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Veterans & Military Families Monthly News-October 2011 Part II

Veterans & Military Families Monthly News-October 2011 Part II

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Published by Matthew X. Hauser

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Published by: Matthew X. Hauser on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Veterans & MilitaryFamilies Monthly News
October 2011 Part II Vol. 2 No. 17
In This Issue
Data Breach
COLA Update
TSGLI Rule Changes
 New Military AirportLounge
PTSD Update
Cold War Medal
And much more…….
Good afternoon and thank you for reading, thismonth’s edition of the newsletter. We appreciate your involvement and continued support.
Remember, we have two online sources whereyou can read and offer comments on the current and previous editions of the newsletter. The newsletter is posted on Facebook through the group called
Veterans and Military Families Monthly News 
Check it out and join the group.Click hereto go directly to the page. (Keep in mind, you need a Facebook account to join; however, the documents can be viewedthrough the docs link toward the bottom of the pageeven without an account.)The second source for the online version of thenewsletter is the websitewww.scribd.com.This online source for the newsletter works in the same fashion as theFacebook page.Please let us know what you think, or if you haveany questions about the online sources. For those of youwho enjoy just receiving the email each month, we willcontinue to send it out. But we want to build the online presence as a way to reach out to more people.As always, thank you very much for reading. Our hope is to continue to expand the newsletter. For that, weneed your input. So, again, if anyone has any suggestionsfor topics to cover or wants to write their own piece, wewill gladly try to work it in. We hope you enjoy, and please share your feedback with us.
Thank you very much!
Ending Dates for NehmerCases on Vietnam Veterans
 By: Phil Smith, Director/Chief VVA NVSO, State Council of MI 
Most recently the Depart-ment of Military and VeteransAffairs put an ending date onsubmission of the three new medi-cal conditions of those exposed toAgent Orange (Herbicide Dioxin)from Vietnam, Ischemic HeartDisease (Coronary Artery Disease), Parkinson's andLeukemia (Hairy Cell Carcinoma, or other known Leuke-mia's) under the Nehmer decision, Nehmer was a veteranwho fought through the VA's Board of Veterans Appealsand won, which takes a claim back to the date of original-ly filing on certain presumptive conditions.
While theending date may be there, there remains a process thatcan prevent this ending date from happening as thereremains to be the appeal process, which could be longand many do not have the patience to go through.
Saying what I just said, there remains to be anenormous amount of Veterans from Vietnam Era andother who continue not to know about their entitlementsand what they can receive, to include surviving spousesand children if any who may be entitled.
Many Surviving Spouses can receive benefits if eligible and granted, if their husbands or wives pass dueto some presumptive conditions or other eligibilityrequirements, especially those who are Wartime Era.
You should speak to the County Veterans Coun-selor or a Veterans Organizational Veterans BenefitsCounselor to see if you are entitled.
Most Counties inMichigan have County Counselors, and most VeteransOrganizations have Benefits Counselor, or someone toask in the Organization.
Update From American Legion Post 341
 From: Bob Goulet 
Lakes Area
Post 341 will gather on 11/11/2011at the Oakland Boat Club in Sylvan Lake at 11 am theywill then proceed to two cemeteries in Pontiac to plantflags and honor our veterans that have passed, we willalso be honoring 2 medal of honor recipients that are buried there, after our ceremony we will head out toApplebee’s for a free lunch. This is an invitation for allveterans that are interested in paying their respects, for more information please Contact John Scholl at: (248)
1445 or Bob Goulet at: (248)
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Some Useful Links
Air Force Times
 Navy Times
Marine Corps Times
Army Times
Military Times
American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars
www.dav.org Department of Defense
www.dod.gov Military/Veterans Report
www.militray.com The Pentagon Channel
Veterans Administration
If anyone has a sitethey would like to haveadded to this growing listplease let us know!Contact us anytimeatmhauser@migop.org
Also check out thecomplete list of links thatappear in this newsletteron the last page.
Thank you foryour Support!
 A Note From: Lest We ForgetSpeakers Bureau
This notice fromLWF is to inform thereader of the development of a “Lest We Forget” Speak-er’s Bureau. Since our or-ganization has conductedthree yearlong courses atLake Michigan College, wehave many topics and manyqualified speakers to presentinformation from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, andour involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.We have developed formats for school childrenof all ages, and for veteran’s organization. Whatever theevent we will gladly produce the correct format Wewould be glad to present any topic of interest to anygroup.
As coordinator, I will be glad to help with thechoices of presentations and help with planning.Gary C. Lulenski
Coordinator Speaker’s Bureau
Surviving Spouses andDependents Benefits
 By: Phil Smith, Director/Chief VVA NVSO, State Council of MI 
While many veterans or surviving spouses re-main not too know about Veterans Benefits and their enti-tlements, there is one that is a close hold secret of the De- partment of Veterans Affairs, and that is Death IndemnityCompensation (commonly known as (DIC), this is wherea veteran dies either on active duty, Reserve or Guard(while in a training status), a presumptive condition or someone who has been 100 percent total and permanentlydisabled for 10 years or more.
The other entitlement isfor widows or widowers which is the Death Pension andDeath Pension with Aid and Attendance, this entitlementis considered for Wartime Era only and is based on In-come and Out of Pocket Medical Expenses, and in mostcases have to be a low income status, in an AssistanceCare Living or Nursing Home or have Home Health CareProviders come in.
Most Veterans Advocates call this aLittle known Secret of the Department of Veterans Af-fairs. Contact your County Veterans Service Office or Veterans Organization to inquire on these benefits.
Paid for by the Michigan Republican Party with Regulated Funds.
 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
520 Seymour Street, Lansing, MI 48933
Data Breach
Special Thanks to Gene Simon for the information
On September 14, 2011, Science ApplicationsInternational Corporation (SAIC) reported a data breachinvolving personally identifiable and protected healthinformation (PII/PHI) impacting an estimated 4.9 millionmilitary clinic and hospital patients. The information wascontained on backup tapes from an electronic health carerecord used in the military health system (MHS) tocapture patient data from 1992 through September 7,2011, and may include Social Security numbers, address-es and phone numbers, and some personal health datasuch as clinical notes, laboratory tests and prescriptions.There is no financial data, such as credit card or bank account information, on the backup tapes.The risk of harm to patients is judged to be lowdespite the data elements involved since retrieving thedata on the tapes would require knowledge of and accessto specific hardware and software and knowledge of thesystem and data structure. Considering the totality of thecircumstances, we determined that potentially impacted persons or households will be notified of this incident vialetter. We regret that the information required to initiatenotification is not available at this time, but we willensure that it is done in an accurate and timely manner and in compliance with all applicable DoD guidelines.Due to the large volume of individuals potentiallyimpacted by this incident, we anticipate that individualnotification will take at least 4
6 weeks; therefore, thisnotice is being posted in the interim. The incident contin-ues to be investigated and additional information will be published as soon as it is available. Meanwhile, bothSAIC and TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) arereviewing current data protection security policies and procedures to prevent similar breaches in the future.Anyone who suspects that they were impacted bythis incident is urged to take steps to protect their person-al information and should be guided by the Federal TradeCommission at:http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/consumers/defend.html. Concerned patients may contact the SAIC Inci-dent Response Call Center, Monday through Friday from9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time at the following numbers:United States, call toll free: (855) 366
0140 Internation-al, call collect: (952) 556
Brain InjuryAssociation ofMichigan
 From: Rick Briggs, Major, USAF (Ret)
The Brain Injury Association of Michigan(BIAMI) Veterans Program utilizes numerous types of outdoor activities to gather Veterans and currentlyserving military personnel together for a little R&R.These special events are almost always free for thetroops depending totally on the kind donations of spon-sors and donors. In addition to being a great way to say“Thank you” for their service, these activities serve asthe mechanism to get the troops to open up a little if they are having post
deployment issues. “Frequentlywe find that in the comfortable confines with otherswho have “been there, done that” they tend to be morereceptive to learn about Invisible Wounds” says Rick Briggs the Program Manager, “both PTSD and TBI aretreatable if they seek the proper help.” To find outmore about these activities, or to donate to their Veterans Program, please make out checks to “BIAMIVeterans Program” and send them to 7305 Grand River Suite #100, Brighton, MI
48114 or contact Rick Briggs atveterans@biami.orgor call him (810) 229
5880 or visitwww.biami.org.
About the Brain Injury Asso-ciation of Michigan (BIAMI):
BIAMI is celebrating its 30th Anniversary as itcontinues to strive to provide persons with a brain injuryand their families, healthcare professionals, and thegeneral public with the resources necessary to enhance brain injury awareness, education, prevention, andsupport. BIAMI is also fields the first and only dedicatedVeterans Program staff within the Brain Injury Associa-tion of America.
We would like to express our appreciation to all of the fighting men and women in the United StatesMilitary. Thank you for your service to this country.

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