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Table Of Contents

Variables in PHP
PHP is a Loosely Typed Language
Variable Naming Rules
Strings in PHP
The Concatenation Operator
Using the strlen() function
Complete PHP String Reference
PHP Operators
Conditional Statements
The If...Else Statement
The ElseIf Statement
The Switch Statement
What is an array?
Numeric Arrays
Associative Arrays
The for Statement
The foreach Statement
Create a PHP Function
Use a PHP Function
PHP Functions - Adding parameters
PHP Functions - Return values
PHP Form Handling
Form Validation
The $_GET Variable
Why use $_GET?
The $_REQUEST Variable
The $_POST Variable
Why use $_POST?
The PHP Date() Function
PHP Date - What is a Timestamp?
PHP Date - Format the Date
PHP Date - Adding a Timestamp
PHP Date - Reference
Server Side Includes
The include() Function
The require() Function
Closing a File
Check End-of-file
Reading a File Line by Line
Reading a File Character by Character
PHP Filesystem Reference
Create an Upload-File Form
Create The Upload Script
Restrictions on Upload
How to Retrieve a Cookie Value?
What if a Browser Does NOT Support Cookies?
PHP Session Variables
Starting a PHP Session
Storing a Session Variable
Destroying a Session
The PHP mail() Function
PHP Mail Form
PHP Mail Reference
PHP E-mail Injections
Error Report levels
Set Error Handler
Trigger an Error
Error Logging
Send an Error Message by E-Mail
What is an Exception
Basic Use of Exceptions
Try, throw and catch
Example explained:
Creating a Custom Exception Class
Multiple Exceptions
Re-throwing Exceptions
Set a Top Level Exception Handler
Rules for exceptions
What is a PHP Filter?
Why use a Filter?
Functions and Filters
Validating and Sanitizing
Options and Flags
Validate Input
Example Explained
Sanitize Input
Filter Multiple Inputs
Using Filter Callback
What is MySQL?
Facts About MySQL Database
Connecting to a MySQL Database
Closing a Connection
Create a Database
Create a Table
MySQL Data Types
Primary Keys and Auto Increment Fields
Insert Data Into a Database Table
Display the Result in an HTML Table
The WHERE clause
The ORDER BY Keyword
Sort Ascending or Descending
Order by Two Columns
Update Data In a Database
Delete Data In a Database
Create an ODBC Connection
Connecting to an ODBC
Retrieving Records
Retrieving Fields from a Record
Closing an ODBC Connection
An ODBC Example
What is XML?
What is Expat?
An XML File
Initializing the XML Parser
More PHP Expat Parser
What is DOM?
XML Parsing
Load and Output XML
Looping through XML
What is SimpleXML?
Using SimpleXML
More PHP SimpleXML
AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
AJAX Is Based On Open Standards
AJAX Is About Better Internet Applications
You Can Start Using AJAX Today
AJAX Uses XML And HTTP Requests
The XMLHttpRequest
Creating An XMLHttpRequest Object
A Better Example?
More about the XMLHttpRequest object
AJAX Suggest
Type a Name in the Box Below
The HTML Form
Example Explained - The HTML Form
The JavaScript
The PHP Page
AJAX XML Example
Select a CD in the Box Below
The XML File
AJAX Database Example
Select a Name in the Box Below
The Database
AJAX Database as XML Example
AJAX Live Search
Example Explained - The PHP Page
Do you like PHP and AJAX so far?
The Text File
PHP Array Introduction
PHP Array Functions
PHP Array Constants
PHP Calendar Introduction
PHP Calendar Functions
PHP Calendar Constants
PHP Date / Time Introduction
Runtime Configuration
PHP Date / Time Functions
PHP Directory Introduction
PHP Directory Functions
PHP Directory Constants
PHP Error and Logging Introduction
PHP Error and Logging Functions
PHP Error and Logging Constants
PHP Filesystem Introduction
Unix / Windows Compatibility
PHP Filesystem Functions
PHP Filesystem Constants
PHP Filter Introduction
PHP Filter Functions
PHP Filters
PHP FTP Introduction
PHP FTP Functions
PHP FTP Constants
PHP HTTP Introduction
PHP HTTP Functions
PHP HTTP Constants PHP libxml Introduction
PHP libxml Functions
PHP libxml Constants
PHP Mail Introduction
PHP Mail Functions
PHP Mail Constants PHP Math Introduction
PHP Math Functions
PHP Math Constants
PHP Miscellaneous Introduction
PHP Misc. Functions
PHP Misc. Constants
PHP MySQL Introduction
Resource Types
PHP MySQL Functions
PHP MySQL Constants
PHP SimpleXML Introduction
PHP SimpleXML Functions
PHP SimpleXML Constants
NonePHP String Introduction
PHP String Functions
PHP String Constants
PHP XML Parser Introduction
PHP XML Parser Functions
PHP XML Parser Constants
PHP Zip File Introduction
PHP Zip File Functions
PHP Zip File Constants
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PHP Tutorial and Beginners Guide

PHP Tutorial and Beginners Guide

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Published by: Rajasaravanan Murugesan on Oct 25, 2011
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