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1972-Dat Bang Day Song

1972-Dat Bang Day Song

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Published by api-3725973

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Published by: api-3725973 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

-1 -
1972-\ue000\ue001T B\ue002NG D\ue003Y S\u00d3NG
(\u00fd ki\ue008n v\u00e0\ue009\u00e1nh gi\u00e1 v\ue00a chi\ue008n l\ue002\ue00bc chi\ue008n thu\ue00ct c\ue00da chi\ue008n d\ue00ech M\u00f9a h\u00e8 1972)

Ngu\ue001n t\ue002 li\ue00fu:TTVNOL.COM. Thanks ace!
T\u00e1c gi\ue010 ebook: C\ue00cn V\ue00f \ue000\ue011
C\ue012ng t\u00e1c vi\u00ean:M\u00e8o Con

Ebook\ue009\ue002\ue00bc post t\ue013i box VH-LS forum thegioiebook.com
T\ue000 ng\u00f4n:

M\u00f9a h\u00e8 1972 c\ue010 mi\ue00an nam l\ue013i n\ue015i l\ue016a,l\ue016a h\ue017ng h\ue014c\ue009 \ue004t ch\u00e1y b!ng ni\ue00am tin m\u00e3nh li\ue00ft
v\ue00a s\ue014 th\ue004ng nh"t\ue009 "t n\ue002\ue003c,v\ue00a 1 chi\ue008n th#ng cu\ue004i c\u00f9ng\ue009 \ue007 ch"m d\ue005t chi\ue008n
tranh\u2026Nh\ue002ng li\ue00fu m$c ti\u00eau gi\ue010i ph\u00f3ng ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n mi\ue00an nam c\u00f3 ph\ue010i l\u00e0 m$c ti\u00eau m\u00e0
c\u00e1c nh\u00e0 qu\u00e2n s\ue014 ch\u00fang ta\ue009 \ue00a ra,cu\ue012c chi\ue008n v\u00f4 c\u00f9ng kh\ue004c li\ue00ft bi\ue008t bao chi\ue008n s% ng\u00e3
xu\ue004ng nh\ue002ng k\ue008t qu\ue010 ta ch& gi\ue010i ph\u00f3ng\ue009 \ue002\ue00bc 2 t&nh .Tuy ch\u00fang ta kh\u00f4ng gi\u00e0nh\ue009 \ue002\ue00bc
nhi\ue00au\ue009 "t d\u00e2n nh\ue002ng c\u00e1i\ue009 \ue002\ue00bc c\ue00da ta kh\u00f4ng h\ue00a nh\ue011,\ue009\u00e2y tr\ue00cn th\ue016 s\ue005c c\ue00da ta v\ue003i Ng$y
v\u00e0\ue009\u00e3 x\u00e1c\ue009 \ue00enh\ue009 \ue002\ue00bc r!ng ch\ue00d l\ue014c c\ue00da ta ngang ng\ue016a v\ue003i Ng$y khi c\u00f3 M' ch\ue004ng l\ue002ng
b!ng B52,ta\ue009\u00e3 l\u00e0m rung chuy\ue007n tinh th(n chi\ue008n\ue009 "u c\ue00da binh l\u00ednh t\ue002\ue003ng t\u00e1 Ng$y,ti\u00eau
di\ue00ft 1 ph(n sinh l\ue014c quan tr)ng c\ue00da\ue009 \ue00ech,\ue009\ue001ng th*i quan tr)ng h\ue006n ta gi\u00e0nh th\ue008
th\ue002\ue00bng phong trong cu\ue012c\ue009 \ue004i\ue009 (u ngo\ue013i giao t\ue013i Paris 1973 \u00e9p M' r\u00fat qu\u00e2n v\u00f4\ue009i\ue00au
ki\ue00fn (khi m\u00e0 sau Xu\u00e2n 1968 v\u00e0 m\u00f9a h\u00e8 1972 l\u00e0n s\u00f3ng ph\ue010n chi\ue008n\ue009ang d\u00e2ng cao t\ue013i
M').M\u00f9a h\u00e8 1972 l\u00e0 1 chi\ue008n l\ue002\ue00bc-ti\ue00an\ue009 \ue00a then ch\ue004t\ue009 \ue007 1975 ta gi\ue010i ph\u00f3ng\ue009 "t n\ue002\ue003c.

Canvedo xin vi\ue008t l\ue013i b\u00e0i th\ue006 c\ue00da L\u00ea \u00c1nh D\ue002\ue006ng-chi\ue008n s%+ MT Qu\ue010ng Tr\ue00e 1972,nh\ue002 1
n\u00e9n nhang c\ue010m\ue006n c\u00e1c chi\ue008n s%\ue009\u00e3 ng\u00e3 xu\ue004ng:
\ue000\u00f2 xu\u00f4i Th\ue006ch H\u00e3n xin ch\u00e8o nh,
\ue000\u00e1y s\u00f4ng c\u00f2n \ue005\u00f3 b\ue006n t\u00f4i n!m
C\u00f3 tu\ue007i hai m\ue001\ue003i h\u00f2a s\u00f3ng n\ue001\ue002c
V- y\u00ean b* m\u00e3i m\u00e3i ng\u00e0n n\ue004m.
C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

-2 -

N\ue000m 1972 B\ue001 CT ch\ue002 tr\ue003\ue004ng". .gi\u00e0nh th\ue005ng l\ue006i quy\ue007t \ue008\ue009nhtrong n\ue000m 1972 bu\ue001c\ue008\ue007 qu\ue00ac M\ue00b ph\ue00ci ch\ue00dm d\ue00et chi\ue007ntranh b\ue00fng th\ue003\ue004ng l\ue003\ue006ngtrong th\ue007thua" . Trong khi\ue008\u00f3 n\ue000m 1975 ch\ue010 \ue008\ue003\ue006c coi l\u00e0 n\ue000m chu\ue011n b\ue009, ti\ue012n\ue008\ue012trong k\ue007 ho\ue013ch qu\u00e2n s\ue014 2 n\ue000m 1975- 1976.

N\ue000m 72tat i\ue007n c\u00f4ng g\ue015n nh\ue003 c\u00f9ng m\ue001t l\u00factr\u00ean 3 m\ue016t tr\ue017n ch\u00ednh Tr\ue009 - Thi\u00ean, T\u00e2y Nguy\u00ean,\ue018\u00f4ng
Nam B\ue001, v\ue019i l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ngt\ue003\ue004ng\ue008\ue003 \ue004ng v\ue019i 1 qu\u00e2n\ue008o\u00e0nt\ue000ng c\ue003\ue01angtr\u00ean m\ue01bi m\ue016t tr\ue017n, k\ue007t h\ue006p v\ue019i
c\u00e1c ho\ue013t \ue008\ue001ngt\u00edch c\ue014c\ue01c c\u00e1c chi\ue007n tr\ue003\ue01ang kh\u00e1c. Trong khi\ue008\u00f3 n\ue000m 75ta\ue008\u00e1nh th\ue000m d\u00f2t\ue01dng
b\ue003\ue019c, v\ue01da\ue008\u00e1nh v\ue01da nh\u00ecn\ue008\ue009ch ph\ue00cn\ue00eng, m\ue001t ch\u00fat\ue01c Ph\ue003\ue019ng Long, ti\ue007ptheo l\u00e0 T\u00e2y Nguy\u00ean r\ue01ei

k\ue007 \ue008\ue007n m\ue019i l\u00e0 Tr\ue009 Thi\u00ean.
Nh\ue003 th\ue007, m\ue01fcti\u00eau c\ue002a n\ue000m 72tham v!ng h\ue004n n\ue000m 75, l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ngtham giat\ue017ptrungtrong giai
\ue008o\ue013n \ue008\ue015u c"ng \ue008\u00f4ng h\ue004nv\ue017yt\ue013i sao n\ue000m 72 l\ue013i th\ue00dtb\ue013i?

N\ue007u n\u00f3i n\ue000m 72 VN c\ue001ng ho\u00e0 c\u00f3 xung l\ue014c M\ue00b tr\ue006 gi\u00fap ( chi vi#nt\ue00ai\ue008a ho\ue00c l\ue014c kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n, h\ue00ci qu\u00e2n
n\u00ean\ue008\ue00eng v$ng\ue008\ue003\ue006cth\u00ec c"ng\ue008\u00fang nh\ue003ng ch\ue003a ph\ue00ci l\u00e0 c\u00e2u tr\ue00c l\ue01aitho\ue00c\ue008\u00e1ng nh\ue00dt cho c\u00e2u h%i n\u00eau
ra. B\ue01ci c\u00f3 nh$ng th\ue01ai\ue008i&m b\ue00dt ch\ue00dp ho\ue00c l\ue014c kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n, ph\u00e1o binh c\ue002a M\ue00b ch\u00fangta
g\ue015n nh\ue003\ue008\u00e3 c\u00f3 th& gi\u00e0nh nh$ng tr\ue017n th\ue005ngthen ch\ue00at c\u00f3 th& xoay chuy&nt \u00ecnh th\ue007 ( c\u00e1c tr\ue017n An
L\ue001c, Kontum). V\ue017y ph\ue00ci xem x\u00e9tth\u00eam ch\u00fangta\ue008\u00e3 c\u00f3 nh$ng sai l\ue015m g\u00ec trong ch\ue010 \ue008\ue013o cu\ue001c chi\ue007n
c\ue00c v\ue012 chi\ue007n l\ue003\ue006c l'n chi\ue007nthu\ue017t, c\u00e1ch th\ue00ecti\ue007n h\u00e0nh chi\ue007n\ue008\ue00dutrong c\u00e1i m\u00f9a h\u00e8\ue008% l(a bi h\u00f9ng

c\u00f3 g\u00ec\ue008\u00e2u, n\ue000m 72 ban\ue008\ue015u qu\u00e2n nhi\ue012u nh\ue003ng ch\ue003a\ue008\ue002. N\ue000m 1975 ban\ue008\ue015u\u00ed t qu\u00e2n nh\ue003ng khi
c\ue015nth\u00ec huy\ue008\ue001ng\ue008\ue002. V\ue00c l\ue013i n\ue000m 1972 ch\ue010 nh\ue00fm bu\ue001c M\ue00b k\u00fd hi#p\ue008\ue009nh r\u00fat qu\u00e2n, \ue008\ue007nth\u00e1ng 1/1973
th\u00ec k\u00fd\ue008\ue003 \ue006c r\ue01ei! M\ue00b m\u00e0 ch\ue003a r\u00fat th\u00ec l\u00e0m sao gi\ue00ci ph\u00f3ng\ue008\ue003 \ue006c!
Theot\u00f4i, quy\ue007t \ue008\ue009nhti\ue007n l\u00ean v\u00e0o n\ue000m 72 la m\ue001t cu\ue001c th( nghi#m sai l\ue015m c\ue002ata. M\ue001t l\ue015n n$a th\ue014c
t\ue007 \ue008\u00e3 ch\ue00eng minh,c \u00e1c h\ue008\u00e1nh thuy\ue007t ph\ue01fc v\u00e0 hi#u qu\ue00c nh\ue00dtc\ue002a ta l\u00e0 chi\ue007n tranh nh\u00e2n d\u00e2n,qu \u00e2n
du k\u00edch, bi#t \ue008\ue001ng n\ue00fm v\u00f9ng n)i d\ue017y k\ue007t h\ue006p v\ue019i b\ue001 \ue008\ue001i ch\ue002 l\ue014c. K\ue007t qu\ue00c c\ue002a vi#c chi\ue007m v\u00e0 gi$ \ue008\ue00dt
\ue01cQ u\ue00cng Tr\ue009 \ue008\u00e3 g\u00e2y ra kh\u00e1 nhi\u00eaut)n th\ue00dtv\ue012ng\ue003\ue01ai chota. Bao nhi\u00eau ng\ue003\ue01ai \ue008i xu\ue00ang m\ue001li#t
s* v\u00f4 danh. C\u00f3 ba m\ue00ac c\ue015n\ue008\u00e1ng l\ue003u \u00fd v\ue012 m\ue016t qu\u00e2n s\ue014, \ue008\u00f3 l\u00e0 n\ue000m 68, 72, 75. N\ue007u nh\ue003 n\ue000m 68,
t)ng ti\ue007n c\u00f4ng t\u00f4i cho l\u00e0 M\ue00b b\ue005t\ue008\ue015u r\u00fatv\u00ec n\u00f3 m\ue001t ph\ue015n c"ng ch\u00e1n v\u00ecc h\ue007tn hi\ue012u, nh\ue003ng m\ue001tph\ue015n

n\u00f3 ngh* r\ue00fng VC kh\u00f4ng c\u00f2n\ue008\ue002 s\ue00ec\ue008& l\u00e0m m\ue001t cu\ue001c nh\ue003 v\ue017y n$a n\u00ean n\u00f3t\ue017ptrung k\u00e8m c\ue016p cho
l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ng VNCH ("Vi#t nam ho\u00e1 chi\ue007ntranh")\ue008& c\u00f3 th&t\ue014 \ue008\ue003\ue004ng\ue008\ue015u v\ue019i nh$ng\ue008\u00f2n c\ue002a VC.
M\ue016c d\u00f9 v\ue017y, r\u00f5 r\u00e0ng v\ue012 m\ue016t l\u00fdt\ue003\ue01ang v\u00e0t) ch\ue00ec qu\u00e2n s\ue014th\u00ecta v'n h\ue004n. Chi\ue007nthu\ue017t n\ue000m 72 c\u00f3 l+
l\u00e0 c\u00f2n nhi\ue012u sai l\ue015m v\ue012 m\ue016t th\ue01ai\ue008i&m v\u00e0 chi\ue007nthu\ue017t.
H\u00e3y nh\u00ecn v\u00e0o n\ue000m 75, c\u00f3 l+ kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 g\u00ec m'u m\ue014c h\ue004n v\u00ea chi\ue007nthu\ue017t. T\u00f4i xin phep\ue008\ue003\ue006c nh\ue005c l\ue013i
m\ue001t ch\u00fat: Chi\ue007nthu\ue017t \ue008\u00e1nh chi\ue007m Ban M\u00ea Thu\ue017t l\u00e0 r\ue00dt ho\u00e0n h\ue00co, qu\u00e2nta nghi binh\ue01c Pl\u00e2ycu v\u00e0
Komtum. Sau khi qu\u00e2n\ue008\ue009cht\ue01d Pl\u00e2ycu v\u00e0 Komtum ch\ue013y sang c\ue00eu Ban m\u00eath\u00ec l\ue013i bi qu\u00e2nta ph\ue01fc
k\u00edchti\u00eau di#t. R\ue00at cu\ue001c, qu\u00e2nta\ue008\u00e1nh v\u00e0o ch\ue01b \ue008\ue009ch\u00ed t l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ng,\ue008\u00e1nh v\u00e0o\ue008\ue009ch l\u00fac n\u00f3 chui ra kh%i
v%. Nh\ue003ng\ue008i\ue012u quan tr!ng h\ue004n l\u00e0ta c\u00f3 m\ue001t h\u00e0nh lang r\ue00dt l\ue019n\ue008& ho\ue013t \ue008\ue001ng chia c\ue005t, bao v\u00e2y,

ti\ue007n \ue008\ue007n ti\u00eau di#t.\ue018\ue009ch l\u00e2m v\u00e0o th\ue007 thua l\u00e0 ch\ue005c, kh\u00f4ng th& c\ue00eu v\u00e3n.T h\ue007 ta t\ue01d \ue008\ue00dy ch, tre, n\u00f3 c\u00f3 c\u00e1i
kh\u00ed th\ue007 m\u00e0\u00ed t l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ngth\u00f4i v'n c\u00f3 th& th\ue005ng. C\u00f3 l+ n\ue000m 68, 72 ch\ue003a c\u00f3\ue008\ue003 \ue006c c\u00e1i th\ue01ai c\ue004 c\u00e1i
kh\u00ed th\ue007 nh\ue003 v\ue017y.
C\ue000N V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
T\u00d4I Y\u00caU T\ue000 QU\ue001C T\u00d4I!

H\ue004n thi\u00eang s\u00f4ng n\u00fai n\ue005\ue006c Nam
M\u00e1u h\ue004ng n\u00f2i gi\ue007ng Con R\ue004ng Ch\u00e1u Ti\u00ean
V\ue008 vang h\u00f9ng c\ue009 ph\ue005\ue00ang\ue002\u00f4ng
V\ue00by v\u00f9ng b\ue007n b\ue00c tranh t\u00e0i n\ue00dm ch\u00e2u.

-3 -
-tr\u00ean b\u00e0n \ue008\u00e0m ph\u00e1n, bao gi\ue01ac"ng c\ue015n nh\ue003ng s\ue00ec \u00e9pt\ue01dc hi\ue007n tr\ue003\ue01ang. N\ue000m 72 c\u00f3 th&c h\ue00eng
minh r\ue00fng VC v'n ch\ue003a h\ue007t l\ue014c l\ue003\ue006ng kh\u00edt\u00e0i\ue008& s.n s\u00e0ng\ue008\u00e1nh. C\u00f2n n\ue007u ch\ue010 ph\ue01fc v\ue01f cho vi#c ky k\ue007t

n\ue000m 73th\u00ec vi#c g\u00ec c\u00f2n ph\ue00ci gi\ue00ci ph\u00f3ng n$a h\ue00c D\ue003\ue004ng? C\ue017u kh\u00f4ng\ue008!c k\ue00b c\u00e1i c\u00e2u c\ue017utr\u00edch
r\ue00fng l\u00e0\ue018\ue007 qu\ue00ac M\ue00b ph\ue00ci ch\ue00dm d\ue00et chi\ue007ntranhtrong th\ue007thua \u00e0? M\ue00b r\u00fat kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 ngh*a l\u00e0ta gi\ue00ci
ph\u00f3ng\ue008\ue003 \ue006c ngay mi\ue012n Nam,\ue008\u00e1nh b\ue013i\ue008\ue003\ue006c VNCH.

M\ue001t ch\u00fat v\ue012 tr\ue017n chi\u00ean n\ue000m 72, m\ue016t tr\ue017n Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009
N\ue000m 72 c\u00f3 2 chi\ue007n tr\ue003\ue01ang ch\u00ednh, Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009, Kontum-Play cu, v\u00e0\ue008\u00f4ng nam b\ue001 (B\u00ecnh long, B\u00ecnh
ph\ue003\ue019c).trong\ue008\u00f3 h\ue003\ue019ng ch\ue002 y\ue007u l\u00e0 Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009
T\ue013i qu\ue00cng tr\ue009ta c\u00f3 4 s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n 304, 308, 324, 325 sau\ue008\u00f3th\u00eam 312t\ue01d L\u00e0o v\ue012trong\ue008\u00f3 s\ue003 308 c\u00f3
trung\ue008o\u00e0n b\ue001 binh c\ue004 gi\ue019i\ue008\ue015u ti\u00ean c\ue002a ta(k\ue007t h\ue006p v\ue019i trung\ue008o\u00e0n 202 t\ue000ng thi\ue007t gi\u00e1p) 2 trung
\ue008o\u00e0n xet\ue000ng 202 v\u00e0 203, 4trung \ue008o\u00e0n ph\u00e1o (tr\u00ean 300 ph\u00e1o xe k\u00e9o, k&c\ue00c ph\u00e1o c\ue002a c\u00e1c s\ue003 \ue008o\u00e0n

b\ue001 binh), 2 s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n ph\u00f2ng kh\u00f4ng 367 v\u00e0 375 ( c\u00f3 c\ue00c SAM 2) v\ue019i kho\ue00cng 400 xet\ue000ng c\u00e1c lo\ue013i. T\ue01d
30.3\ue008\ue007n 30/4tat\ue00dn c\u00f4ng\ue01e \ue013t chi\ue007m h\u00e0ng lo\ue013t c\ue00e\ue008i&mt\ue013i khu gi\ue019ituy\ue007n nh\ue003 C\ue01enti\u00ean, d\ue00ac
mi\ue007u, Carol, sau\ue008\u00f3 chi\ue007m th\ue009 x\u00e3\ue018\ue01eng H\u00e0, ng\u00e0y 30/4 chi\ue007m Th\ue009 x\u00e3 Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009,tathu\ue008\ue003 \ue006c kh\u00e1
nhi\ue012u xet\ue000ng, ph\u00e1o, \ue008\ue013n d\ue003\ue006c v\u00e0 s( d\ue01fng ngay v\u00e0o cu\ue001c chi\ue007n, S\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n 1 ngu/ ch\ue013y nh\ue003 v\ue009t v\ue012
b\u00ean kia s\u00f4ng M\ue00b ch\u00e1nh, Trung\ue008o\u00e0n 56/S\ue0181 ngu/ \ue008\ue015u h\u00e0ng qu\u00e2nta. L\u00fac\ue008\u00f3 ph\u00edata c\u00f3 2 \u00fd ki\ue007n,

ti\ue007p t\ue01fc \ue008\u00e1nh Hu\u00ea hay d\ue01dng l\ue013ic\ue002ng c)c h\ue01ab) xung h\ue017uc\ue015n, qu\u00e2n s\ue00a hao h\ue01ft r\ue01ei m\ue019i\ue008\u00e1nh Hu\ue007.

L\u00fac\ue008\u00f3 Hu\u00ea g\ue015n nh\ue003 b% ng%, S\ue003 1 ngu/ g\ue015n nh\ue003tan h\u00e0ng, c\u00e1c\ue008\ue004n v\ue009 kh\u00e1ct\ue013i Hu\ue007 c"ngtant\u00e1c,
V" V\ue000n Giai s\ue003 tr\ue003\ue01cng s\ue003 1 ngu/ b\ue009 c\u00e1ch ch\ue00ect\ue00ang giam, T\ue003 l#nh qu\u00e2n khuI Ho\u00e0ng Xu\u00e2n L\u00e3m
b\ue009 c\u00e1ch ch\ue00ec, Ng\u00f4 Quang Tr\ue003\ue01cng rathay.
Tuy nhi\u00ean ph\u00edata sau c\u00e1c cu\ue001c chi\ue007n \u00e1c li#t c"ng b\ue009thi\ue007t h\ue013i nhi\ue012u, b) xung kh\u00f4ng k\ue009p v\u00ec kh\u00f4ng
qu\u00e2n m\ue00b\ue008\u00e1nh ph\u00e1 \u00e1c li#t c\u00e1ctuy\ue007n v\ue017n chuy&n k& c\ue00c mi\ue012n b\ue005c,\ue008\u00e1nh ph\u00e1 v\u00e0o c\u00e1c c\ue000n c\ue00et\ue017p k\ue007t
qu\u00e2n, kho h\u00e0ng, \ue008\ue003 \ue01ang giaoth\u00f4ng n\u00eantathi\ue007\u00fa c\ue00c \ue008\ue013n, g\ue013o, thi\ue007u qu\u00e2n b) xung. \ue018\ue016c bi#t c\u00e1c

\ue008\ue004n v\ue009t\ue017p k\ue007t \ue01c ph\u00edat\u00e2y Hu\ue007 \ue008&c hu\ue011n b\ue009t\ue00dn c\u00f4ng c\u00f2nthi\ue007uc\ue00c \ue008\ue003\ue01ang \ue008\ue003a xe ph\u00e1o v\u00e0o v\ue009tr \u00ed t\ue017p
k\ue007t, C\ue015u Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009 qua s\u00f4ng M\ue00b Ch\u00e1nh b\ue009 ph\u00e1 v\u00e0 ch\u00fang\ue008\u00e3\ue008\ue003a Thu0 qu\u00e2n l\ue01fc chi\ue007n ra l\u00e0mth\u00e0nh

ph\u00f2ngtuy\ue007n n\u00eanta kh\u00f4ng v\ue003\ue006t qua\ue008\ue003\ue006c.
Nh\u00e2n l\u00facta kh\u00f4ng\ue008\ue002 s\ue00ect\ue00dn c\u00f4ngt i\ue007p, qu\u00e2n ngu/ v\ue019i ph\ue003\ue004ngti\u00ean v\ue017n chuy&n v\u00e0ti\ue007pt\ue007 h\ue017u
c\ue015n d\ue01ei d\u00e0o\ue008\u00e3 \ue01e \ue013t \ue008\ue003a s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n D\u00f9,thu0 qu\u00e2n l\ue01fc chi\ue007n ra V\u00f9ng 1 c\u00f9ng v\ue019i s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n 1 v\ue01dat\u00e1it)
ch\ue00ec, c\u00e1c\ue008\ue004n v\ue009t\ue005ngthi\ue007t gi\u00e1p v\ue019i s\ue014 h\ue01b tr\ue006t\ue00ai\ue008a c\ue002a kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n, h\ue00ci ph\u00e1o M\ue00b ph\ue00cn k\u00edch l\ue013i

ta.V\ue012 ph\u00eda ta do ch\ue002 tr\ue003\ue004ng kh\u00f4ng r\u00f5 r\u00e0ng gi$a t\ue00dn c\u00f4ng v\u00e0 ph\u00f2ng ng\ue014, kh\u00f4ng chu\ue011n b\ue009 ph\u00f2ng
ng\ue014 \ue008\ue015y\ue008\ue002, \ue008\ue016c bi#t l\u00e0 v\ue012 c\u00f4ng s\ue014, h\ue015m h\u00e0o. Ta ng\ue013i n\u00f3i\ue008\ue007n ph\u00f2ng ng\ue014 v\u00ec s\ue006 b\ue009 quy k\ue007t l\u00e0t\ue003
t\ue003\ue01cng ch\ue002b\ue013i m\ue016c d\u00f9 kh\ue01eng \u00edt ng\ue003\ue01ai ngh* \ue008\ue007n chuy#n\ue008\u00f3 v\u00e0 th\ue00dy r\u00f5 th\ue014c t\ue007c hi\ue007n tr\ue003\ue01ang l\u00e0 v\ue017y
(\ue018\ue007n b\u00e2y gi\ue01a c\u00e1c c\ue014ut\ue003\ue019ng l*nh c\ue002ata v'ntranh lu\ue017n l\u00e0 c\u00f3 hay kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3 chi\ue007n d\ue009ch ph\u00f2ng ng\ue014
t\ue013i qu\ue00cng tr\ue009n\ue000m 1972)
Ng\u00e0y 28/6 qu\u00e2n ngu/ m\ue01c cu\ue001c h\u00e0nh qu\u00e2n Lam s\ue004n 72 v\ue019i s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n d\u00f9 (3 l$\ue008o\u00e0n, s\ue003 TQLC (4 l$
\ue008o\u00e0n), 3 li\u00ean \ue008o\u00e0n bi#t \ue008\ue001ng qu\u00e2n, l$ \ue008o\u00e0n 1 k/ binh v\ue003\ue006t s\u00f4ng M\ue00bCh\u00e1nht i\ue007nv\ue012qu\ue00cng tr\ue009d\ue003\ue019i
s\ue014 y&m tr\ue006 m\u00e3nh li#t c\ue002a ph\u00e1o binh, B.52, kh\u00f4ng qu\u00e2n M\ue00b ngu/, h\ue00ci ph\u00e1o, ri\u00eang B.52 m\ue01bi ng\u00e0y
trung b\u00ecnh 30 phi v\ue01f, ph\u00e1o c\ue002a m\ue01bi s\ue003\ue008o\u00e0n d\u00f9 v\u00e0 thu0 qu\u00e2n l\ue01fc chi\ue007n m\ue01bi ng\u00e0y b\ue000n tr\u00ean 20.000
qu\ue00c, m\ue001t c\ue014u s\ue00b quan ph\u00e1o binh ngu/ k& l\ue013i l\u00e0\ue008\ue013n ph\u00e1ot i\ue007pt\ue007 x\ue007p d!c 2 b\u00ean qu\ue00ac l\ue001 1 d\u00e0i h\u00e0ng
Kilomet, l*nh\ue008\ue013n kh\u00f4ng c\ue015n gi\ue00dyt\ue01a, c\ue00e cho xe ra ch\ue01c v\ue012, ph\u00e1o th\ue002thay nhau b\ue005n su\ue00at ng\u00e0y
\ue008\u00eam, ch\ue010n gh\ue010\u00ed tp h\u00fa t \ue000nc\ue004m, c\u00f3 ph\u00e1o th\ue002n\ue013p \ue008\ue013ng\ue01fc xu\ue00ang v\u00ec ki#ts\ue00ec, c\u00f3 ng\u00e0y H\ue00ci ph\u00e1ot\ue01d

chi\ue007n h\ue013m m\ue00b b\ue005nt\ue019i 57.000 qu\ue00c cho ri\u00eang m\ue016t tr\ue017n qu\ue00cng tr\ue009.
M\ue016c d\u00f9ta\ue008\u00e1nh tr\ue00c quy\ue007t li#t m\ue01bi ng\u00e0y qu\u00e2n ngu/ ch\ue010t i\ue007n\ue008\ue003 \ue006c v\u00e0i tr\ue000m m\u00e9t v\ue019ithi#t h\ue013i n\ue016ng (
c\u00e1c c\ue014u s\ue00b quan d\u00f9 ngu/ th\ue01da nh\ue017n ch\ue010 kho\u00e0ng 2 tu\ue015n l\u00e0 m\ue001t \ue008\ue013i\ue008\ue001i ph\ue00cithay m\ue019ito\u00e0n b\ue001 qu\u00e2n)
nh\ue003ng d\ue015n d\ue015n qu\u00e2n ngu/ c"ng chi\ue007m\ue008\ue003\ue006c ph\ue015n l\ue019n th\ue009 x\u00e3 qu\ue00cng tr\ue009 tr\ue01dth\u00e0nh c) Qu\ue00cng tr\ue009 n)i

ti\ue007ng.\ue018\ue007n 27/7 th\u00ec s\ue003 D\u00f9 ngu/ ki#t s\ue00ec v\u00e0 s\ue003 TQLC thay th\ue007 t\ue00dn c\u00f4ng th\u00e0nh c). TQLC ngu/ \ue008) 2
ti&u \ue008o\u00e0n xu\ue00ang huy#n Tri#u phong ph\u00eda sau c\ue002a ta\ue008& c\ue005t\ue008\ue003 \ue01ang ti\ue007p t\ue007(v\ue012 sau 2 ti&u \ue008o\u00e0n n\u00e0y g\ue015n

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