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Town of Tusten - Public Comment and Response - Zoning Law

Town of Tusten - Public Comment and Response - Zoning Law

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Published by tony_ritter6305
Town of Tusten Public Comments with Responses from Dr. William Pammer regarding their Zoning Code - 2011.
Town of Tusten Public Comments with Responses from Dr. William Pammer regarding their Zoning Code - 2011.

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Published by: tony_ritter6305 on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This chapter summarizes and responds to all substantive comments received during the public reviewperiod on the Draft Zoning for the Town of Tusten.
The draft was prepared in accordance with theNew York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), Section 8-0113, Article 8 of theEnvironmental Conservation Law, set forth in 6NYCRR Part 617.Public review of the Draft Zoning began on August 10, 2011 and concluded on October 21, 2010. OnAugust 10, 2011, when the Town Board declared their intent to be lead agency under SEQRA, thewritten comment period was opened and the draft zoning document was made available for publicreview on the town website(www.tusten.org), and on CD-ROMs and hard copies in the Town Hall and the Western Sullivan Library. The Full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF), together with asupplement narrative, and the draft zoning was circulated to interested and involved agencies. A publicnotice advertising the availability of the Draft Zoning, the duration of the written comment period andthe date, time, and location of the public hearings was published in the
River Reporter 
and the
SullivanCounty Democrat 
. On September 12, 2011, the Town Board officially declared themselves lead agencyand set two public hearings on the zoning
the first public hearing was on September 26, 2011 and thesecond public was held on October 10, 2011. The availability of the draft zoning document andinformation on the public hearings were also published in the New York State Department of 
Environmental Conservation’s
Environmental Notice Bulletin
.Each public hearing gathered oral testimony from the public and from involved and interested publicand private agencies through the use of a stenographer and a microphone system. The public hearingswere conducted in the basement of the Town of Tusten Town Hall located at 210 Bridge Street inNarrowsburg, New York. The written comment period remained opened for 72 days until the close of business on October 21, 2011.This chapter indentifies the individuals and organizations that commented on the draft zoning duringthe comment period and then summarizes and responds to their comments. It consider all commentsmade at the public hearings on September 26, 2011 and October 10, 2011 and all written commentssubmitted during the written comment period, which ended on October 21, 2011.
Olivia Grady, Narrowsburg, N.Y.2.
Charles Hoffman, 10 Lackawaxen Road.3.
Gary Packer speaking for Mr. Venner who owns property in the Town of Tusten
The term “comment” is defined here as an observation focusing on a particular aspect of the proposed zoning
document which could be, for instance, a sentence, definition, Article, or section. As such, the spoken and writtennarratives offered by members of the public at both public hearings and during the written comment period areresponded to in this section by the specific comments that comprised the verbal and written presentations. Henceif an individual during their presentation focused on four aspects of the proposed zoning, the description to followoffers a response to each observation separately.
Dick Crandall, Aspen Way, Narrowsburg, N.Y.5.
Charles Petershein, the Catskill Farms, 42 Proctor Road, Eldred, N.Y.6.
Kevin Vertress, Country Road 23, Narrowsburg, N.Y.7.
Linda Slocum, P.O. Box 230, Narrowsburg, NY.8.
Sean Mc Guinness, Superintendent for the National Park Service of the Upper Delaware Scenicand Recreational River9.
Ned Lang, 67 Arena Court, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 1276410.
Debbie Wasylyk, 69 Forest Pond Road, Narrowsburg, New York 1276411.
Charles Blanchard, 101 Main Street, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 1276412.
David B.Soete, Senior Resource Specialist, Upper Delaware Council, 211 Bridge Street, P.O. Box192, Narrowsburg, NY 12764-019213.
Johanna Spoerri, Narrowsburg, N.Y.14.
Liza Phillips, 358 Gables Road, Narrowsburg, NY 1276415.
Jim Stratton, the Flats, Narrowsburg, N.Y.16.
Jane Luchsinger from Lava, Narrowsburg, N.Y.17.
Stephen Morse, Narrowsburg, N.Y.18.
Sharon Chopping, Narrowsburg, N.Y.19.
Anne Willard, 58 County Rte. 132, Callicoon, NY 1272320.
Peter Comstock, Head of School The Homestead School, 428 Hollow Road, Glen Spey, N.Y.1273721.
Stanley Harper, Narrowsburg, N.Y.22.
Brandi Merolla, 214 Mathias Weiden Dr., Narrowsburg, NY 1276423.
Jason Simon, 166 Blind Pond Road in Narrowsburg, NY 1276424.
Lance Brodmerkel, 10 Lackawaxen Road, Town of Tusten25.
Penelope Morgan-Lohr, Narrowsburg, N.Y.26.
Jane W. Prettyman, Honesdale PA27.
Susan Sullivan, 7878 SR 52, Narrowsburg, NY 1276428.
Weiden Lake Property Owners Association, P.O. Box 191, Narrowsburg, New York 1095629.
Tina Spangler, Narrowsburg, N.Y.30.
Star D. Hesse, 7698 State Route 52, Narrowsburg N.Y. 1276431.
April Bidwell, resident, Town of Tusten32.
Bruce R. Bidwell, 1303 Crystal Lake Road, Narrowsburg N.Y.33.
Michael Eurey, Narrowsburg, N.Y.34.
Amy Thompson Hock, Narrowsburg, N.Y.35.
Ben Younger, 404 Gables Rd, Narrowsburg, N.Y.36.
Arnold Melman, Weiden Lake, Narrowsburg, N.Y.37.
Kevin Caico, Narrowsburg, N.Y.38.
Francis Cape, 358 Gables Road, Narrowsburg, N.Y.39.
Stefan Spoerri, 214 Mathias Weiden Dr., Narrowsburg, N.Y. 1276440.
Mary Greene, 1258 Crystal Lake Road, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 1276441.
Terrance Lohr, Weiden Lake, Narrowsburg, N.Y.42.
Jan London, Narrowburg, N.Y.43.
Karl Wasner, Narrowsburg, N.Y.44.
James Gann, Narrowsburg, N.Y.45.
Claudine Luchsinger, Town of Cochecton 
Jane Morris, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 47.
Doug Adler, 474 Crawford Rd., Narrowsburg, NY 1276448.
Vera B Williams, Narrowsburg, N.Y.49.
Kathy Mithell, 42 School Street, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 1276450.
Rita Macrini, Narrowsburg, N.Y.51.
Anne Adler, 474 Crawford Rd., Narrowsburg, NY 1276452.
Benita Hack, Resident of Narrowsburg and NYC53.
Richard J. Marcel, 266 Swamp Pond Rd., Narrowsburg, NY 1276454.
Ron Littke, 3 Lake Street, Narrowsburg, N.Y.55.
Kevin Vertrees, Tusten Concerned Citizens56.
Peter Comstock, Lumberland Concerned Citizens57.
Carol Roig, Highland Concerned Citizens58.
Karen London, Bethel Concerned Citizens59.
Andrew N. Krinsky, Tarter, Krinsky, and Drogin, LLP, Attorney at Law, 1350 Broadway, New York,N.Y. 1001860.
Andrea Reynosa, Town of Tusten resident61.
Carla Hauser Hahn, Management Assistant, Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River, NPS,274 River Road, Beach Lake, PA 1840562.
John Fischer, Vice President , Weiden Lake Property Owners Association63.
Frank Bernarducci, Hoffman Road64.
Matt Solomon, Cochecton, N.Y. and Main Street Business Owner in Narrowsburg, N.Y.65.
Penelope Morgan Lohr66.
Bob Wiegers, Owner of Eagle's Nest Estates67.
Brenda Seldin, Narrowsburg, New York68.
David Slottje, Attorney at Law, Executive Director, Community Defense Council, PO Box 898,Ithaca, NY 1485169.
Carol Roig, Town of Highland70.
Heidi Schneider, 38 Erie Avenue, Narrowsburg, N.Y.71.
Steve Ritcher, 38 Erie Avenue, Narrowsburg, N.Y.72.
Anna Bern, Narrowsburg, N.Y73.
Anie Stanley, Luxton Lake74.
Jane Morgan Puett, resides in Damascus Township but works in Narrowsburg, N.Y.75.
Liza Phillips, Narrowsburg, N.Y.76.
Francis Cape, Lava, N.Y.77.
Andy Boyar, Town of Highland78.
Tony Stafferi, Narrowsburg, N.Y.79.
Glen Goldstein, Narrowsburg, N.Y.80.
Robert Turner, Tusten Resident.81.
Darryl Brasseale, Resident of the Town of Town of Cochecton and business owner inNarrowsburg, N.Y. (Bridge Street).82.
Kathy Grady, Narrowsburg, N.Y.83.
Terresa Steakley, Narrowsburg, N.Y.84.
Allison Ward, Narrowsburg, N.Y.

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