k\ue01ethu\ue001t qu\u00e2n s\ue00b.v\ue001y ng\ue00e\ue004i vnta c\u00f3 g\u00ec t\u00e0i gi*i n\u00e0o? x\u00e0i \ue00d\ue01at\ue005t \ue00d\ue00e\ue015ng nhi\u00ean l\u00e0th\ue011ng \ue00d\ue01at\ue01ai d\ue014 d\u00e0ng l\ue011mth\u00f4i. Nh\ue00ength\ue00bct\ue000 l\u00e0 VNta \ue00d\ue00e\ue019ctrang b\ue016v+k h\u00ed k \u00e9m

nh\ue00eng v.nth\ue011ng./\ue017y l\u00e0 y\ue000ut\ue005 con ng\ue00e\ue004i./\ue00ci T\ue00e\ue002ng V\u00f5 Nguy\u00ean Gi\u00e1p c\u00f3 n\u00f3i: V+ kh\u00ed c\u00f3 hi\ue008n
\ue00d\ue00ci c+ng ch& l\u00e0 c#m \u00e1y, quant r\ue018ng l\u00e0 ng\ue00e\ue004i s\ue010d\ue006ng n\u00f3.
S\u00e1ch n\u00f3i l\u00eant \u00ednh Anh H\u00f9ng c\ue003a ng\ue00e\ue004i VNth\u00ec n\u00ean d\ue016ch. T\u00f4i kh\u00f4ng hi\ue014ut\ue00ci sao c\u00f3 qu\u00e1 nhi$u

ng\ue00e\ue004i s0n l\u00f2ng l\u00e0m m\ue018ith\ue01f \ue00d\ue014 b\ue013o v\ue008 danh d\ue00bt\ue005i cao c\ue003a v+ kh\u00ed Nga v\u00e0 qu\u00e2n\ue00d\ue007i Nga. T\ue00ci sao
kh\u00f4ng d\u00f9ng b\ue017y nhi\u00eau\ue00d\u00f3t\u00e2m huy\ue000t \ue00d\ue014 ca ng\ue019i s\ue00b Anh h\u00f9ng c\ue003a d\u00e2nt\ue007c VNta ? T\u00f4i n\u00f3i c\u00e2ut\ue012\ue00d\u00e1y
l\u00f2ng. Ng\u00e0y x\ue00eat\u00f4i lu\u00f4n ngh1 m#i v+ kh\u00ed c\u00f3th\ue000 m\ue00cnh v\u00e0 y\ue000u ri\u00eang c\ue003a n\u00f3. kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 v+ kh\u00ed n\u00e0o l\u00e0
v\u00f4\ue00d\ue016ch. T\u00f4ith\u00edch m\ue007t s\ue005 \ue00d\ue00fc\ue00di\ue014m c\ue003a v+ kh\u00ed Nga. Nh\ue00engt\ue012 ng\u00e0yth\ue017y\ue01b\ue00d\u00e2y v\u00e0i ng\ue00e\ue004i xem n\u00f3
nh\ue00eth\ue00e\ue019ng\ue00d\ue000 v\u00ec n\u00f3 m\u00e0 x\ue013y ra chia r- nghi\u00eamtr\ue018ngtrong roomt\u00f4ith\ue001t s\ue00b kh\u00f4ng mu\ue005n nh\ue011c\ue00d\ue000n
ngay c\ue013 c\u00e1it\u00ean v+ kh\u00ed Nga n\ue01ca. Th\ue004i\ue00d\ue00ci nay\ue00d\u00e3 kh\u00e1c x\ue00ea,th\u00f4ngtinto\u00e0n c\ue009u. ng\ue00e\ue004i

ngu c+ng\ue00d\ue018c\ue00d\ue00e \ue019c r\ue017t nhi$u v\u00e0 bi\ue000t r\ue017t nhi$u. V\u00ec n\ue00e\ue002c Ngath\u00e2n y\u00eau m\u00e0 ca ng\ue019ith\u00e1i qu\u00e1 ch&
\ue00dem \ue00d\ue000nk\ue000t qu\ue013ng\ue00e\ue019c, l\u00e0m ng\ue00e\ue004ita nh\u00ecn n\ue00e\ue002c Nga nh\ue00em\ue007tc#m \u00e1yt u y\u00eant ru y$n m\u00e0th\u00f4i.
B\u00e1c kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n c\ue01f d\ue016ch di, vi\ue008ctath\u00ecta c\ue01f l\u00e0mth\u00f4i.

C\u00e1c b\u00e1c\ue01btr\u00ean n\u00e0y c\u00e3i nhau l\u00e0m g\u00ec, c\u00f3 g\u00ec ch&tranh lu\ue001nth\u00f4i, h$ h$, m\u00e0tranh lu\ue001n ph\ue013i c\u00f3 lu\ue001n c\ue01f l\u00e0m ng\ue00e\ue004i kh\u00e1ct\u00e2m ph\ue006c kh.u ph\ue006c ch\ue01f kh\u00f4ng ph\ue013i ch\ue010i b\ue002i linhtinh. C\u00e1c b\u00e1c c+ng\ue00d\ue012ng ph\u00e2n bi\ue008t trong n\ue00e\ue002c hay ngo\u00e0i n\ue00e\ue002c, ki\ue014u g\u00ec ch\ue013 l\u00e0 ng\ue00e\ue004i VN v\u00e0\ue00d$u h\ue00e\ue002ng\ue00d\ue000n 1 m\ue006c\ue00d\u00edch cu\ue005i c\u00f9ng l\u00e0 v\u00ec VNth\u00f4i.

V\u00e0i \u00fd ki\ue000n, \ue00d\ue014 box ng\u00e0y c\u00e0ng ph\u00e1t...
H\u00ea h\u00ea c\u00f4ng nh\ue001n b\ue00cn Ph\u00f9\ue00d#ng n\u00f3i\ue00d\u00fang. M\u00ecnh c+ng c\u00f3\ue00d\u00f4i ch\u00fat c\ue013mt \u00ecnh v\ue002i n\ue00e\ue002c Nga v\u00ec l\ue002n
l\u00ean ho\u00e0nto\u00e0ntrong m\u00f4itr\ue00e\ue004ng n\u00e0y m\u00e0. Ngay c\ue013 b\ue007 \ue00d\ue01a ch\ue015i l\ue011p gh\u00e9p\ue01b nh\u00e0 m\u00ecnh c+ng ph\ue009n l\ue002n

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