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The Semi Vegan!

The Semi Vegan!

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Published by Knut Caspari

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Published by: Knut Caspari on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The semi-vegan!
To recieve a paper copy of “The semi-vegan”, please send a“large letter” stamp to: Caspari, Longridge, Bankend Road,Dumfries, DG1 4TP.Feel free to spread this pdf file!I have started work on the next issue, so please sendcomments, letters and articles to:knut.caspari@gmail.com
Various well-respected health educators have,in the past, seemingly advocated a pure fruitdiet, in favour of all other diets.I am writing thisarticle as I feel that, not only are the generalpublic at risk, but that they also may fall foul toother health educatorsauthors who are alsogiving what appears to be misleading dietaryadvice.
Text: Dr Gina Shaw, MAAIYS (Dip. Irid.)
lease be sure that I am not in any way sayingthis in a superior way, more in a motherlymanner!In my practice, I have come acrossmany people who are very influenced byinternational health educators, both deceased andnow active and who have decided to adopt purefruit diets to their own severe detriment at verycostly prices, and I feel that I must warn thosewhom I associate with to be very cautious as to howhealth information is interpreted and indeedwhether to take this information on board for theirown health.I am not in any way condemning a rawfood diet.Fruitarianism, taken literally, with the exclusionof nuts, seeds, sprouts, greens and other vegetablesis not a nutrient-sufficient diet and will result, in thelong-run, in severe malnutrition problems andmaybe even death.Diet, of course, is a matter of personal choice andI am not disagreeing with people who spend amatter of a few days or even two or three weekspurely on fruits, juices or the like.However, it mustbe noted that our individual protein needs must bemet in order for us to function adequately andhealthily and to ensure we do not run into otherdeficiencies too, such as a vitamin B12deficiency.Protein literally means to come first andit certainly needs to!Protein is essential for growth,repair and maintenance of our body and, as such, isa vital nutrient.It can be met perfectly well bysupplying ourselves with raw nuts, seeds and rawvegetables (in adequate proportions).So too, mustour mineral needs be met, and again this willusually not be met by a fruit diet alone (certainlynot on commercial fruit which tends to be of poorquality).Dr Vetrano, a highly-esteemed American hygienicpractitioner has recently beenwarning raw-fooders to make surethey eat sufficient nuts and seedsin their diets in order to meet theirprotein requirements and I applaudher for what she is doing. Onenotable, prominent and well-respected health educator andnatural hygienist may have notonly endangered, but also lost hisown life in order to stick to hisown ideals. We must take the timeto study the diets of our closestrelatives, and we will find thattheir are no primates in the wildwho consume solely of fruits.Thiswill generally give us a goodindication of what our natural dietsshould comprise!
 If you would like more informationvisit: www.vibrancyuk.com
The semi-vegan
My beautiful kitchen!
 By: Tone Lund Berle
This is my first issue. I hope you like it, and would like to help makeit even better.
Text: Knut Caspari
ou may be surprised to learn that you can subscribe for free, butthe print cost is only 32p per copy. It actually costs more to
the magazine, than to
it!But you may be wondering
it is funded? The funds for this issue,have come from the sale of the Norwegian books on page 29. This cannotlast forever, but with a few supporters it can be extended a few issues.
Be a supporter!
By becoming a supporter you pay £7.50 for the next two issues. Youchoose if you want to receive a
one copy
of each issue. If youwant a bundle, you can hand out the surplus copies to friends, foes,libarys, veggie restaurants and so on.
Write an article!
I posted an ad on a notice board asking for articles and someone replied:
“I would be interested in writing an article, I am always looking for newchallenges! Can you send me some more information please?”
Well, theidea is that the readers write the articles. My role is to put the view pointsinto print, not to decide what is printed. Think of something you wouldlike to read and write it yourself! The only thing that is important, as myspelling is poor, is to spell-check your article before you send it in.
“What is your target-demographic?”
Another question was:
“What is the target-demographic?”
I replied I hadno time to think one up. (I am that busy!) Sadly the person felt he couldnot write an article without knowing it. (Which was just as good, as Iprefer to read articles written for fun!)
Word counts and deadlines, please!
I also had requests for word counts and deadlines. I deal with neither. Ihave published a magazine for long enough to know if you ask people towrite 100 words, they write 200. If you give them a deadline, they sendin the article 3 days late. So please write something, but try and focus onmaking the article good rather than how many words you use.
Be a friend on Facebook!
I will not bother with a web site for this magazine. What is the point fora
magazine to have web site anyway? To connect with the readers,this magazine has a facebook page:www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Vegan-magazine/208728409167172You are welcome to join.
Knut Caspari
Rebecca BurkePolly ButtonsSophie Christopher-BowesAmanda Hawkins (page 19)Tone Lund BerleLiz MackenziePete RyanDr. Gina ShawIshai SilencioSarah 2
Janne EikebladIf you liked the cover, youmight wish to visitt herwebsite: natursamfunn.no
Knut Caspari,Longridge,Bankend Road,Dumfries,DG1 4TP.
01387 265 348
Short Run Press
Print run:
Editing concluded:
If quoting from thismagazine, pleaseacknowledge the sourceand do not distort thesense.
Published by:
Knut CaspariThis is a not-for-profitmagazine without paid help.So if you would like to help,please do not expect to getpaid!
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